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A Dartmouth grad changes careers.

"You gonna suck my cock now, slut?" he asked her, a silly question.

"Oh yeah," she told him, reaching into his zipper and pulling out his big, thick circumcised cock, while Ronny unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants and let them slip to the floor. He now stood naked before her, except for white ankle socks. Knowing how women hated to fuck men who wore socks, he quickly pulled them off.

Nina, meanwhile, drew his cock towards her hungry mouth, lashing out with her tongue at his purple dome. Pulling upon the shaft she lowered her lips to him and slowly sucked him into her hot, wet cavern, wrapping her red lips around his cock.

Ronny twitched at the sensation of her mouth around him, God, but she could suck cock. Staring down at her he watched mouth agape as she bobbed her head back and forth upon his rigid length, sucking noisily, whorishly, spitting him out to roll her tongue around his saliva-coated knob. "Suck it, suck it, slut!" he told her, she once more swallowing him, Ronny taking hold of her hair and drawing her towards him, his cock disappearing inch by inch between her slurping lips. Now gagging on cock, Ronny held her in place, her nose pressed against his pubic hair, her throat gurgling and choking as he thrust further into her, fucking he mouth with relentless gusto. Releasing the grip on her hair, Nina pulled away, letting his cock flop from her mouth, a thick mixture of pre-cum and saliva dangling from the glistening purple dome.

He took his erection in hand and slapped her face, Nina stretching out her tongue as Ronny smacked the tip of his knob off her. He smeared her face with the pre-cum oozing knob, she fighting to suck him into her mouth. She was successful, and instantaneously bobbed her head back and forth upon him.

"Fuck me!" she demanded, pulling on his sticky prick, "I want you to fuck me!" Letting go of his erection, Nina rose to her feet and turned her back to him, bending over onto the couch, presenting her curvaceous ass to him. Ronny slapped her naked buttocks, running his knob over her smooth cheeks.

With Nina kneeling on a cushion on one knee and supporting herself with her hands on the top of the couch she felt Ronny nudging her wet lips with the tip of his dome, and as he steadied her with his hands on her hips she gasped as he thrust into her, filling her aching pussy with thick, iron-hard cock.

"Oh yeah!" she groaned aloud, his cock plummeting in and out of her, rubbing deliciously off her engorged clit, his big, beautiful balls slapping against her ass. "Fuck me! Fuck me, you bastard!" she hollered, urging him onward, peering over her shoulder at him with a determined if horny grimace on her face.

"Take it, slut, take my fucking cock!" Ronny grunted, his hips a blur as he hammered into the panting Nina, she squeezing his thumping cock as it pounded into her tight, wet puss. He reached for her hair and pulled her hair back, she letting out a moan. Ronny then pinched her buttocks before bringing his open palm down hard upon her ass, leaving a red mark there.

She squealed, feeling him slap her again, loving the sensation of her ass burning in his wake. Her heavy breasts jutted to and fro, and she longed to feel his hands upon them. With one hand she reached between her legs to finger her clit; she rubbed her pussy, and then stretched her fingernails to scratch Ronny's fucking cock, trying desperately to grasp his swinging balls. Being fucked like this, doggy-style, he slapping her, his gorgeous cock tingling her clit, she came hard, moaning and groaning, screaming the fucking house down.

"You noisy slut," Ronny said, gripping her hips and thrusting upwards, hard. "Like being fucked by this big cock?"

"Oh yeah, Ronny," Nina moaned, backing against him. "I fucking love it! Fuck me with your big, hard cock!"

With a few more thrusts, Ronny withdrew from the dripping puss of Nina, his erection sticky and shiny with their juices.

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