What was Jing's life before Xe'Hul? XXX Images

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Master & slave go on a camping adventure.

I could only feel her forearms on the side of my head as she tied the blindfold in place.

Next I felt her hands run over the smooth silk of my robe down to the sash, which she slowly untied. She pulled the robe back off my shoulders and let it fall to the floor in a pile at my feet.

Completely naked, I now stood before my lover. Gently, she ran her fingers over my body, gently tracing circles around my breasts. "You are so beautiful," she told me, speaking barely above a whisper. "You are so very special to me." She kissed my lips, briefly and only once.

"Lay down on the bed," Gretchen instructed me. With her arms she guided me down on my backside. The cool cotton of the sheet contrasted with the low heat that was beginning to build inside of me. "Lift your arms above your head," Gretchen said, even as she was folding my arms above me herself.

I felt Gretchen get up and move away. "Stay just like that," she said. "Don't move." I heard her walk over to the dresser and open a drawer, then she came back over to me. The next thing I knew I felt a silk scarf being wrapped around my wrists. That surprised me. On rare occasions we'd played around with restraints in the past, but never blindfolded. I started to say something, but then remembered Gretchen's question, hearing it within my head: 'Do you trust me?'

"I trust you," I said aloud. "That's good, my sweet," Gretchen replied, tying the scarf. It wasn't tight, and I could have easily broken free if I'd wanted to. I couldn't see what Gretchen did next, but I soon figured out that she had tied the other end of the scarf to one of the bedposts. There was plenty of slack, but not enough to allow me to bring my arms back down from over my head.

With my hands now secure, Gretchen once again began to run her fingers over my body, as well as placing light kisses across my bare flesh. I was naked and exposed before my lover. She would do with me what she pleased.

Without saying a word, Gretchen ceased her attentions to my body and I heard her walk out of the bedroom. I have no idea how much time passed while I was alone. I could only smell the warm scent of the candle burning, hear the wind rustle the blinds, and feel my naked body against the sheets.

After what seemed like forever, Gretchen returned, setting several things down on the nightstand. She sat down on the bed near my head. I wondered what she had brought in with her. It wasn't long before I found out.

I shuddered involuntarily as I felt a cold ice cube touch against the top of my chest, one of those crescent shaped ice slivers that our ice maker in the freezer creates. Slowly, gently, Gretchen moved the shard of ice up one collarbone and then the other. I leaned my head back as she ran it up my neck, exposing my entire throat to her. She moved it up over my jaw to my lips, inviting me to suck on the frozen water.

After the first shard had melted away in my mouth, Gretchen produced another one. This time she began at my breasts, circling the ice around in a spiral ending at my hard nipple, one breast and then the other. Once that sliver had melted away she used a third, first rubbing it across my abdomen, then down between my legs to my slit. By this time my pussy was rather warm, and my body thrashed as the cool, smooth ice caressed my shaved lips.

"Relax, sweetie," Gretchen said, using her free arms to press my thighs back down flat against the bed. She continued to rub the ice around my crotch, and I shivered hard when she pressed the tip against my clit.

After the ice had melted away, Gretchen brought something else up to my lips: a strawberry, dipped in cool whip.