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Husband stumbles onto his wife's public showing.

On the night of the party Jenny finished her outfit off with vampish red lipstick, red thong, red suspender belt and black seamed stockings. I joked that she was my scarlet woman, and told her I was looking forward to undressing her later that night when we returned to the room. When we arrived there was already a few people waiting to have their portraits shot, and we joined the line, and by the time it was out turn, there was a good number of other guests behind us in the queue. When Jenny took her coat off her dress immediately caught the attention of those around us. We had our picture taken, and wandered through to the bar area. A little later when I went to the bathroom I overheard a couple of the lads talking about how hot Jenny looked, and how they hoped that her dress may end up revealing a little more than intended later in the night. I secretly hoped they were right too, because I had found her accidental exposure at previous parties such a turn on.

After meal her boss said he'd like to have some group photo's taken, so while the hotel staff cleared the tables and the band set up we all went back through for some more pictures. Eventually someone suggested that Charlie should have a group shot of him and his harem, which is how he sometimes referred to the girls in the office. So the photographer arranged the group around Charlie who was sat in a chair, with Jenny and Nicky, who is a couple of year s younger than Jenny, and almost as attractive stood the other, and took a couple more shots. Someone suggested that the girls should show a little leg for a fun picture, and so they all pulled their skirts and dresses a little higher up their legs.

When Jenny raised her hemline, her stocking tops and suspender straps came into view, and when Nicky noticed them she pulled her dress a little higher to show she was wearing stockings too. The photographer snapped away, and Nicky suggested one more pose, but with her and Jenny standing sideways with one knee on the arm of the chair leaning in and kissing Charlie on the head, while lifting their skirts to flash their thighs above the stocking tops.

Jenny thought about it for a few seconds, and while she was thinking Nicky got into position and the others that were still there started encouraging Jenny with calls of "Jenny, Jenny, show us your legs", and whether that was the deciding factor or not, Jenny put her knee onto the chair arm, and lifted the side of her dress to expose all of her thigh and the bright red suspender strap on the front of her leg for the picture.

After that shot we all made our way back through to the dance floor and a few minutes later the band started. When we started to dance it quickly became apparent how much Jenny's dress was going to lift when she moved as her hemline lifted and flashed her stocking tops time and time again while we danced. When the band played some rock and roll songs and we started to jive her dress lifted even higher, exposing her creamy thighs and stockings to the whole room.

When the band took their break I wandered off to the bar to get some more drinks, and when's returned, Jenny was out on the dance floor in the arms of Jimmy dancing to another fast song. I moved over to the edge of the dance floor and watched as Jimmy and Jenny danced and as Jimmy spun her round I got a much better view of her stocking tops, suspender straps, and thighs than I expected to.

The bright red suspender belt really stood out against the black stockings and creamy thigh, and drew your eyes. I wasn't the only one that had noticed as a group of half a dozen of the lads were also standing nearby, and were obviously enjoying the show as much as I was.

Jimmy spun Jenny from time to time as they danced, and every time he did her dress would lift and we'd get another flash of thigh, when the rock song ended they walked across the floor to the little group of men, and one of the others took Jenny by the hand and led her back out onto the flo

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