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I wasn't in love yet, no not quite, but I knew this girl was different to any others I'd dated for a very long time.

"Sally," I croaked, and she laughed. So that was what angels sounded like when they laughed!

"Sally," I repeated, after swallowing to clear my throat. "I honestly never expected you to be even prettier than your photo."

"Good start to our date Tim," she chimed back. "You don't look so bad yourself."

I leapt up and held back the chair for her, having a crafty peek at her smooth thighs as she settled herself down, but trying to play the gentleman and not sneaking a peak down the top of her dress. I nearly succeeded --- Nearly!

Bruno arrived and somewhat overdid the 'I've never seen you before' bit, but I don't think Sally noticed as she seemed as much taken with me, as I was with her.

I know what I eat, as I'm pretty sure I ordered my usual, though I have little memory of actually eating it.

Sally had Thai fish cakes for her starter, and took twelve mouthfuls to finish it. Yes ---- I counted them. I had it bad, didn't I, imagining each time that it was my tongue that was disappearing between those lips. OK, other thoughts occurred to me as well, but I was smitten by this girl and didn't want to push it. By the time she'd finished her sweet, some concoction with strawberries by the way, I could have told you how many mouthfuls she'd taken in total, and how many times she sipped the wine.

Then, over coffee, what I dreaded happened.

"I'm not much cop on computors, Tim," Sally smiled at me innocently. "There are a few things I've never understood. Perhaps you're just the man to help me."

The fact that she wasn't a computor wiz was a relief, me supposed to being one myself, but she had questions --- Potential disaster! Time to change the subject.

"Maybe I could go through a few things with you another time," I tried. "How's the coffee?"

"Coffee's fine," Sally replied. "But Tim, what's a googlewack?"

"A googlewack?" I repeated back to her, trying to sound confident, my mind a complete blank.

"Yes a googlewack," she went on. "It's something to do with computors and I was wondering what it was."

Oh shit!

I was just wondering how to change the subject again, when inspiration struck. Golly ---- To my utter surprise, I knew what a googlewack was. Well, sort of. I remembered Tim mentioning it once.

"A googlewack is like a bit of memory in a computor," I started confidently, trying to recall what Tim had said. "The more googlewacks in your computor, then the more powerful it is."

"Oh," she said, a puzzled look on her face. "I thought they were bykes or something like that."

"That's right," I grinned back at her, getting onto a roll. "There's a thousand googlebykes in a googlewack."

"Fantastic," Sally smiled back at me, her problem solved. "So how many of these googlewacks is there in a computor?"

"About five," I guessed casually, throwing caution to the wind, and amazed at my own knowledge. This computor stuff wasn't so complicated as I thought it was.

"How's your coffee?" Sally changed the subject. Pity really, as I was just getting into it.

"Coffee's fine," I answered, studying her as she sat there smiling back at me.

Oh she was lovely!

Fit, suntanned, slim and smiling all the time. Her boobs didn't look quite as big as in the photo I'd seen, but I was hardly going to get up and measure them was I?

Dinner finished, we strolled out of the restaurant hand in hand, stealing quick glances at one another, and giggling like teenagers when we caught one another doing it.

I felt like I was sixteen again!

Then, damn it, embarrassment!

There was a flash from alongside us, and I turned to see one of those paparazzi guys with his camera shooting pictures of the pair of us as he scooted alongside trying to keep up with us. Damn him!

I could just see it in the morning press ---'Rugby star Sam Murray caught out with new girl on his arm'.

Oh crikey --- How that one would go down, Sally thinking that my name was Tim.

"Sorry Tim," Sally surprised me with, as if it was her fault, poor girl.

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