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MILF facesitting story.

"Well isn't SOMEONE horny tonight?" he said with a grin on his face. Spreading her legs as far apart as they could go, he started licking her inner thighs, then slowly circled around her clit until she couldn't take it anymore. "SHAWN! PLEASE! STOP TEASING ME! PLEASE! EAT ME OUT ALREADY!"

Immediately he gave her wet, throbbing pink clit a slow, long lick up. Then a slow, long lick down. "Ooooh! Shawn! Faster!" she begged. He started licking more quickly, Lynn's juices leaking out of her cunt faster than he could lick up. He dove in, burying his tongue as far as he could as she squealed loudly. She quickly jerked her hips up and down and started pinching her nipples as she screamed Shawn's name while he just licked her faster and faster, eventually rubbing the top of her clit with his finger.

This sent her over the edge.

Screaming so loud that anyone in the house could've heard it (if there was anyone but them) she came all over his face and forming a puddle on the bed. As she squirmed on the bed he pulled back and wiped his face with his hand, tasting her as she lay with her chest heaving in the afterglow of her second climax of the night.

"Oh my God Shawn you're so good!" she panted. Shawn lay next to her, resting his head by her shoulder. She turned to him, and looked deep into his eyes.

"Fuck me."

Shawn immediately got off the bed and grabbed her ankles until her pussy was at the edge. He stared in hesitation.

"Do me Shawn! Just do me already!"

He rubbed his cockhead against her warm, wet slit so they were both wet and then slowly slid in. They both gasped in pleasure as he filled her up, her cunt hot as a furnace, tight as a vice, and very, very wet. He sighed as he buried his cock completely in her, both of them now becoming one as they merged their souls together. Lynn wrapped her legs around Shawn's waist as he put his hands on her hips and slowly pulled out before slamming back in.

Slowly apart, then slammed back in again. He pulled out a little faster again, then slammed back in. Then again, just a little faster. He continued this until he was full-out fucking her, making her writhe and moan on the bed as he pounded her pussy.

"Fuck me Shawn! Fuck my brains out!!!" she screamed.

"Oh! Lynn! Don't worry I'll never stop! I hope this lasts forever!" he moaned as he sped up his thrusts even more. He'd never felt such bliss in his life. The feeling of the warm, wet, velvety pussy wrapped around his steel-hard cock was the best feeling he'd ever had.

As they fucked, her hands found way to her nipples and she started pinching them and moaned even louder.

"OH SHAWN! OH SHAWN! I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING!" Lynn screamed as she bathed his cock in her warm juices. The feeling of her cunt getting even tighter almost made Shawn come, but somehow he held it back and continued fucking. After a minute, she was already horny again and wrapped her legs around Shawn's waist as he fucked her nonstop.

This continued for twenty minutes when Lynn had cum three times. By now, there were wet, sloshy sounds coming from Lynn's cunt as Shawn moved in and out with their pubic hair was soaked in all of her juices as well. Shawn had fucked her the whole time without cumming once, until now.

"Oh! Shawn! SHAWN!"





Lynn tightened her legs around Shawn's waist as he pulled her hips towards him and he fired off into her love box.

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