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While out of town, husband begins to suspect wife cheats.

However, within a few minutes she was riding it slowly, then faster and faster. Twiddling her twat as she did so, the painful countenance transformed into a look of extreme pleasure.

I'd tried to screw Jessica in the butt, and she was really trying, but even when she was both drunk and luded out, I was never able to get more than the tippy-tip in before she'd back out. So Martha was the very first chick I ever fucked in the ass, and it was completely her doing! She came twice, the last time with a blood-curdling scream, and then, with a determined look, leaned back and grabbed my knees behind her. This enabled me to see my cock actually going in and out of her anus while looking at her large pussy lips wrinkling provocatively with each plunge. She was doing 90% of the "work," so those big ol' titties on her narrow chest were flopping in tandem all the way from her chin to the bottom of her rib cage with each thrust.

I felt my seed slowly rising and she must have known I was getting close, for she increased the pace and rared forward to feed me her breasts. I forcefully squeezed them together, chewing both long, hard nipples at the same time. I was almost there.

Taking my face into both hands, she directed my head up, looked me straight in the eye, and whispered, "I want you to squirt a big load in my tight little butthole," then locked lips, plunged her tongue down my throat, and clamped down hard on my cock.

Using her tits like handles, I up-and-downed her on my pistoning rod and blasted volley after volley after volley of man-juice into, until then, the forbidden hole. Best fucking orgasm I ever had, but I always say that.

You never forget your first piece of pussy. Well, you never forget your first butt-fuck, either. In fact, not just the anal part, but sex with Martha was some of the best I ever had. It's always nice to know the feeling is mutual, as while my cock was slowly deflating inside her ass, she said, "I figured you'd be damn good in bed, but I figured wrong. You're BETTER!"

Sweaty and thirsty, we disengaged and popped the tops on the two remaining Buds, drinking them and chatting while I recharged in anticipation of round two. A few minutes later, I heard footsteps running up the stairs. The door flew open, and, in one motion, the wet-haired girl stripped her tee-shirt off, showing her fine, super-firm tits, and kicked her shorts off to reveal a puffy pussy bare but for a thin landing strip, then dives nude into the bed with us. Her knee crunched into mine, as she apparently did not notice at first that I was there.

"Who the hell is this?" she demanded.

"Oh, you know Hornyman, Jessica's boyfriend," Martha explained.

"Ex-boyfriend," I corrected.

The new arrival I knew only by her nickname, Wonder Woman, as she was the spitting facial image of the hot actress Lindsey Wagner who played that role in the popular TV show of the same name. WW was also a starter on the Rugby team and roomed in a house across and down the street. A beauty in her own right, she was more muscular than the actress and in absolutely tip-top condition.

She had an extremely athletic build, though feminine and not of the body-builder type, and was tough as nails. WW was drunk as Cooter Brown and loudly told the story of what had just happened at a nearby bar.

Some guy had pinched her superb, muscular ass, and she duked him out cold with a single right uppercut. His friends tried to get hold of her, but she and a few of the other Rugby gals with her bloodied them all to the barroom floor and ran out just as the cops arrived. Outside, the girls split up and ran in different directions, but one of the cops chased WW through the rain up the hill to her rooming house, where she just ran straight through the downstairs hall out the back door, then cut down the alley, crossed the street, and ducked into Martha's, losing the cop.

WW was so hyped up telling the story that

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