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Old habits, a new life and some very inconvenient truths.

From then on, I was waiting for you wherever you went. I'm not sure that you even noticed me much at first, but as time passed, it became evident how deeply you were falling under my spell, your head falling slack, your eyes vacant, losing time in a half-asleep trance in coffee-shops, wandering aimlessly on streets as I led you around, my heels as sure a guide as a ring in your nose. But when I saw you trying so fruitlessly to catch me out, I knew that it was time."

As you've been talking, my mouth hasn't ceased in its ministrations to your feet, each kiss and lick an orison offered up in worship of you. Your heels are slickly shining, drawing me deeper into you, and the whole time, I'm desperate to look up, to see the point where your legs meet, to stare at your breasts, to see once more your eyes piercing me, but my entire world is occupied with your feet and the sound of your voice washing over me.

"And now, my dear little fuck-slut, it's time to see how well you can serve me. Lie on your back please. Every time I snap my fingers, I want you to say these words, 'I worship you, goddess,' no matter what else your mouth might be doing."

And as I turn onto my back, you step up so your heels are planted on either side of my head, and my vision is occluded by the sight of your pussy slowly coming towards me.

As your pussy covers my mouth, you snap your fingers for the first time. "I worship you, goddess," I mumble into your cunt.

"Oh, surely we can do better than that," I hear from somewhere above me, followed by the snap of your fingers. This time, I try to say it as loudly as I can, and as my mouth opens fully, you grind your pussy into it, releasing the pent-up wetness in your pussy into my mouth in a slow flood, filling me with the coppery clean taste of you. My mouth wrapped around your cunt, my tongue begins to explore you, pressing into your pussy, tasting every inch of you inside, straining to reach further and further into you. As I eat your pussy, every once in a while you snap your fingers again, and though the words are barely distinguishable with my tongue inside of you and your pussy muffling my mouth, I call them out into you as loudly as I can.

The whole time I'm eating you, I'm quite in the dark, as your dress covers my eyes, but as you ride my face, you slowly begin to lift the dress over your head, bringing my eyes back into the light of your form, your tits hanging above me, and your mouth smiling deliciously at me. I'm entirely conscious of your heels on either side of me, penning me in, and my thoughts are occupied wholly with serving your pussy with my mouth. As you begin to press harder and harder on me, settling your weight onto my face, you reach down, with your fingers just inches from my eyes to snap your fingers, and as I begin my prayer to you once more, you use your fingers to massage your clit, riding me to orgasm, releasing yourself fully into my mouth.

As you slide down my body, I think my service is about at an end, but you move past my cock, settling yourself on the floor between my legs, your own legs pressing against my chest, as I find myself helplessly staring at them, and past them at you. Then, taking my cock firmly in your hand, you begin to stroke me, commanding me as you do, "Suck my heel as if it were a cock."

I find myself taking all five inches of your heel inside of my mouth, letting my tongue roll around it, trying desperately not to lose focus as I can feel my eyes rolling back into the head at the sensations in my cock.

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