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Sometimes we need to be reminded of the truth.

She certainly didn't waste time.

Something about the taste of Eric's breath spurned Amber forward. She kissed him like a hungry animal, not worrying about what he thought. She let her teeth dig lightly into his firm lips, and slid her tongue over his, inviting him into her warm mouth. The soft, involuntary clenching feeling below her belly button taking over her senses - she slid a hand down his firm, toned leg ... dragging it back up as she approached his knee. Her fingers followed the muscular curve of his obliques, narrowly missing those areas she most wanted to touch.

Eric's hand, which had been resting on her shoulder as they kissed, followed a similar path downward. Between the arched crests he so wanted to touch, and over her firm but smooth belly, pausing to tease her belly button. He cupped the soft area below her navel, his left hand snaking around her lower back to pull her toward him, and she let out a soft whimper.

Amber pushed back against his advances, but her eyes did not convey annoyance. She cautioned him to be careful. He felt his own smirk as he asked her what he should be careful of.

"I think I need to pee" her soft, expressive eyes were gazing up into his, pleading with need. Eric smiled, and ran his hand with more force over the soft bulge beneath her navel. Amber shivered slightly as his tongue brushed against the outer curve of her ear ... and she gasped as he paused to lightly nip her ear lobe. As he applied more pressure to her abdomen, she insisted once more that she couldn't take anymore; she was going to have to excuse herself to the restroom. He brought his lips close to her ear, and in a low growling undertone, responded "I'd like to join you."

Amber had always wondered what it would be like, to feel someone's warm piss as it was released from their body. She had never told anyone, but she enjoyed feeling herself piss. One of her favorite things was to stand in the shower with the water turned off, peeing on her hands, and letting it run in warm rivulets down her legs to puddle at her feet. She knew Eric was more open minded than many of the men she had been with - was it possible that she was finally going to get to experience something she had thought about for so long?

Eric watched Amber's expression change from surprised to impishly pleased. She had decided to play this out to the fullest. If it was too much for him at some point, so be it. If he wanted to see her piss, she wanted him to REALLY see her piss. As they entered his small bathroom, she angled for the shower rather than the toilet. "If we're going to do this, let's really do it" she smiled at Eric and pulled her shirt over her head. Eric decided that even if she was a little tipsy, he was glad she'd had so much to drink - and had eaten so much ice. She pulled at his shirt, helping him get undressed. The tangle of clothing impeding their progress, Amber felt that she was about to loose it right there on his bathroom floor.

They finally stepped naked into his shower together. "Hurry!" Amber giggled as he closed the plastic shower curtain. Eric was quickly in front of her on his knees. She wasn't really into domination, but something about seeing him in that position was nice tonight. With one leg supported on the side of the shower, she placed her left hand on the back of his head, and used the fingers of her right hand to spread the velvety lips of her pussy. Amber gasped as the first spray of urine leapt from between her fingers and flowed into Eric's upturned palm.

Eric moved his hand, replacing it with his mouth.

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