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Sam is now well trained as Shauna's slave.


"I won't disappoint you Master."

"I know you won't Lilith," Nick said softly and she disappeared like so much smoke.

Interlude: London England at roughly the same moment...

Deep beneath the floor of the Art Gallery, which had once been a nightclub and before that a warehouse and before that well before that it had been a cutting edge laboratory, century old machinery came to life. The ancient power plant spun up to full power and steam began to seep from the once gleaming pipes that all fed into the tallish metallic brass cocoon. The ice that had clung to its polished surface began to melt as gears spun and mechanism moved into place. Up above on the ground floor the gallery was hosting some of the world's most unusual artists in their annual convention. Paintings and sculptures depicting a bygone age and people dressed in period costume were all around as the floor began to vibrate slowly at first. Then the vibrations ran through the walls as the middle of what was to be the dance floor split open and the gleaming structure rose from below. There were gasps of alarm until the frost covered brass 'egg' rose and at last came to a halt. The gasps became oohs and ahhs as the conventioneers gathered round and peered through the frosted glass of the cocoon and saw the two figures one tall and thin the other short and curvy hands locked around each other's throats in a death grip. Unexpectedly gouts of steam forced the spectators back a few feet as the last of the ice fell away and the thing opened.

The owner of the gallery watched in absolute shock at the apparition but his fans and close friends were all patting him on the back for the absolutely genuine display of steam punk perfection. Slowly the figures came to life and lowered their arms and staggered back and out of the contraption. The flares of steam ended and the crowed clapped slowly at first but then more and more people joined in until there was a thunderous applause for the 'actors' who looked around startled and appeared confused as if they had really just appeared in the 21st Century. The shorter of the two actors drew out what appeared to be an antique fob watch and check the time.

"Oh dear me... dear me... it worked do you hear that Magus it WORKED!!!!"

"Where is he," the tall albino woman glared. "Where is he?" She scanned the crowd and roared in a primal rage. "Where the FUCK is HE?"

One of the more wealthy contributors to the gallery stepped out from the crowd now encircling the display and spoke.
"Where is who Madame," he asked in his cultured English manner.

The Magus strode over to the man dressed in a fine 19th Century suit and looked down at him with her ruby colored eyes and smiled.

"Where is Oswald Sebastian Kane," she spat out each word with such venom; such hate the little man took a step back despite himself.

"I don't know anyone that goes by that name," he stammered.

"Ah, well then perhaps you can buy a lady a drink," she crooned her demeanor changing so fast it was almost as alarming as the manner of their appearance.

"Oh," he smiled up at her. "Oh yes... I would love to buy an attractive woman such as yourself a drink. Charles, open that bottle of champagne NOW."

The lights dropped, the music swelled and the alcohol flowed. Ingrid, the shorter of the two women who emerged from the cocoon mingled among the crowd and did her own oohing and ahhing at all the new fangled technology that was available to people. The two women discovered that after a 120 year hibernation that they were ravenous and ate and drank to their heart's content. But it was the Magus' other hunger that needed satisfying and when she saw the handsome young man dressed as an Ether Pilot with his boyish good looks and obvious excitement swelling his tight leather pants she knew what to do.

"Are you sure we are supposed to be up here," he stammered as the tallish pale skinned woman drug him up onto the roof.

"Young man you are going to find out that life is too short and you need to take some chances," she said as

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