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A male submissive spends the day with two lovely mistresses.

I got lost in thought that evening and slept with a calm mind. I remember waking up with a terrible hard on which every man has first thing in the morning. Just that I never realized it till that day. I was shocked to see my hard on which set me thinking, what brought that on and the first thing that came into my mind was the girl I met yesterday. 'good lord' I said to myself. 'This girl is not even the kind of girl that I prefer and she brought on this?' I looked at my hard on and thought. 'I am going bonkers. Move on man, there are better meat available than that.'

With that thought my hard on subsided and I got ready for college. When I looked at my watch I realized it was just 7 in the morning and I was wide awake and ready for the day. That was a first actually.

The day started out in anticipation of meeting the girl. But she was surprisingly missing. I actually looked around a lot for her. Finally I saw her sitting on a bench under a tree with her friends and giggling away. I sighed in relief and continued looking at her. She must have seen me looking at her, because she walked up to me and said "Hi."

I replied a shy "Hi."

"I saw you looking at me, so I thought to say Hi." She said.

"Yes I was looking at you. Are you OK? Haven't seen you all day." I asked.

She replied, "Yes I am OK. There was a surprise class test for us and I got busy with that. What about you, what did you do all day."

"My day has been a regular day, no surprise tests for us, our lecturer never comes to class, wonder why, ha ha ha ha ha." I said laughing.

She laughed as well, that broke the tension and we sat there chatting regardless of the world around us. She dropped me near my home and we chatted for a while. She asked me to call her and gave me her number. I had scored a point, definitely, and I was proud of it.

I called her in the evening, her mother picked up. She asked me who I was and I told her about myself. When she realized that I was her class mate and also a army kid, her tone changed and she called out to Madhuri. After a brief pause of maybe about 2 minutes, Madhuri's sweet lilting voice said HI and we chatted for almost 15 minutes. We made plans to meet on that Sunday for a movie.

Sunday was the next day and I was so looking forward to it. I also wanted to impress this girl with my charm and attitude and decided to take responsibility of being her man friend that day.

I borrowed my brother's motorcycle, which he gladly agreed to give me. I dressed in the best of my dresses I had and started out for the theater.

We met at the theater, she was looking like a million dollar. I saw her so beautiful for the first time in the past few months. I remember we were looking at the movie posters and also finding out about the availability of tickets. The film we wanted to see we could not get the tickets for it. We instead got tickets for an English horror film and we decided to see it, reluctantly.

We took our seats and realized that except for 3 odd people in the front rows and 2 odd here and there, the theater was empty. The movie was playing and every scene had some horror or the other. Madhuri was sitting next to me clutching my arm so tight and many a times hiding her face while clutching my arm.

She gave a soft scream once or twice as a really scary scene came up. The first one really jolted me from my seat and I looked around, a couple at the far end looked at us then looked ahead at the screen, probably thinking we were making out (which wasn't the case at all).

I asked her, "want to leave?"

She clutched my arm harder, and said "no, I am fine."

I felt her shiver, I looked at her, she was watching the movie half hidden with my arm. It felt strange, really strange that she was scared watching the move and yet she didn't want to leave.

I had resigned to the fact that well my first date which I was eagerly looking forward to was ruined. I accepted it. Maybe next time I should be more careful and take her out, if she ever meets me after this, that is.

A scene came up which was really really s

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