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Maybe it wasn't such a good idea after all

Er no, not me not getting Rose with-child, me not getting Sylvia pregnant of course! Oh come on, you know what I'm trying to say.

However, both Douglas and I placed the blame for that situation squarely on our spouse's shoulders, or rather on their metabolisms. Douglas assured me that he was firing on all cylinders in that respect. And, I knew for sure I was firing live rounds, due to a rather unfortunate (and untimely) incident with one, Mary Coplansky when I was a still a teenager. I wasn't exactly ecstatic about the abortion, but it had been Mary's decision, not mine.

Whatever, it did bring an end to a beautiful relationship. Yeah well, and I was persona-non-grata with all of the Coplansky's after Mary discovered she had bun simmering away in her oven. Damn shame that; Mary's brother Bill Coplansky had been a good mate of mine... at one time!


I must admit that Doug had his mind on the logistical side of things even while his wife was recovering. I was still pondering on exactly what had happened and why; whilst Doug was calculating all sorts of things I hadn't thought of. Like, how much oxygen there might be inside the ball or dome, and how much food and drinking water we had available. Not things they usually tend to discuss in Sci-fi books and TV programs. Even though they do in disaster movies.

After Rose had recovered from her faint, we were all outside again while Douglas tried to calculate the volume of air within the sphere, (Doug thought that sphere sounded a little more intelligent than my ball or bubble) when Rose called our attention to two small specks high in the eastern sky.

I'll point out that, we'd seen nor heard a single bird, or any other living creature, outside the dome... sphere, up until that point. So we watched intently as the two specks grew larger as they approached.

Eventually it was clear that they were two craft of some kind, and that our location was their obvious destination.

Once they were close enough we could discern that one was about the size of a single-decker bus only lying on its side, the other that of a delivery van. All shiny flat surfaces, with rounded corners and ends, and no apparent windows. No wings, jet exhaust outlets or whirling rotor blades... or anything like that.

The larger craft came to a standstill about two hundred yards from the sphere and the same distance from the ground. The smaller craft came in much closer and circled round and round the sphere until we all began to feel dizzy watching it.

Then it settled near to the ground, further along the slope of the hill. Actually, had the lane still been there, right in the middle of the bugger and maybe fifty feet away from the invisible wall of the sphere. The second larger craft then also closed in and settled down near to the first.

As I said, we had heard no sound of engines and could see no evidence of propulsion units of any kind; the two craft just appeared to levitate unsupported, even when at ground level.

"Checking us out, do you think we'd better go get the shotguns?" Douglas suggested, "We have no of idea of these guys... or whatever they are, intentions."

"Doug, what bloody good are a couple of old rabbit guns going to do us, against the kind of technology those folks appear to have?"

"Good point, George. No sense in rubbing the buggers up the wrong way, is there!" Doug agreed, changing his mind.

At that moment, a door opened in the side of the smaller craft, and two men... two very tall men, climbed out of it. They had a short discussion with each other, while studying the four of us standing there, gaping back at them. Then one of them -- doing a pretty convincing impression of a John Wayne walk -- strolled over towards the invisible wall and stopped maybe ten feet short of it.

Big, I'd thought at first sight.

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