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Marlene's exciting and risque night out with her best friend.

J. and moved to the center of the room. "They try to act cool and all that, but all they can think about it what it's going to feel like to kiss that person. After that, everything comes pretty natural. So I just get it out of the way in the beginning."

"Not a bad idea," C.J. said softly as she pressed her fingers to her lips, still tingling from Ainsley's touch.

"Nice room," the law student said as she took in her surroundings. "The school usually doesn't spring for rooms this comfortable."

"Well actually the Agency is ..."

"So, do you have a lover?" Ainsley interrupted as she stepped back to C.J. and placed her outstretched hand on the center of C.J.'s chest.

"Well, I ..." C.J. started to answer.

"Not that it bothers me if you do, if you're cool with it and all."

"Well I really haven't thought ..."

"Are we going to talk all night, or do you want to get naked?" Ainsley said as she pressed her lips against C.J.'s once more, this time kissing her just long enough for the sensation to register. "I don't know about you, but I could use a bath."
Again without waiting for a response, Ainsley began to unbutton her blouse, her fingers moving quickly until her bra and the bare skin around it were all that was left. Not missing a beat, she undid the center clasp of her simple bra and tossed that the way of her shirt.

C.J. looked enviously at the round firm breasts of the younger girl. The porcelain white skin and the small rich nipples that capped each one. It had been many years since the public relations expert's own mounds had been that firm.

Ainsley didn't seem to even notice that C.J. was staring as she slid down first her jeans, and then the panties beneath them. The absence of the latter exhibited a smooth shaved pussy. In less time that it had taken for her to say it, the smaller woman was totally nude.

"Well ...? she said as she finally noticed that C.J. was still fully clothed.

A moment passed as C.J. slowly reached up and started to undo her own blouse.

"Oh let me help," Ainsley said as she started on the bottom button and met C.J. halfway to the top.

As C.J.'s top joined Ainsley's on the floor, the young blonde kissed the exposed top of the older woman's breasts. She pulled down the cups, running her tongue across the larger, darker nipples beneath.

"Oh yes," C.J. sighed at her touch, repeating it even louder as Ainsley took the whole nipple between her lips.

At the same time, the younger woman undid the clasp holding C.J.'s slacks. Soon they were down on the floor as well.

Without releasing her hold on C.J.'s breasts, Ainsley slid her hand down C.J.'s back, beneath the waistband of her light blue panties. Ainsley's fingers tickled the cheeks of C.J.'s ass, then slid across her leg to the wetness of her mound.

"Oh God, yes!" C.J. moaned even louder as she felt two slender fingers slide inside of her, pressing against her clitoris.

Ainsley massaged the depths of C.J.'s sex for a little longer, then removed her fingers, closing them on the rim of the underwear, pulling them down C.J.'s long legs.

Sliding her hands back up those smooth legs, Ainsley paused just long enough to kiss the dark mound between. A mound rich with the scent of C.J.'s arousal.

"Mmmmmm," Ainsley purred as she pressed her nimble tongue deep between the folds of the older woman's sex.

"Oh yes," C.J. signed in response, the soft pressure against her clit triggering a response across her body.

Ainsley guided her tongue back and forth a few more times, just enough to give both of them a taste of what was to come.

With a slight reluctance to leave her new prize, the blonde haired young woman stood up and kissed her new love. C.J. pressed back hard, tasting the excitement of her own body on Ainsley's lips.

"I think we're ready for that bath," the college student said after they'd exchanged a few more kisses.

The bath in the executive suite was equipped with both a stand-alone shower and a Jacuzzi, the latter of which was more than big enough for two.

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