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Old flame poses as his wife at 30th reunion.

I decided it would be fun to take some time off, and have the nice honeymoon we couldn't afford. I still remember how Helen squealed with joy when we first talked about getting away. I left it to her to decide where she wanted to go. I came home from work one Friday to a grinning Helen.

Helen kissed me as I came in the door. "How was your day, sweetie?"

I gave Helen a big hug. "Great darling. How was your day?"

Helen led me into the dining room. Dinner was on the table. "Pretty good. I decided where I'd like to go for our honeymoon."

We sat down at the table. "Where?"

Helen passed the mashed potatoes. "Niagara Falls."

I smiled. "That's definitely a honeymoon destination. Not too far away either."

We ate our dinner. Helen broke the silence. "Honey, can I ask you a big favor?"

"Sure, sweetie, what is it?"

Helen turned her face away from me. "Could we bring Eileen on our honeymoon?"

I sat there, stunned. Why in the world would Helen want to bring her friend on our honeymoon? I could feel the anger rising in me. I was about to yell something I would have regretted when I saw the sad expression on her face. I counted to fifty and calmed myself down.

"It's important to you that Eileen come with us, isn't it?"

Helen looked at me with tears in her eyes. "Yes honey, it is. The poor woman's been working so hard to keep her family going. While I was telling her what we'd planned, I could see by the expression on her face that she'd love to take a vacation like that." She smiled at me. "It would make me very happy if we could take her with us."

I got up and cleared the dishes from the table. "Eileen's not going to mind being a third wheel?"

Helen cleared the bowls and platter and followed me into the kitchen. "She's not going to spend all her time with us, silly."

I splashed some water on Helen's face as I rinsed the dishes. "Ok, Eileen can come with us."

Helen gave me a big hug. "You won't regret this, sweetie."

I let Helen make all the arrangements. The weeks to our honeymoon trip passed quickly. We drove down to Niagara Falls. The trunk was filled to overflowing with our luggage. Helen and Eileen sat in the back and talked while I drove.

I was impressed when we drove up to the hotel. Helen had picked out a nice quiet hotel away from the falls. We unloaded our luggage and went to our rooms. We got cleaned up and went to dinner. It pleased me to listen to Helen and Eileen talk. It'd been a while since I'd seen Helen so happy. Eileen seemed happy to be with us. We went back to our rooms after dinner, and Helen made sure I fell asleep very happy.

Eileen borrowed our car to sightsee while Helen and I went to the falls in the hotel van. We had a very romantic day together, and I was a little surprised at how glad I was to see Eileen at dinner. Helen and I listened while Eileen told us about all the things she'd seen. It was easy to see how excited she was, and I was proud of Helen for inviting her along.

Later that evening, Helen and I were lying in bed. The falls had tired us out, and we were cuddling.

Helen rested her head on my chest. "Honey, did you enjoy the falls?"

I ran my hand through her hair. "Yes sweetie, I had a great time."

"Eileen was so happy today. Thanks darling for inviting her to come with us."

"You're welcome sweetie."

"Honey, can I ask you another favor?"

"Sure sweetie, what is it?"

Helen rubbed my stomach with her fingertips. "Could Eileen come to bed with us later tonight?"

I reached down and smacked Helen's bottom. "Who's idea was this?"


"You're alright with this?"

Helen grinned and looked at me. "Eileen and I used to share things all the time in school." She slid up and kissed me. "I told her she could borrow you as long as she remembered you were mine."

I grinned at Helen and closed my eyes. Eileen was an attractive woman, and my wife was giving me the chance to be with her. "If you insist, sweetie. I don't want to disappoint Eileen."

Helen sat up on the bed and smacked my thigh.

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