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A new stage in their relationship has begun.

She knew that, ever since that kiss in the theme park during their American road trip, the dynamic between them had changed irreversibly. That kiss had led to so much heartache for her, as unbeknownst to them at the time, Clive had seen the whole thing and became so enraged that he had taken out an act of 'revenge porn' upon her. Sure, his act of vengeance had backfired spectacularly, but she still felt as though none of it would ever have happened if she hadn't kissed Peter that afternoon.

Of course, it was also a ridiculous notion. After all, Clive had been preying on young women for months, possibly years, before he even met her. She wondered just exactly how long he'd been doing it -- what caused him to become such a twisted individual, and exactly how many unfortunate young women he'd duped into having non-consensual sex with him. And also of course, how many more young women he would've preyed on in future, had he not been so stupidly found out.

But try to deny it as much as she could, the feeling of being so close to Peter, his masculine scent in her nostrils, the aura of safe and noble maleness that surrounded him, made her feel a heated rush of arousal. Her body felt tense and restless, her breathing became quicker and shallower, her blood pressure increased, her nipples began to stiffen underneath the plain black t-shirt she was wearing. And, most of all, there was the moistness that was gathering between her legs.

She cursed herself for feeling that way about him. He was her best friend, and more importantly, he was her brother. Or at least, that was what she regarded him as, even though they weren't actually related in any way. But whatever emotions she was feeling about him, she couldn't deny that she urgently needed release from her current state of arousal.

So, almost as soon as the credits had rolled, she excused herself, politely refused Peter's usual offer of a nightcap, and headed straight downstairs to her own flat two floors below Peter's. No sooner had she closed her front door, her hand was down inside her underwear. Feeling how unbelievably warm she was down there, she removed her fingers and she looked at her hand to find her fingers smeared with her glistening vaginal juices, gossamer-thin strings of which connected her fingers.

It was quite a late hour to be taking a shower, as she turned on the water and began undressing, but she was feeling unbelievably horny - her appetite for sexual gratification having returned to her with a vengeance. It had been over a month since the last time she'd enjoyed an orgasm, and it was as though her body was telling her she had to put Clive behind her and get on with her sex life.

Naked, she stepped under the steamy deluge and immediately started lathering herself with hibiscus scented shower gel. It wasn't long before, once again, her fingers found her moistly aroused folds, and she delved the fingers of one hand up inside her vagina, and teased her clitoris with her other hand. It was definitely scratching the itch she had been feeling all that evening, but frustratingly, it wasn't taking care of it anything like as quickly as she wanted it to.

Having a sudden flash of inspiration, Lindi detached the shower head and repositioned it upside down so that it was spraying back up at her. She then guided her hips towards the fountain of warm water, so that it rained directly at her enflamed vulva. Simultaneously, she continued to tease her clitoris, and she closed her eyes and visualised her favourite beautiful, young Greek Adonis on his hands and knees before her, naked and with his beautiful erection bobbing up and down between his legs, as he lapped at her fleshy folds, driving her inexorably towards the all-over rush of orgasmic excitement.

But it wasn't long before the anonymous Greek boy metamorphosed to take on another identity.

The boy's olive-toned, hairless skin ligh

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