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Comforting upset professor leads coed to love.

However, despite her clear cooperation, Dr. Reiter decided that he wanted more and that he needed to assert control. Before the younger woman could react, he wrapped his hands in her soft blond hair and pushed the tip of his cock against her full pink lips. Kristina looked at the doctor with her blue eyes just as he drove forward, forcing the entire head into her warm mouth.

Dr. Reiter ordered her to lock her hands behind her back and the nurse obeyed as she shifted her weight back slightly on her heels, submitting to the doctor's oral advances. Even with minimal makeup, he appreciated how gorgeous Kristina looked with her lips wrapped around his thick manhood. The thought that the young wife now sexually belonged to him made his 49 year old cock throb in her mouth and she tasted a large glob of precum as it flowed over her tongue.

Gripping her head tightly in his strong hands, the ER chief grunted as he began to thrust into Kristina's mouth. On about the fifth stoke, he pushed deep, driving the head of his cock against the back of her throat. While Kristina could easily deep throat her husband, she struggled on the thick uncut cock that was forcefully trying to fill her windpipe. He watched with glee as her blue eyes bulged when she tried to breath around his throbbing manhood.

He relented after a few moments and Kristina gulped air as the head of massive penis retreated from the entrance to her throat and slid backwards until it rested just behind her perfect white teeth. Her reprieve was short lived, however, as he quickly thrust forward again. This time he did not stop as she gagged hard, but instead he held her head tight and crammed his cock down her windpipe. Kristina had no idea how much it excited the doctor to hear her choking as he filled her airway with his throbbing man meat.

Dr. Reiter looked down at her panic stricken face, loving how her eyes had begun to water profusely and the small amount of eyeliner Kristina had applied many hours before was now streaking down her cheeks. The young nurse had never had a man take her mouth the way that the German doctor was. To her complete surprise, she felt her panties becoming wet with desire even as she struggled just to breath under his oral assault. No man had ever made her feel quite this way.

Continuing to hold her head tight against his crotch with one hand, the doctor wrapped his other hand around Kristina's throat. He could actually feel his cock stretching her windpipe open as he began to thrust in and out. Each time he drove forward, the nurse gagged on him as he pushed forcefully down her throat. He filled her with more and more of his meat on each stroke. It felt like a lifetime to Kristina, but it was only about 5 minutes before he succeeded in shoving his entire 10 inch penis down her throat.

He could could not help but smile as he felt her lips pressed on the base of his throbbing cock, and his balls slap against her chin. Kristina closed her eyes as her face was pushed into his smooth, shaved crotch and she inhaled his manly scent. As he hit bottom, Kristina involuntarily tried to resist by moving her hands from behind her back to the tops of his thighs, in a last ditch effort to push him away.

This sudden final act of defiance did nothing but further arouse the ER Chief as he thoroughly dominated her mouth and throat. He responded with several quick thrusts in and out of her throat, not allowing the beautiful blond at his mercy to fully gulp in air before his cock was slammed back down her windpipe, causing her to gag hard each time. Then he surprised Kristina by withdrawing completely from her mouth. As her lungs suddenly filled with oxygen, the doctor slapped his heavy meat across her face. His cock was wet with her saliva and his precum which smeared across her beautiful features as she felt the heat of his arousal on her skin.

Reaching down, he pulled Kristina to her feet.