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His first bi experience.

Sue spent the next hour waking drunks and making coffee. She didn't get them all out of the house until well after 7:30 and as much as she wanted to begin cleaning up, she knew she needed to log in and see how things were going at work. Telecommuting had a lot of advantages, but Sue never abused them. She found her inbox stuffed with mails and didn't get done with them all until nearly 2:00. She was still cleaning up the mess when Bernie came in around 4:30. He was still hung over and went straight to bed.

Sue spent the rest of the evening curled up on the sofa watching a movie on television. Her mind wasn't on the show. It kept going back to the little black butch and the episode in the bathroom. Sue gently masturbated to orgasm remembering that scene. The orgasm was beautiful, euphoric and just seemed right, but afterwards she felt intensely guilty. Sue wrapped her robe tightly around herself and went to bed.

By the time Bernie got home Tuesday Sue practically dragged him to bed. The sex was blah, Bernie doing his "2 minute drill" and then rolling over. She lay there on her back with tears of frustration in her eyes. Sue quietly got up and went to the bathroom. Once the door was closed she brought herself to a shattering climax while looking into the mirror and remembering how her face looked with Christa's fist inside her.

By Friday Sue was masturbating five times a day or more. Ten years of repressing her desire for another woman's touch seemed to have been unleashed with a vengeance by Christa. No matter what she was doing her mind was constantly on sex and her pussy seemed to be forever wet and ready. She was going through four to five pairs of panties a day and the dirty clothes hamper was overflowing. Bernie was around the house all day Saturday and it nearly drove Sue mad. She couldn't get any relief from the demands of her body and she went to bed that night actually looking forward to a Sunday during football season for the first time in ten years.

Bernie was up early Sunday and out the door. He was going to pick up beer and head over to the Shepard's place to help them get set up. Sue was looking forward to a few hours with her favorite novel and vibrator. She hoped a few hours of torn bodice romance and a Fabio look alike would get her mind off Christa and the forbidden passion they had shared. She felt she needed to get her mind back on sex with men, something like last weekend wouldn't occur again and she couldn't see herself going out looking for female lovers.

She moved restlessly about the house and actually turned on the television. Five hours to kick off and already it was all football. She was about to kill the television when the doorbell rang. This was why she hadn't jumped right into her book. Bernie was always forgetting things and she just knew he would forget something when she wanted the time alone. Of course he had been gone two hours already, which should have tipped her off. When she opened the door Sue got the shock of her life.

"Hello girlfriend," Christa said in that accent that just set Sue on fire. The little woman wore black leather pants that hugged her hips and a white tank top that left no doubt she was braless. She had a bag slung over her shoulder and pushed a bouquet of flowers into Sue's hands as she walked in and tossed her bag on the sofa.

Flowers. When was the last time someone gave you flowers? Sue asked herself. Maybe Bernie did when little Jeanie was born. She shook her head and glanced up to see Christa leaning on the arm of the sofa and watching her.

"What are you doing here?"

"I knew ol Bern was going to be out at a party all day, so I thought I would come and keep you company," Christa said with a grin. Sue licked her lips. On one hand she was just dying for more of the little woman's attentions, but on the other hand she just didn't think it was right. She was after all a married mother of two.

"I don't think..." she began but Christa cut her off.

"Look Sue.