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Daniel finally meets his protector, Mario.

He stands naked in front of me with his cock proudly jutting forward, full, hard and thick.

He pulls on the straps of my button down black camisole top letting them fall down on to my smooth shoulders before undoing the buttons, his fingers touching my skin sending jolts of electricity through me. He slides the top off and moves behind me, his cock rock hard against my back as he unclasps my lace bra and slides it off my full breasts. I see as well as feel them spring forward. My nipples in the centre of my dark chocolate areoles are so hard and erect and feel as if they've grown in size. I hear him suck in his breath as he cups my breasts and then moves round in front of me dipping his head and covering my right nipple with his mouth sucking greedily before moving to the left one and paying it the same attention.

I am dripping wet and moaning as he slides my skirt down past my thick thighs. i step out of my skirt pooled at my feet and am stood clad in only my knickers and black strappy heels. I move to take off my shoes but he instructs me to leave them on. He moves close again, his cock colliding with the upper part of my stomach above my belly button as he cups my mound and whispers 'Fuck you're so wet for me.' tugging on the waistband of my knickers as if testing them. I hear a ripping sound and look down in awe and disbelief as he tears my soaked knickers from me and apart from my heels I am now completely naked before him.

I am dizzy with desire as I walk the short distance to the armchair, he is watching my every move stroking his hard cock. I sit down looking up at him my dark brown eyes meeting his hazel ones as I slowly raise and drape my right leg followed by my left one over each arm rest spreading my legs wide for his viewing pleasure. I am more confident now, thrilled by his ripping of my knickers, thrilled that he so obviously wants me and is so hard for me.

He stands in between my widely spread thighs and I smile up at him delirious with lust. His hazel eyes darken as I reach out to grasp his cock in the palm of my hand curling my fingers around it. I marvel at the contrast of my dark hand which appears small wrapped around his pale member. I open my thighs even further completely exposing my dark soft fat pussy lips and pink inner folds. He groans as he reaches out with both hands to cup my breasts stroking my nipples. I look down and the sight of his pale hands on my dark skin caressing and pinching my nipples has me feeling so erotically charged that I spasm, my pussy clenching in wanting as I yearn for his cock to be buried deep inside me. I tell him as I continue to stroke his cock that I want him to fuck me, I want him to fill me with his hot cum.

'I want to fuck you hard from behind holding your beautiful breasts as I cum inside you' he responds. 'But right now I fucking need to come all over your dark cunt.' His cock is wet in my hand as I continue to slide it over his swollen head smearing his pre-cum over the crown of his cock with my thumb before moving back down to the base and up again. I lean forward causing his hands to drop from my breasts as I take his cock in my mouth and suck on the glistening head slowly, leisurely, my tongue lingering on the sensitive spot just below his cock head.

I love the feel of his hardness in my mouth and I want to continue sucking him until he explodes. 'Its my turn' he whispers hoarsely, softly brushing a finger against my top lip clamped around his cock. I release him from my mouth and sit back as he bends down kneeling between my thighs.

'Touch yourself, stroke that clit for me.

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