Uncle David's visit turns into a family Orgy. XXX Images

A 19 y/o is taken and trained as a beloved pet.

And of course it added to the passion I was experiencing by being buried to the hilt inside her daughter with her there. I did notice that Lexi's hands had moved from where she had them above her head. I could see her left hand on the back of her mothers head pulling her into her breasts more. Lexi had once again closed her eyes and her head was thrown back, and her mouth open in a long drawn out silent moan. I could feel her starting to pulse again as I slid in and out.

I moved my hand down to her pussy and used my thumb to stroke her clit, as her mother sucked one nip and played with the other. Lexi's voice rose to a audible moan again as she started to build to another climax quickly as Karen and I both stimulated her. As I felt her pussy begin to spasm around my cock, I heard her scream, "Fuck me harder Daddy! OH MY GOD! I'm cummmmming!"I watched as her back arched and she forced her tit further into her mothers mouth, but managed to make her other nipple slip from mom's grip. Her hips were thrusting against me in a up and down motion, helping my thumb to keep rubbing her clit as she came all over my cock that was buried to the hilt inside her. I stopped my fucking her with my cock deep inside as she came.

As her orgasm subsided, I could feel her pussy let go of my cock, and I pulled out of her. Her juices were all over my cock, and Karen pulled her mouth from Lexi's nipple and moved down to grab a hold of me. Bringing me to her mouth she sucked my cock in her mouth, getting her a very good taste of her own daughter's cum. I moaned loudly as she sucked me in, both from the feeling of her mouth on my cock and the taboo of her daughter's cum being on my cock as she sucked it.

Once Karen had cleaned me off, she pulled her mouth away, smiling up at me. "Now is it my turn to get some of this?" she said, squeezing my cock for emphasis.

Once again rather then speaking, I let my actions speak for me. I helped her off of her daughter's stomach and pushed her to her back, moving in between her legs. I then took my cock in my hand and started rubbing the head along her slit like she had done to Lexi. Lexi remained laying there recovering from her latest orgasm. Karen moaned a little when my cock head brushed against her clit, then I moved the head down to her entrance, and thrust in all the way to the hilt. Now I could see both of the woman laid back with legs spread and in all their glory.

I could see so many similarities between the two women before me, their chests looked the same except Karen's nipples and areolas were bigger. Both the bald pussies looked the same, even the shape of their bodies were the same, some small differences in the shape of their pussy lips. But it was almost like I was fucking a older and younger version of the same woman at the same time. My own excitement reaching even higher.

I began to fuck Karen slowly at first. I could feel how wet she was and she was clutching my cock already. She seemed to be very turned on by the fact that her daughter was right beside her as she had a cock buried inside her. Lexi had recovered by now and she rolled over and moved to return the favor to her mother. As Lexi sucked her mother's nip in her mouth, Karen let out a moan. I watched at first as Lexi sucked and played with her mother's nip. I kept up a steady pace, with long strokes deep inside Karen. After a few minutes of this I could see that Lexi had turned her head towards me, and had a devilish look in her eyes. She winked at me then I watched as her hand slid down her mom's belly, down in between her thighs to her pussy where my cock was sliding in and out. Lexi used her middle finger to stroke her mother's clit as I continued to fuck her. At the first touch of Lexi's finger on her mother's clit, her mother moaned very loudly and began to thrust her hips at me. A few seconds later Karen came on my cock, rhythmically squeezing me. I grabbed hold of Karen's thighs and began to pound her.

"Oh That's it fuck my pussy hard. Don't stop." Karen said.

Karen came again on my cock with Lexi st