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Catholic schoolgirl is kidnapped by the priest.

He played a bit with her nipples while she reached behind her and fondled his balls again after sinking all the way down again. Suddenly, he felt the bench jolt a bit as someone else sat down on it.

"Alright, move your ass," Tracy said.

"I'm already doing that," was Susan's retort. But she very slowly stood up, letting Wes's dick slide out of her. She moved a bit forward so that her friend could examine their new toy. Wes grabbed her hips and kept pulling her forward. Soon, he felt her moist pussy lips bump into his face. "Just start licking," she said.

Wes had tried performing oral sex in his single previous encounter, but had felt clumsy. He had actually subsequently rented a Nina Hartley Guide to Oral Sex video, and he was anxious to try what he had learned. He licked every square centimeter of Susan's box, eliciting a number of low moans. Meanwhile, Tracy had encircled his rigid cock with her hands and was stroking it gently.

"You were right," she said. "This is a monster." He felt the now familiar sensation of lips around his dick. She didn't try to take as much of it in her throat as Susan did. Rather, she would take about three inches in, the twist her head in one direct and her hands in the other on the outstroke. It felt awfully fucking good.

Susan was riding his face like she was at a rodeo. She was grinding hard against his tongue, and he was eating as fast as he could. He stuck his tongue in the slit and just licked in long, slow stroked from bottom to top and back again. He reached underneath her with one hand and stuck a finger in her greedy sex, and then he inserted another. More moans from her. He was having fun.

He felt Tracy's lips moved away from his member, then heard the sound of clothing being removed. When she returned, he felt a slightly different sensation. His entire shaft was enveloped by warm skin, but not as wet as a mouth or a pussy. She had wrapped her sizeable tits around his throbbing hard-on. It was unlike anything he had ever imagined. She started rubbing her knockers up and down his shaft, occasionally licking the head of his dick as it emerged from hiding. He started humping her tits a little, or at least as much as he could. They were so warm and so soft that he almost shot his load after just a minute. But Tracy had other plans. She squeezed the base of his cock when she felt the pressure building.

"Not yet. I need to take you for a ride first." With that, she climbed on board his cock, and started rocking back and forth.

Wes found himself with a girl on his face and one on his dick. He was right where he had fantasized being so many times. And Susan was moaning audibly now. Without warning, he felt her body begin to shake and felt warm, sweet fluid flowing down his tongue and fingers onto his face.

"Oh yeah . . .oh fuck . . .oh fuck." She was gasping for breath by the time her orgasm was over. She slid forward and he sensed her turning around before sitting on the bench above his head. He felt her hands on his face and then her lips against his.

"You did good. You did real good."

"Glad to be of some service."

"Your services," piped in Tracy, "are still required. He broke his kiss with Susan so he could lean forward and grasp Tracy's tits. While Susan's had been about hand-sized, Tracy's breasts overflowed his hands. Tracy groaned.

"Found her tits, didn't you?" whispered Susan conspiratorially. "Twist her nipples a little. Trust me."

"Susan! Don't give away secrets so . . . Oh fuck yeah!" Wes had taken Susan's advice, and had quickly quelled any resistance.

For her part, Susan had scooted forward again so her moist box was right behind Wes's head, and was feeling his muscular chest.

"Hmm. I like 'em smooth," she said, then began playing with his nipples like he was playing with Tracy's. He had to admit it was kind of a turn on.

Meanwhile, he felt the pressure building again. "I think I'm close," he told Tracy.

Tracy's voice came back, "Me too.

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