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A Silky Fantasy.

But the skinny man paid no mind to him besides asking.

"Mr. Stone would you like me give you your band so you can go up?"

"No.." He answered without looking away from me. "let her choose first."

The skinny man continued his explanation.

"These bands signify what you are comfortable with when you go upstairs. The yellow means that no one is to touch you, you are observing only. "

Immediately I reached out for it knowing that was all I wanted when I first came here. Before I could grab it thick muscular fingers grabbed mine, somehow I felt so small as his hand incircled my entire hand. I looked to him confused. He only stared back calmly before responding.

"Maybe you should listen to your other options before you're so hasty."

My fingers trembled hearing his deep and alluring voice. I knew he felt it because he smirked, kissed my knuckles and released my hand. I stood there dumbly looking to him before he looked towards the bands then back at me.

I looked back at the bands waiting for the skinny man to continue.

"Er.. as I was saying. The yellow is for observing. The green is if you want to be fondled, touched or kissed etc.

The orange is if you want a fetish bondage, spanking, rough fucking, humiliation. The red is anything goes, your open to everything. And the black is optioned. "

"What does that mean?"

Mr. Stone decided to take it upon himself to answer. I didn't want to look at him because I was already wet from the options of the bands. Then to look at this man and not show I was affected was quite a challenge.

I looked to him squeezing my fist again. To refrain from touching him.

"The black band means you are there to observe but your options are open. Meaning if I wanted to spank you, you could say yes or say no."

"What band will you wear?" I asked boldly.

"Well usually I wear a yellow one." He picked it up handing it to the skinny guy.

Then picked up the remaining three except for the black one. And gave them to him as well. He slid the black one around his wrist and looked at me.

"Why black today?"

"Something interesting caught my eye and I wouldn't want yellow band to stop me from enjoying her."

He smiled then walked towards the elevators. Getting in he leaned on the wall arms folded as the doors slid closed. I looked back towards the front man and nervously asked for a black band slightly envious of whatever women would get his affections and attention.

"See you around." He said

"It's may just be a onetime thing." I replied putting on the band.

"Your new around here so I'll tell you a secret.

Mr. Stone has been wearing that yellow band since this place began. He's never touched a female or spoke to one here unless he needed to which wasn't often. When he wants something he'll get it."

"What makes you think that he wants me?"

"You came today, he sees you and changes bands. Not a coincidence."

I shrugged and walked off. As I entered the elevators and went to the top floor thinking it was a great place to start I tried not to get excited knowing I made that beautiful man change his usual choice. As I stepped out a large bouncer searched my wrist making sure I had a band then let me go through the double doors.

I almost fainted. Sexual acts and smells surrounded me, men were sprawled in chairs drinks in hand as women deep throated them. Women hanging from ceilings and chained to floors being flogged whipped and fu___ked.

One particular scene had my nipp!es hard within seconds. My pus$sy gushing and my breathing shallow. I was vaguely aware that my legs carried me closer till I was a foot away my back to the wall my thighs rubbing together trying to make friction and my breathing shallow as I watched.

A woman was hanging from the ceiling her ankles chained to the floor.

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