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Brian takes Cara out. Cara gets great career news.

Lips pouted, clit still prominent, glistening in the lamplight.

Kelly extended a finger and traced the fleshy, wet lips. Jan hissed as she drew in her breath. "Ssssssssss, Oooooo", she cooed.

"So beautiful", Kelly said and leaned forward and kissed those lips. "So beautiful". She kissed them again only this time she stuck out her tongue and also licked them. A third kiss and her tongue slid all the way into Jan's cunt, licking it, bottom to top.

"AArrrrRrrrggg... oh... what... you... Oh... sooo goood."

Kelly marvelled at the sweet taste... MMmmmmmm Damn... The texture was like... *peaches*... all slippery, wet little folds and nubs. She sucked them into her mouth. The taste? The taste was like... like... well, it probably tasted like cunt. She licked again, again sucking the flesh into her mouth, savoring it... Delicious pussy.

"Ooohh fuck", Kelly thought, " I should have tried this before... It's fantastic! I *love* licking cunt!!"

As Janet started crooning and shifting her mound around, she touched Kelly's hair to let her know that what ever Kelly did was Ok with her. Kelly used her thumbs to open these wonderful petals and she pressed her face deeply into them inhaling the wonderful smell of this aroused girl. Her nose bumping her clit, tongue sliding into her vagina opening, discovering that it was almost hot inside. She slid her hands under her butt and lifted the cheeks up so that she could thrust her tongue deeper into it... where someday a huge cock would slide in, destroying her virginity.

Janet looked down, past her pert tits, her belly, to Kelly's beautiful face, or what she could see of it. It was buried in her crotch. Every time Kelly's face moved, Jan felt something move deep in her cunt, Kelly's tongue. She could see her nose, and feel it as it rubbed her clit... sending jolts of electricity through her whole being. She tried to keep her eyes open so she could watch Kelly but the intense pleasure she was receiving made it almost impossible. That new, special feeling was coming again, closer... and closer... and all of a sudden... Janet was *gone* again... groaning and bowing her back... thrusting her cunt up and down on Kelly's tongue... trying to get to some... unknown spot... She grabbed Kelly's head and held her mouth onto her clit. And as Kelly sucked and 'strummed' her tongue on the nubbin... Janet felt her insides pull up... her asshole pucker... and then she... blasted off.

"AAaaaaahhhhhhh... Godddddd... I'm cccummmmmmmiinngggg."

Kelly sucked and licked, thrusting her tongue as deep as it would go... Moaning too, in the knowledge of what Jan was experiencing and wanting to encourage her to let go. Grinding her own mound into the mattress...

She tried to hang on as her mouth was suddenly full of gushing cum... full to over-flowing. She sucked and swallowed the nectar and still it gushed... it was delicious! It coated her cheeks and chin and ran down her neck.

Licking... sucking... humping... cummmmmming... and then... finally... two long drawn out moans... Janet's and... Kelly's. One of satisfaction... one of agony.

Chapter 4

Panting... Gasping... slowing.

Finally, Jan became conscious of Kelly's groans... Jan felt so good and wonderful. Her pussy was all tingly, so satisfied, so why was Kelly groaning? She opened her eyes and sat up. Kelly was flat on her back, across the bed, with her knees drawn up. Her hands were thrust deep in her panties, and judging from the movement, she was fingerfucking herself.

"Oh Kelly! Poor, Poor Kelly! I'm so selfish. I've cum twice and you haven't at all. I'm so sorry. I didn't think of you."

I've got to help her she thought as she kneeled by Kelly, she reached out.

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