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A slave gives herself over to her Master for the evening.

Tom was my only way back home and I had nowhere I could run to anyway. I reasoned that if I gave them what they wanted they would let me go, I'd need more wine. Tom poured it and I drank it. Tom told them how we met and what a kinky little thing I was to their delight. It turns out he had told them everything we had discussed sexually, a lot of deep dark shit.

I guzzled my wine and got ready for whatever was coming next. There was an awkward silence, Jack leaned forward in his chair and told me to show him my tits. Another silence, the other guys started laughing. I didn't want him to get pissed off, he looked like he was getting there, I uncrossed my arms, I was practically naked already. They all commented and Jack made his move over to the sofa, I was stuck between him and Tom.

Dale took Jacks chair and moved up closer, I was surrounded by the three of them in this little see through lingerie outfit. I could feel and smell Jacks boozy breathe; he was excited, as were the other guys. The room went silent and he reached over and took one of my breasts in his big hand, I didn't move, the other two watched intently, he was the leader it seemed. He squeezed and kneaded it, pinching my nipple hard through the see through fabric. I winced and shifted slightly. Jack began massaging both breasts now, breathing heavy, and working my big nipples firmly through the fabric as I just sat there, getting wet against my will. He said Tom had told them all about my sensitive nipples, that they were my weak spot.

My body twitched and I let out a gasp as he pulled on my swelling nipples, releasing them and then doing it again. The other two just watched as he worked my body, the only sound was his heavy breathing and my gasps. Jack only stopped long enough to pull the top over my head and off of me in one motion, the only thing on me now were crotchless panties and a bra with no cups, I was naked and bare before these three hungry men, and scared.

Jack stood up suddenly and began undoing his belt, he nodded to Dale and Tom and they followed suit excitedly, wasting no time. The three of them stripped down and I was surrounded by three flabby naked old guys with raging hardons. Jack and Tom had big cocks, Dale was average, I didn't know what to do, I just sat there, what could I do, and there was nowhere to run.

Jack turned, his big cock pointing at me, and told me to get on the bed. I was scared but my body was excited, I was soaking wet and my nipples were so swollen they ached. How many times had I dreamed a similar scenario, and here I was, no way out, I would have to go with it.

I stood up and remember how soft the carpet was on my bare feet as I walked to the bed, nude except for these little panties with no crotch. My labia and clit were swollen and puffy and the men commented on it laughing, watching me, one of them saying he loved my big nippled tits, making me blush.

I got onto the bed as I was told, lying on my side with my legs crossed, looking at them. They were all standing at the foot of the bed watching me, their hard cocks pointing at me. Jack told me everything would be fine, just let them have some fun with me that night and they would let me go in the morning, Tom would drive me to the airport.

Tom went to his duffel bag and pulled something out and threw it on the bed, it was a big flesh colored dildo. Jack ordered me to fuck myself with it while they watched. They brought chairs around the bed as I propped myself up with some pillows, lying back I pulled my knees up and spread my legs as they all watched.

The dildo was big but soft.

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