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She buried her face in his neck and shook her head, breathing heavily. 'It was wonderful. I've always loved being touched there.'

He cuddled her as her breathing slowed and she asked him if he liked his bottom played with.

'I don't know,' he said, 'it's never happened before.'

'Not even when you've been taking care of yourself?'

He shook his head, 'It was never mentioned and I think Rose would have been upset if I had tried it.'

He paused as he cuddled her closer his penis still hard with a silvery strand of precum hanging to his hair.

'Our life was not like this,' he nodded down their bodies, 'it was very reserved by comparison.'

She snuggled closer. 'Tell me' she said softly, 'That's if you want to.' She added quickly looking at him.

He smiled at her. 'Well, you know how it is when you are first married.....we couldn't get enough of each other,' he laughed softly at the memory, 'and it was like that for some time. But it was always......a bit reserved if you know what I mean.'

'She never wanted to be particularly experimental and those things I did persuade her to try she didn't really enjoy and I could see she was doing it just for me.' He paused. 'I didn't want to upset her so we just stuck to what she enjoyed most which compared to the last few days was not very exciting.'

'I'm sorry Len.' she said, 'I didn't mean for you to compare.'

'No no, we were quite happy and enjoyed what we did. Then the kids came along, a boy first then a girl and it seemed we never had time for sex or we were too tired.' He paused. 'Oh, we did manage it from time to time but I rather got the feeling it was more out of obligation than desire, and it gradually petered out until it was more companionship and a cuddle every now and then.'

She looked at him knowing there was more to come. He was laying on his back with her nestling in one arm and the other at his crotch. He was looking at the ceiling but in his mind he was miles away.

'Then the kids left home and married, our son going to Canada and our daughter to Australia, and I thought things might become more relaxed between us. They did for a while but the enthusiasm didn't seem to be like before so we settled for just being comfortable together.'

There was a long pause which she didn't interrupt. He was gently playing with his penis.

'Then there was Tom,' he said.

'He was the director of a large electronics company that specialized in computers, and from time to time we had provided bed and breakfast for some of his people, engineers who were there for short periods to develop a particular something or other. We had two empty bedrooms when the kids left so it made sense and it worked well.'

He glanced at her. 'A bit of extra money, you know?'

'Then one day he turned up on our doorstep and asked if he could stay for a while. He had just gone through a particularly difficult separation and although he had retained pretty much everything from his marriage, he couldn't bear to rattle around a large empty house by himself. He needed some time to decide whether to sell it or not.'

'Of course we took him in and he was good company. He was in his early 50's I suppose and he was absolutely no trouble at all. He was pretty good to us as well. He had one of his chaps come round and set up a computer so we could see and talk to the kids and grandkids on the other side of the world. Rose was over the moon!'

There was a smile as he remembered this.

'Anyway, one day when I got home Rose was in a terrible state. She was sitting in the kitchen weepy and trembling and it took me a long time for her to tell me what had happened.'

He paused again and Masie just looked at him.

'The thing with her was that she was always totally honest and could never hold anything back. If she had something on her mind or something was troubling her she had to tell me about it which is why I was worried. I thought she was ill or something but eventually it all came out.'

'You don't have to tell me if you don't want.' Masie said softly.

He shook his head and looked

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