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A photographer finds himself having sex with his model.

As I would later discover this group were less of an investment group and more a group of his cronies. It really wouldn't have mattered to me either way as they would have gotten the same friendly service. His best friend it seemed was Rev. Fleischer. Normally I don't dislike someone when I first meet them, especially men, but Rev. John Fleischer had "snake" written all over him. It seems he knew more ways to make money than a room full of lawyers.

Jim's brother Norman was one of the first one's there. He had an artificial arm and rarely smiled. He seemed bitter and cold. I don't think you could have melted butter in his mouth. Pops Boulanger was a jovial elderly man. He was sweet as pie and very talkative. I believe he could have blown up an onion sack. Everyone just called him "Pops."

Jim's personal aide was there, David Faggot. I don't think that was his real name, but that was the one that stuck in my mind. He was a nice enough guy-maybe a little too nice. Pa might say, "He was as queer as a three dollar bill." It seemed he and Jim were an "item," although I did try to cure them both so they could get into heaven.

And then it happened- something really unexpected. Kinch showed up. Kinch looked familiar. It wasn't until he mentioned his ministry did I realize who he was. I only mention this was because he was black and I never had sex with a black man before and I am not too sure how Pa would cotton to it if he found out and I wondered if Billy would still fuck me after I had sex with a black man. There was all kind of confusing things running through my head. Would his cock and sperm taste the same? What if my pill didn't work against black sperm? What if he was too big for me? I pretended Kinch being black was not bothering me. I just smiled a lot like a mindless beauty queen. Although to be honest Kinch seemed to be more like the real deal in this group.

Dinner was being served. The men went to the dining table and sat down. They had room for about a half dozen more people at this table. I served up the food, getting compliments on my clothing and pats on my rump, except for Kinch. He just placed his hand behind me and pretended to pat my ass. Rev. Fleischer went as far as feeling up my leg to my panties, where his finger touched my panty clad pussy lips. I watched him from the corner of my eye as I walked off. He made a show of sticking his finger to his nose. I could tell already I was going to not like swallowing his cum.

I ate in the kitchen and managed to catch bits and pieces of the conservation while serving. Apparently someone gave a woman named Marilyn a hickey which caused her to have visions and speak in tongues. It seemed of all the TV preachers, Kinch lacked having these gifts of the Holy Spirit. The group was attempting to convince him he had this gift too. I found out while Norman was patting my ass with good hand.

After dinner the group went to Jim's den or library. It was a mass of overstuffed leather chairs. Jim had just bought the chairs. It seems an elderly woman in Gastonia, who Jim claimed would have a special place in heaven, gave her entire estate to "Pay the Lord" and not her heathen children who despised the organization.

I served the gentleman drinks. Kinch had sweet tea, while the rest drank alcohol. Most had a combination of Jack Daniels and something except for David who liked fuzzy navels. I was getting my usual rump pats and feels. When I was bent over serving Norman I had my back to Pops, who lifted my skirt to get a better look at my panties. "What is that?" Pops asked.

"That's my kitty," I said.

"Well let everyone see your kitty," Jim added.

I considered Jim's whims as orders from the boss. I lifted the back of my skirt and let everyone look at the kitty on my panties.

"What's on the front of those panties?" Pops asked.

"Why a kitty too," I said as I hiked my skirt up to my waist and paraded around showing off my panties which were tight enough to boost a bit of a camel toe.

The room agreed those were very nice kitties and it was brought up that

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