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Their first night together.

As we waited outside for the cab, she made out with me, and I was playing with her pussy as the cab pulled up.

"Oh my, this is a very good date." She said as we pulled apart to enter the cab. She gave the cabbie the address and off we went for the short ride. When we got there she told the cabbie it would be a while, but she wanted him to wait. He only grunted.

When we walked in, Mary recognized me and smiled real big. Mary asked if she could help us and Lindsey said, "Not yet, maybe in a bit."

I meekly followed Lindsey around the shop and was a little uncomfortable looking at all of the sex stuff. Slowly, Lindsey picked out a few items for herself and then said, "Now we get a couple of things for you, and I won't take No, for an answer." She picked out a couple of things that looked like they could barely cover a guys dick and balls and pulled me to the changing rooms. Lindsey stepped into a room and didn't close the door. I started to turn around, when she asked, "Don't you wanna watch?"

Grinning, I turned around. She casually removed all of her clothing, except her hose and heels. Standing there naked, she looked beautiful in the violet lighting. Her tits were bigger than I thought, but I was right about her aureole, they covered half her tits and they were a very dark brown. Her nipples were amazing. They were easily an inch long and a good half inch, or more, thick. I really wanted to suck on them, and licked my lips. Lindsey saw me and said, "Don't worry; you'll get to soon enough."

It was like she read my mind. She turned around giving me a good look and it was nice. From the waist down she was a lot firmer than Mom. Her ass and legs were perfect together, like the perfect combination. I wondered why she wasn't married, because she was fantastic looking. She saw me smiling as she faced me and gave a little wiggle. I was thinking how nice it would be to hold on to that ass as I fucked her.

About that time, Mary came over and asked if we needed any help. As she did so, she put a business card in my hand and winked. Lindsey held up a flimsy little top thing and asked if it came in purple. Mary told her it did and she would get it for her. Lindsey put the top on and turned around as she asked what I thought.

I replied, "Nice, Wow, Sexy!" Holding it up, didn't do anything for me, but when it covered her body it was a turn on.

Mary came up with a purple one and said, "Wow that looks great on you!" Then turning to me, she patted my crotch and said, "Lucky boy."

Lindsey said, "Hands off, Mary. Tonight he's mine."

Lindsey already had the purple one on and I went, "Whoa!" I didn't think she could look any better, but that one was definitely better.

"This one it is." Lindsey said.

I was watching Lindsey and thought of watching Mom getting dressed. "Wow." I thought. "Two women who both put on a dressing show for me." I wondered if all women did that.

Lindsey finally ended up with the purple fringed top, a lighter purple garter belt and purple hose along with a lacy pair of purple panties. She said she had heels at home that would match. The red heels she had on looked fine to me. Lindsey left the stuff on and stepped out of the room saying, "Now let's see if your stuff fits."

I started to turn a little red and Lindsey put her arms around me and gave me a little kiss and said, "Come on now, let's see how it looks on you." I had a hardon and was pretty self-conscious about dropping my pants. I took off my shirt and said, "Ladies, you're going to have to bear with me 'cause things are a little hard on me right now." I realized what I had said as they both went, "Oh Yeah! Take it off baby!" I was now beet red and sat down, and my dick was no longer hard.

Lindsey said, "OK, OK. Take it easy and compose yourself. We'll shut up."

I took a couple of deep breaths, and smiled as I stood up. It was definitely easier to get my pants and shorts off with a soft dick. Lindsey handed me one of the things she picked out and I couldn't figure out how to put it on.

As I stepped into it, Mary sa

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