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Author Jasmine falls for a hot new teacher with a big cock.

The audience stood when William and his leading lady came out and I clapped fiercely, smiling at the thought that I would be spending time with this marvelous man in just a few seconds.

Then his eyes caught mine and he smiled even brighter, bowing in my direction. I dipped my head in acknowledgment and when the lights came up, headed for the backstage doors. The guard checked my name on the list and I made my way back. The hallway was boiling with people; actors, stage crew staff and patrons and I frantically searched for William. I finally saw him at the end of the hall, talking to another actor.

"William!" He turned and began to make his way towards me. We met in the middle and he grabbed my hand, the power of the contact startling both of us into temporary paralysis. I could hear my heart beating in my ears as he pulled me forward and embraced me warmly. He felt so good. I closed my eyes and hugged him back. We remained like that for several moments before he pulled back.

"You look absolutely beautiful."


"Come on. Let's go into my dressing room. It's too loud out here."

We retreated to his dressing room and he popped the cork on a waiting bottle of Asti, offering me a glass. We drank deeply, communicating through our eyes. I wasn't sure what he was feeling but I felt as if I was in a dream. My skin was tingling and my heart was fluttering under the intensity of his gaze. "I'm so glad you came."

"Me, too." I stammered. There was a knock on the door and some of his friends poured in, breaking the tension and for the rest of the evening, we weren't alone again. We went to dinner with the rest of the cast and ended up at someone's house, having late, drunken cocktails. I was happy to find that he was the perfect gentleman, always making sure that my glass was filled and that I was comfortable. "You don't have to do that, William." I fussed, watching as he removed one of my shoes and massaged the sore instep of my foot.

"Yes, I do." He replaced the shoe and moved to the other, looking up at me. "It's my job to serve you."

It's my job to serve you. His words struck a chord in me and my pussy suddenly gushed. What was he saying to me? I decided to take a risk. "Then what should you be calling me?"

Kneeling, with my foot in his hands, for my ears only, he whispered, "Mistress."

A jolt of electricity slammed through me and he arose, his eyes on me as if he were searching for my approval. I stood, taking a moment to catch my breath. I met his eyes, then wrapped my arms around him, placing my mouth at his ear. "Then you need a name, slave."

"My middle name is Sherrill." He murmured, holding me close.

"Then you'll be cher. Cher as in Sherrill and cher as in 'cher', dear to me. Do you agree?"

"Yes, mistress." He whispered, giving me a squeeze.

I bit his ear lobe, sucking the flesh into my mouth and smiled at his gasp. "Good. Then I think the first thing you should do is take me home."

"Whatever you say, mistress."

We said our goodnights to everyone and he took my hand, again helping me into the cab. I felt like a firecracker with a lit fuse, waiting for the explosion. I would never have ever thought that our date would end like this. He was not William, but he was my William. My cher William. I thought. My love slave. My pussy itched.

"cher," I said softly so that only he could hear. "Take your penis out."

He unzipped his pants and drew his penis out. He was a little on the small side but I didn't care. I'd never liked those huge dicks anyway. As I watched, his cock grew and thickened in hardness.

"Stroke yourself." His fingers began to stroke his shaft, slowly and lovingly, his eyes closing for a moment, then swiveling to meet mine. I was amazed to see the trust in his eyes and it took my breath away. "Do you want me?"

"Yes, mistress."

"And you want to be my sex slave?"

"Oh, yes, mistress." His penis twitched in his hand.

"And you'll do anything I want?"

"Yes, mistress

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