Daddy Sex and Other Issues. XXX Images

My sexual adventures with my son are re-ignited.

Last night, she had been the timid virgin. This morning, she had allowed him to have HER for breakfast.

Now, it was time to be downright naughty!.

She placed the bag on the futon. She watched Michael as she opened the bag. His jaw was tight, and he licked his lips.

Opening the bag, she withdrew her cheerleader sweater and skirt, laying them over the back of the futon. Again she glanced toward the bathroom, then back at Michael. His anticipation was so thick it could be cut it with a knife. Joeve decided not to observe propriety. Instead, she loosened her bathrobe and dropped it to the floor. Then she slipped the straps off her shoulders and let her nightgown fall to the floor, leaving her buck-naked. Michael sat transfixed, gawking at her naked body. Pretending not to notice him, Joeve picked up her sports bra and held it over her bosom. But at the last moment, she stopped and looked at Michael. She smiled, and dropped it back in the bag. She pulled her cheerleader sweater over her head and arms covering bare breasts.

She quickly pulled on her cheerleader's pleated skirt. Picking up the panties that went with the uniform, she paused examining them, before glancing toward Michael. Then, once again, she dropped them back into her bag. As Michael watched, she completed her ensemble by sitting on the futon and pulling on a pair of tube socks.

Michael couldn't believe the effect this routine had had on him. First, watching her dress in her cheerleader outfit had turned him on incredibly. Secondly, the knowledge that she wasn't wearing either bra or panties under her suggestive outfit. And thirdly, although he knew it 'wasn't nice', being all male, he hadn't been able to resist glimpsing her as she sat on the futon putting on her stockings. There was an aching portion of his anatomy that was creating an enormous tent in the front of his bathrobe.

"I have my sneakers here, too." Joeve said as she raised innocent eyes, and Michael quickly turned his eyes away. "Do I need to put them on, too?"

Michael's headshake was almost constricted, his lips were tight as he examined the tablecloth. Joeve tucked the sneakers back into the bag and closed it. Then she bent over and picked up the bag with both hands and returned it to the floor beside the futon. As she bent over, the hem of her pleated skirt rose, exposing her thighs, but nor rising any higher.

Joeve approached him. Taking his face between her hands, she gently kissed him on the lips. Then her eyes met his, and she was aware of the slight trembling in him and the perspiration beading on his forehead and upper lip. She saw unbridled sexual hunger in his eyes.

"Why, Michael, it seems that you're speechless!"

She curled the hair around his ear. "What would you like to do next?" she asked. Michael stammered, unable to answer, knowing that she was naked underneath her skirt. She continued to tease him. "Would you like to go upstairs, or would you prefer to be on the floor down here?"

Michael pointed to the steps going up to the sleeping loft,

Joeve started up the steep steps to the loft and Michael came to the foot of the stairs behind her. Half way up the stairs, Joeve looked back at Michael, and suddenly realized that without panties, she was totally exposed to Michael's gaze. Unconsciously, her hand pressed the pleated skirt against her thigh as if to cover herself. But, realizing that modesty was totally impossible in this situation, she continued climbing to the loft. Michael followed closely behind.

When he reached the top of the stairs, Michael, suddenly impulsive, shucked off his bathrobe. It fell down the stairs to the floor below and Joeve's unspoken question was answered. She stared at his rampant erection. With an impatient growl, I lifted her and lay her, not too gently, on the bed.

His hands rapidly covered her, and frantically pulled the skirt upward. With almost no foreplay he mounted her, but he maintained the presence of mind to penetrate her slowly enough to make use of her natural lubrication so that she wouldn't be injured.

Joeve wa