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Giving in to the pleasure.

Dale could feel his cock hardening as he followed behind her...or rather, followed her behind...

His mind was working over-time with thoughts of what he wanted to do with her and see her do and his body felt ready to explode. He had been so overwhelmed last night by what had happened between them that he had not even touched himself. He had been totally lost in the sensation of her lips against his and her tight grip on his throbbing cock and it was all he could think had arrested him and was still holding him captive.

They did not speak in the car, both feeling the tension created by invisible electric currents...they were officially hot for one another. Dale pulled up in the car park of the biggest adult store he knew existed. They had the widest range of DVD's and toys he had ever seen. He snuck a look at Lana's face to see her reaction and was pleasantly surprised to find her eyes sparkling and her smile sexy and inviting. He asked her how she was feeling about going inside the shop and she just said: "Let's go!"


So they walked together into the shop, greeting the owners as they passed by the front desk. The owners, Kate and Josh, were a couple in their early forties who both looked incredible for their age. They obviously worked out...but mostly with each other. They had a room at the back of the shop for demonstrating products for customers to see how various toys were used. In this room one could often see such things as him wearing a cock ring to show how to put it on or her demonstrating a strap-on for the ladies and using his ass as a target. It was always a pleasant surprise to see what was going on in that room. Dale loved how uninhibited the couple were and they had an amazing chemistry between them that could be seen and felt from near or far. He suddenly thought that it would be wonderful to watch Lana's reaction if he asked for a demonstration of some of the bondage gear. There was such a huge range of floggers and restraints, some of which could be a bit mind-boggling.

Dale took a hold of Lana's arm and steered her towards the bondage section of the shop. She felt the strength of his grip on her upper arm and knew he had something serious on his mind. Once there, he let go of her and reached for a cat-of-nine-tails. The first one he took off the hook was mean looking and would have hurt too much on bare skin. He examined it carefully as though he was contemplating using it on her. He glanced at her face and noticed how her eyes had opened wide and her body was full of tension. He put that one back and took down another one. This one was softer as the tails were not chord, but rather leather. Lana visibly relaxed a bit more. The third one he grabbed felt perfect. It was not as long, the tails were only about one ruler length and made of suede. This was so much better and he knew Lana approved when she took it off him to run her fingers over the tails and playfully slap her other arm with it.

This got the attention of Kate who came up to Lana and Dale to see if they needed any help. Lana blushed and shook her head but Dale surprised her by saying that he would like some help with what sort of restraints were available. Kate smiled and agreed that it was wise to get some sound advice when venturing into this particular area. She offered to get Josh and demonstrate some of the restraints and ties in the back room. This was just what Dale wanted and he quickly agreed. They followed Kate over to Josh and when Dale looked at Lana she seemed excited and nervous.

Josh was happy to help and he gave them both a welcoming smile, especially Lana, who looked great in her short red dress.

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