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A holiday celebration heats up after dusk.

A foursome! Now, that would be very interesting. I've always been a fan of lesbian sex and would love to see Misty with another woman. My mouth was stuck in the open position upon this announcement by my new lover.

"First things first," Misty said as she lay down in the bed that she and Jordan had been sharing the last few nights. She propped the pillows under her head and neck and lay down with her arms wide open. "Come here, the two of you. Frank, you come on my right, Jordan, you're on my left side. And before you lay down to suck on my tits and bury your faces under my arms, let me have a quick taste of your cocks. Together."

Jordan and I stood at the edge of the bed with our cocks at attention, our hands firmly gripping each other's asses. As Misty licked our cocks and mashed them together and into her face, mouth and nose, Jordan and I reflexively began to burrow with our middle fingers into each other's assholes.

"Hey! What are you two doing! I didn't tell you to start playing with each other. Now both of you lay down with your hard cocks planted in the bed while you suck my tits. Tell you what, I'll sprinkle a little coke on my nipples to keep your attention where it belongs."

Jordan and I smiled at each other and rubbed each other's ass while Misty sprinkled powder on her breasts and on her armpit hairs. Once she closed the vial, and lay back to receive us, we inhaled the powder and her scent from her breasts and furry armpits. She held both of our heads into her bosom and under her arms until she surprised both of us by bringing the party to the next level.

"Frank, stick your cock into my pussy. It is soaking. You won't have a problem."

Jordan stayed locked in his wife's embrace as I slid my cock deep into her pussy.

"Okay, now take it out. Jordan, suck my pussy juice from that delicious cock. You're ready for this, aren't you, honey?"

Jordan had already moved his lips from his wife's tits to my throbbing cock. It felt just a little rough, something I imagine came from lack of experience. Misty could see my discomfort and leaned over to help her husband.

"Like this, dear," she said as she ran her tongue from my balls to my cock head, taking it all the way in, as her husband's eyes grew. My cock had begun to wane just a bit from the infamous "cocaine dick" syndrome, but Misty quickly got it back up. "Use your lips and tongue, and watch out for your teeth and any facial hair you might have when you rub against this beautiful cock."

Jordan tried again and did a much better job. My eyes closed and I was in a strange place inside.

"All right, now," Misty pivoted our love making and told Jordan to stick his cock inside her pussy. His thick veined black penis went deep inside his wife's soaking twat as she gave me a sly look.

"Frank, do I need to tell you what to do?"

By the time she asked I had already brought Jordan's cock to my face and was massaging his ass as I applied the lesson that Misty gave her husband to servicing him. His large hands came down to my cheeks and touched the edges of my mouth where his cock submerged. I started tasting some precum, and Misty quickly pulled her husband from my mouth. It was too early to come.

"All right, boys, we're going to have one more line from each of your ass cracks, only this time you will be in a sixty nine position as you do them. Do either of you have a problem with this?"

The truth was, both of us were eager to get to this next stage, as we had already broken our taboos. In a strange, out of character, but beautiful moment, Jordan and I shared a kiss while his wife stripped the top sheet and blanket from the second bed.

"Frank, why don't you get on bottom?"

I did what I was told without reply.

"Now lift your legs up," she commanded and sprinkled coke on my balls and ass up to my puckered hole. I noticed Jordan lick his lips as he saw my asshole twitch.

"Now, Jordan, I need you to hold off on what you're looking very eager to do long enough for Frank to enjoy a line as well. Jordan, sit on Frank's chest and lean forward."

Once he did

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