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"How to Make Friends and Influence People" by Cassie Blom.

But it was wrong. "I don't know. It's not the same. I think that would be crossing a dangerous line."

Little sister was feeling her oats. She put her arms around my neck, and kissed me. We still needed to work on that, but I liked it. "Think about it, OK? For me? I want to be a good girlfriend, for the right guy. I know you'd never hurt me. I wanna learn."

"I'll think about it, alright?"

"More kissing too, right? And maybe some more of what we just did, so I can learn?" she gave a teasing little wiggle.

"So you can learn?"

She nodded, blushing so damn cutely. "It took forever. I know it's not supposed to be like that. I think with practice it'll get easier. Maybe, in time, I can be almost normal."


She grabbed my hand and put it between her legs. "Please, Travis?"

"It's gotta stay a secret, OK? You can't tell anyone. Especially not Mom."

"Of course. Our secret, always. You'll do it? You'll help me?"

I rubbed her pussy, feeling the heat between her legs. I didn't think it would take that long to have her responding faster. And she did have a sweet little pussy. "No sex."

"You mean no fucking, right?" she whispered.

"That's right."

"No sex, then. I . . . I'd let you if you wanted," she said.

"We can't. You understand, right?"

She nodded.

But I think we both knew it would be damned hard to keep that promise, if we practiced too much.

* * *

It's good to have friends. Especially close friends. When I told Steve and Drew what I wanted to do, they didn't hesitate a minute. It only took us two nights to find the asshole, out having a good time with his buddies. Once we'd found him, I confronted him. "Hey asshole. What do you say you and I have a talk outside."

He knew who I was. He played JV when I was on varsity. Same school and all. "So it's the crip's big brother. What's the problem? She come whining to you?"


"Fuck you, asshole. She gave it up on her own. I didn't make her do anything. It's not my fault she's the worst fuck in school."

"Outside, or I'm going to bust you up, right here in front of everybody."

I saw a look of fear in his eyes. "Fuck you," he started, then I punched him in the face with everything I could. Seated, he had no way to avoid it. I had to lean over one of his buds to do it, and when I stood back up, I saw that Steve had the other guy by the hair, pulling him backward, and telling him to stay out of it.

We were all thrown out of course, which was fine by me. In the parking lot, we had a decent crowd surrounding us. He had a few friends with him, and a couple of girls. Drew was bigger than all of them, and pretty damn intimidating. I was facing Kyle in the middle while my guys told his friends to stay out of it.

Kyle was circling away from me, hands up like he thought he was some kind of boxer. "What's your problem, man? I didn't do nothing," he whined.

"A bet, Asshole? You used my sister for a bet, and took pictures of it?"

"I didn't make her do anything. She wanted it."

I guess I'm lucky. Kyle was as big as me, but didn't seem to know shit about fighting. Two shots to the face, one to the gut, and he was on the ground covering his head. Once he was down, the guys tried to pull me away, but I couldn't resist giving him a kick between the legs. One of his buddies took advantage of the fact that Steve had me by the arms and was pulling me backward, and the douche bag hit me with an overhand. Luckily he got my forehead, when I ducked down, seeing it coming. That started another round, and my second punch splattered his nose nicely. It got ugly for a bit, with punches thrown by both sides, until the girls managed to split us up.

They looked pretty bad, all four of them bleeding. There'd be some ugly black-eyes and bruises the next day. Drew and Steve came out of it pretty clean, but my face was aching, and I had blood on my shirt from a split lip. "Lose the pictures, assholes. If I hear about them from anyone, I swear I'll kill every last one of you."

"There's no pictures," Kyle said.

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