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God, could he kiss. It all of sudden hit me that I was kissing a man but he was so good all I could do by then was kiss him back. It also felt good to feel our cocks rubbing against each other. I don't really know how long we stood there kissing but I was aware Yvonne was moaning in my ear and I then realized she was pressed against my back and I could feel her tits rubbing all over my back and her hands caressing my ass.

I felt Yvonne slid down my back and she sort of Pushed us apart and turned us a little and then took her dad's cock in her mouth. She sucked him just a bit and then turned and took me in her mouth. She then started going back and forth between us sucking and licking both of our cocks. At one point, she was sucking me and her father reached down and took my hand and placed in on his cock. My fingers immediately closed around it lightly and I began to gently stroke him. It felt so natural and so wonderful as well. I love stroking my own cock and loved doing his even more.

Yvonne moved back over and took her father's cock in her mouth and took my hand and pulled me down to kneel beside her. She then took his cock out of her mouth and held it in her hand and directed it at me. He put his hand behind my head gently pulled me forward as she guided his cock toward my lips. He was leaking lots of pre-cum and when the head touched my lips it felt so right and natural and I just opened my mouth and took him in. As I did, Yvonne gasped out loud and said how beautiful that looked to see me with her father's cock in my mouth. He tasted wonderful I have to admit and I loved the taste and feel of his pre-cum coating the inside of my mouth.

She had reached down and was stroking my cock as I sucked him and then leaned over and begin licking the part of his cock I could not get into my mouth. She then pulled him out of my mouth and started running her tongue all around the head of his cock. I just instinctively stared licking him as well and it felt great to feel our tongues together on his cock head.

He finally pushed us both away and said he would cum if we didn't stop. We then got on the bed and had Yvonne between us and both started running our hands all over her body. As I bent to take her tit in my mouth he did the same to the other one. By now Yvonne was going crazy and was already starting to cum. One thing I'll say about her is that she cums easier and more often than just about any other woman I've met.

I went on down and was eating her as they were kissing and he was fondling her breasts. She had cum 3 or 4 times when she finally pushed my head away and said she needed a hard cock inside her. She spun around and got on all fours with her pussy over my face and began to suck my cock. Her father moved behind her and I had an awesome View as he just rammed all 7 inches of that cock into her cunt in one quick lunge. She screamed around my cock as he began to fuck her hard and rough. I raised up a bit and began to lick and suck her clit and every now and then licked his cock shaft. It wasn't long before she was cumming hard and sucking me even faster. Her father finally yelled that he was cumming and then just bellowed as he began to shoot his cum into her. I was still licking her cunt and both of their cum started oozing out of it and I just kept licking. He pulled out of her and stuck the head of his cock against my lips and I felt another spurt of cum shoot out all over my face before leaning my head back and opening my mouth and taking him between my lips. I sucked hard on the head of his cock and felt two more spurts of cum erupt from him just as I shot my cum into Yvonne's mouth.

With a groan he finally pulled his cock out of my mouth and fell back on the bed and Yvonne turned and we ended up sharing a three way kiss. My face was covered with his cum and her pussy juice and the inside of my mouth coated with his cum and her juices and hers with my cum and we shared those flavors between us.

Finally, we just sort of fell apart and lay there quietly for a bit.

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