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The morning after.

"I owe Carson Fifteen Hundred Dollars."

"You what?!" I exclaimed turning around to look at her.

Megan put her head down and all I could think of was how much fucking coke that was. Another disturbing thought that crossed my mind was that no dealer would let that big of a tab run up. Either Megan had gotten a lot at once or... my heart sank as I whispered;

"You stole from him didn't you?"

Megan looked up at me with tears running down her cheeks.

"I... I was at a party and was out of money. I tried to get Carson to front me but he knew I didn't have money and I was there without Tommy." She wiped at her eyes and continued;

"Of course Carson said that you know he would be willing to work something out and..." She sobbed.

"Oh this will not be good Mark"

"I went in a back room and I... I fucked him." She put her head down so she didn't have to look at me. "We did a couple of lines and we went back out. But before I left I saw him take a few packets out of a paper bag on the table, after we went back out I slipped in and took a bunch out and then left the party."

She put her hands up in a helpless gesture.

"Someone must have seen me because he came by Betty's and told her to tell me that I owed him the money and to bring it that Friday. That's the real reason I went to New York."

I put my hand to my left temple which was already beginning to throb. This was big, oh was it big.

"So." I said trying to stay calm. "They found out your back and went looking for you at Tommy's?"

Megan nodded. Then started crying harder.

"Tommy picked me up and we were supposed to go right out, but he had said how much he missed me so we went to his place and fooled around. We were getting ready to go but Tommy wanted to shower, he asked me if I'd mind taking his car and picking up cigarettes so I went to the store." Megan shook her head.

"I ran into a friend and talked for a few minutes. When I got back Tommy's door was broken in and he was on the floor like that so I called the rescue." Megan sobbed again.

"Mark they missed me by like ten minutes."

With that Megan threw herself in my arms again.

"They... Carson told Tommy to tell me that if I don't call him by midnight and tell him when I'm bringing the money they'll.... Oh Mark they said they'll hurt me Mark and they won't just beat me they'll..." She broke down into sobs again.

I closed my eyes and had a sudden vision of my sister lying in that hospital bed her face unrecognizable, and hurt in worse places that that. In the dark recesses of my mind I heard the dog slam into the attic door. I took a deep breath and held Megan closer. I had to think there had to be away out of this.

"There is Mark well really there's two ways, but the choice will be Carson's."

Keeping one arm around Megan I leaned over to Tommy and whispered in his ear:

"Tommy you're going to be okay and I'll..."

Tommy interrupted me saying softly;

"Just keep Megan with you Mark please."

I swallowed hard, touched that after taking a beating like that one that he had gotten because of my sister that his first thought would be of her. Leaning over in his ear so Megan couldn't hear I said;

"Tommy when I'm done Carson will wish he was you."

Megan was quiet on the way home, however she was practically sitting in my lap as I drove and I could feel her shaking. Unlike my sister I found myself getting calmer with each minute that passed. I would get involved and help my sister, the voice was right there was two ways and if everything went well it would be the easier path that Carson would choose. If not then Carson would learn the hard way that no one would ever hurt my sister.

I arrived at Mitch's and rather than go around the back which was an unlighted parking lot we went in through the front.

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