June comes back and has her limits pushed further. XXX Images

The first time he watched his wife have sex with someone.

She knows it will move toward her exposed portions but - when? And which is worse - the anticipation of waiting or what he will do to her once his hand does move?

His eyes never leave the spreadsheet, but his hand leaps. His fingers thrust straight into her. She grunts both in surprise and in excitement. He curls his fingers. She's pinned on a curved prong.

He moves his fingers slightly. It's more than enough. Her heated aroma wafts across the room. Her thighs shine in riverlets of slick. Her gasps come closer and closer together.

A knock at the door announces his next business appointment. With effort, she reigns in her reactions and prepares to straighten her clothes. But he doesn't let go. He holds firmly.

She turns her head from the door to him. The barest of smiles crosses his features. Still he holds her captive. Her eyes grow wide.

A second executive enters. He is Japanese - small in stature, unsmiling in countenance, older. The cut of his suit rivals that of his colleague. The gold at his wrists surpasses his. He comes with an assistant, a young Japanese man, who scurries after him. Upon entering the office, the executive makes a minute bow with his head. The assistant bows deeply.

"Mr. Tagamoto-san," her executive rises with a tip of his head, "you honor us with your presence today."

"Mr. Landall, the honor is all mine."

The Japanese walk to the area of comfortable furniture facing the desk. Mr. Tagamoto seats himself on the sofa. The assistant takes the overstuffed chair. Mr. Tagamoto makes a small motion with his hand and the assistant bustles spreadsheets and contracts from his briefcase. He arranges them on the coffee table in front of his superior.

But the assistant's eyes wander. Obviously, he has never attended a business appointment with Mr. Landall's firm before. Try as he might to keep his attention on Mr. Tagamoto's requirements, his curiosity betrays him. His expression shows equal parts disbelief and fascination.

Once again seated, Mr. Landall's hook remains gripping. The woman's breasts heave whenever his fingers flex. The young assistant steals glances their way. And he squirms with his own building desire. But the two executives conduct a productive business meeting. Mr. Landall dictates notes to his secretary and Mr. Tagamoto directs his assistant. The youngster tries not to get his hopes up for what may happen next. The secretary tries not to worry what may happen next.

The business dealings wind down. Both executives exhibit satisfaction with their arrangements.

Mr. Landall finally removes his invasive, and soaking, hand. He speaks to the secretary, "Step in front of the desk." The Japanese men sit implacably.

The woman walks around to the front.

"Bend over the desk."

Three men watch as bare tits touch the desktop. Three men watch as what remains of the leather skirt splits wider and a rounded ass protrudes. Three men stare at the dark valley revealed before them.

Mr. Landall pulls the woman's hands to the far side of the desk and flips up two clamps from a recessed slot. Her wrists are strapped down. Her breasts bulge outward. Her backside hangs exposed.

The Japanese executive rises and steps to the immobilized woman. His hand reaches into the wet crevice before him. He is professional even in these dealings, his touch sure and defined. He extracts the most response from the smallest movement. She can't see him, but she can sense the wicked pleasure he derives from the intensity of her moans.

Then, when she is preparing for the consummation of his play, the Japanese executive turns to his assistant. At first, the assistant cannot believe his good fortune. His gratitude is huge. His lower part quickly matches. A quick step, a quick zip and he plunges into the offering. His eagerness spends itself in seconds.

The older men watch without expression.