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Donna joins the threesome.

While this was happening, Pippin went over by the window, stared at the clear sparkling sky, while smoking his pipe. He made small erotic figures as he exhaled his smoke. Sam and Merry were beginning to really get busy.

They did not pretend to be quiet about it either, you could hear them from as far away as Rivendell. Merry was so amazed at what he had been missing. Pippin watched until he could not contain his 'special urges', and jumped right on into the action. I suppose it could of sounded as if they were having sex, but they weren't, yet. All of a sudden Pippin stripped off his clothes all the way down to his g-string. He felt somewhat embarrassed, when he realized they had not planned on diving into having sex right away. But he was forgiven when they saw his 'ready and enlarged package'.

"Is that my g-string you had on Pippin?", asked Sam.

Pippin was utterly embarrassed, but nodded shyly. Sam understood though, he had smelt them before, and they smelt great.

Sam pulled Pippin between his legs. He slowly pulled his old black g-string down Pippin's short legs.

"Merry", he said looking over at his friend, who was staring at his revealed hobbit hood. "Are you ready yet?"

Merry pulled his gaze from Pippin's penis and looked into his blue eyes. He slowly nodded. "Will... will you be the one to.. to..." he stuttered, blushed and looked down at his large hairy feet.

Pippin smiled and moved over to him.

Sam stepped back and gave the honor of deflowering Merry over to Pippin, after all they were related. Besides, Sam thought it best to watch and analyze Merry's technique. Pippin gently pushed Merry against the bed, unbuttoned his trouser and undershirt. Pretty soon he was stripped down to his tighty whiteys. They had begun to rub their mid sections together in a smooth, rhythmic motion.

Pippin started moaning, Merry just starred into Pippin's eyes.

He was a bit scared and looking into Pippin's eyes was a comfort.

"MayI take off your knickers?", Pippin' asked.

Merry gulped and pulled them off. Neither Pippin or Sam were disappointed with the hard length of merrys erection. Pippin nibbled on his bottom lip, hungry to feel Merry's body beneath his.

"Lean over the bed, Merry," Sam directed. Merry did as he was told.

Pippin took his place behind Merry.

Merry began to tremble a bit. He felt Pippin's hot erected penis enter him. It hurt a little, but once he heard Pippin's soft moans he relaxed a little and was at ease. Pippin started stroking Merry's body. Slowly moving from his abs down to his groan and up to his flexing biceps. Evidentially Pippin removed himself from Merry, flipped him over and started touching him all over his smooth sweaty body. Merry met his steady gaze and Pippin stopped. They sat up , embraced each other, and exchanged sweet kisses between advice Sam was giving them.

Sam was feeling the urge now and craved Merrys innocence. After Pippin came, it was Sam's turn to experience the initiation ecstasy. Pippin rolled over and Sam took his place on top of Merry feeling his every curve and crevices. Merry was not sure what to feel with the change of gears, but he enjoyed every last morsel of it. Merry felt the wild monkey part in him take over and decided it was his turn to give. He ran the tip of his fingers from Sam's naval all the way down, so it would barely touch to surface of his smooth, hairy skin. Just light enough to tickle his skin. He didn't want to neglect anyone so he did the same to Pippin. Merry started giving and receiving from both ends. While this was going on, the lyrics to a song totally came to him, and he started belting it out, and if you thought the other noises were loud, it is said you could hear this from Gondor as it echoed into the halls of Minis tihth.

The door to the cozy hobbit room opened. None of the hobbits heard the surprised gasp that came from Sam's wife Rosie. but slowly her shocked stance grew relaxed.

"My husband is such a hunk," she whispered to herself.

Rosie leaned back against the door breathing hard.

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