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Final chapter: Florie the Florist.

And please cover your teeth with your lips, if you'd be so kind."

Hannah opened her mouth and Maria wasted no time. She pressed the enormous head of her cock to Hannah's lips and with one forceful shove, forced Hannah's jaw wide and slid it right in. Hannah's eyes bulged at the unbelievable size of it, this enormous object filling her mouth. She could feel it pressing against the roof of her mouth, pressing down on her tongue, pushing her cheeks outwards, and nudging against the back of her throat. It was everywhere. In her vision, all she could see was the thick shaft of Maria's cock bearing down on her from above. She could feel the warm wet pre-cum trickling down her throat.

"Very good. This shouldn't be a problem. Take a deep breath."

Maria adjusted her stance slightly, and then Hannah felt her push. With one long, fluid motion, Hannah felt the head of Maria's cock enter her throat, and then descend further, stretching Hannah's neck out to an unimaginable thickness, before eventually gliding to a stop at the top of her rib cage. Maria held it there for a second before withdrawing again, leaving the head inside Hannah's mouth. Hannah could breathe again, but her mouth was still crammed full of the huge object. Supporting the shaft with her left hand, Maria stroked her cock vigorously with her right.

"We're off to an excellent start. Take another deep breath."

Once again the cock slid its way down Hannah's throat, stretching her neck open wide. This time it penetrated deeper, and Hannah felt the head rubbing alongside the top of her long vagina, packed to the brim with Maria's cum. With her hands, she felt a little cum start to ooze out of her pussy from the increased pressure -- she adjusted her hands to compensate, and the flow stopped. Maria once more withdrew her cock until just the head was in Hannah's mouth, and Hannah breathed heavily again. Maria once more stroked her cock with her right hand, the motion far more ragged than before. Maria was breathing very heavily now.

"Okay, thirsty little bee. Biggest breath of all!"

Hannah took as deep a breath as she could, closed her eyes, and then Maria pushed down hard. The enormous cock slid quickly down her throat, into her rib cage, rubbed once more alongside that thick cum-filled canal inside her, and then kept going. Hannah felt Maria's testicles land on her face and knew that the huge cock must be all the way into her stomach by now. Maria gave a few small thrusts and then Hannah felt it start to twitch inside her. The next load of cum was coming, but Hannah was running desperately short of breath. From the corner of the room a voice said "Remember, save some..." - Hannah simultaneously recognised this as the voice she'd heard on the phone the previous day, and also registered that it must belong to Megan.

Hannah felt Maria's body tense up, and then the first jet of cum erupted down Maria's cock and straight into Hannah's stomach. Instantly she felt full. The cock pulsed a second time, and a third, with each shot the feeling of fullness intensified. Hannah didn't feel whether there was a fourth pulse or not, because she finally lost consciousness.

* * *

As Hannah came to, the first thing she was aware of was that her throat was now clear of obstructions, for which she was thankful. She was also aware of feeling very heavy, as if a huge weight was pressing down on her. Some hands -- not hers -- were pressed against her pussy, holding in the huge column of cum from earlier. She could hear murmuring from Maria and Megan down somewhere between her legs. Opening her eyes, she looked down towards the source of the voices, but her vision was blurry and obscured. She squeezed her eyes momentarily to try and clear things up a bit. It helped, a little.

"Hey, she's coming to." said Megan.

"Ah, so she is. Take it easy, little bee, you were out for a few seconds there."

Hannah could see Maria standing over her, but Megan's voice was coming from a little lower.

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