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Giving in to the pleasure.

The woman only had to take one step to reach her and she immediately slapped Cari's hands away. Too shocked to retaliate, Cari merely stood motionless waiting for the woman to say something. "Sandra tells me that you are submissive... totally willing to please Mistress Joan."

Cari's mouth hung open, but she was still too stunned to talk. Her eyes followed Joan's roaming fingers, as they deliberately, yet carefully, flicked the already erect nipples back and forth. Then to her utter horror, Cari watched the woman strip her skirt, revealing the most menacing strap-on dildo. The cock must have been hidden between her thighs and it sprang straight out from her hips once the skirt was removed. "Dear God, you can't!"

Sandra knew her friend had locked the front door of the store so they wouldn't be interrupted. She chuckled at the sign on the window stating the store was undergoing an inventory count and that they would reopen again at noon. Sandra didn't have to be in the change-room to know what Joan was doing to Cari. She knew the ensuing struggle would be swift and extremely decisive, as Joan would prove her dominance. Joan was a bitch on wheels and loved humiliating and forcing young women to succumb to her every whim.

Sandra felt a tremor shoot up her spine when she pictured the huge strap-on dildo that Joan always strapped to her lithe hips. She imagined Cari standing upright with her hands on the mirrored wall so that her arms were outstretched supporting her weight, as she leaned forward towards the mirror. Joan preferred taking a woman from behind because it enforced her belief that the slave had no alternative, but surrender. She thoroughly enjoyed forcing the sub to watch everything in the big mirror and relished hearing them beg for mercy. At each sign of weakness, Joan would intensify her assault until she extorted every ounce of will and determination out of the slave.

The noise coming out of the change room was deafening. There were loud bangs against the walls and clanging of the door echoed throughout the quiet store. Sandra put her ear to the wall. Every sound filled her stomach with fluttering butterflies and she listened carefully to both voices. "No, please no, Joan don't."

"Spread those long, skinny legs... NOW!"

Sandra imagined timid Cari obeying even though she hated the suffering. She pictured Joan's hands around the girl's slender hips and tilting them backwards to the proper angle. The next protest took the affair to another level. "No, dear lord, no! I'm a virgin."

"I know. That's why I've been dying to meet you. Don't fret, my love. It'll only hurt for a brief moment, then you'll be my devoted slave."

Sandra knew Joan too well. When she told her dear friend that Cari was a virgin, the woman went into the biggest fit of happiness. "Sweet mother, nineteen and still a virgin. I'll forever be grateful if you let me be first." Sandra kept her head against the wall and cupped her hands around her ear so she could hear better. She knew Joan had a strong hold of the hair on the back of Cari's head and was holding the young woman's face pointed straight at the mirror. "No, no, please don't."

"Watch! Watch it go in. Watch the big cock go into your slutty cunt."

"Dear God, it hurts."

"Watch! I said watch it go in. Open your eyes, slut, and watch it happen."

Sandra was overtaken by the concealed affair. She crept to the door and opened it a crack, just enough to see the torrid fucking. She put her hand over her mouth so as not to utter any distracting sounds and watched Joan yank on Cari's hair. Joan held the young woman immobile, as she slowly inserted the impressive, rubber cock, and then Joan let go of the hair. She propelled Cari's naked body into the mirrored wall and the distinct sound of sweaty flesh slamming into the mirrored wall sent shivers through Sandra.

Cari was pressed flat against the mirror and her arms and legs were fully outstretched.

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