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Kids, home for Christmas, with parents at the family cabin.

A soft moan escaped her lips and she reached behind her to release the catch holding the material together. She needed to feel his hand on her hot skin. Black lace slid from her shoulders and caught on the chain holding them prisoner to each other. She moaned again, a little louder, as she settled their joined hands back on her now bare breasts... rubbing lightly.

He stirred and his eyes opened slightly at the motion and sound. As his eyes slowly focused they widened, not believing the vision in front of him. He grunted in confusion and tried to sit up but realized he was also chained to the bed.

"Where did you come from?" he asked, not understanding how this could be happening. But she just smiled and gazed into his eyes. As he stared back, he could see something familiar in the dark eyes gazing at him... comforting, yet exciting... and dangerous.

He flexed the fingers on the hand held to her breast, caressing slowly.. softly. His skin began to heat and he felt his cock stir as he rolled her hard nipple between his fingers. She sighed and arched back slightly, still watching him, her blood heating as he stroked his fingers across her of his own free will.

He began to knead the soft flesh harder, mimicking her own hand on the other breast, occasionally pulling back to pinch her nipple. Sometimes hard.. sometimes soft. Her back arched each time, the breathe hissing through her lips as she felt the electric charge shoot from her nipple to her pussy, causing the juices to flow, soaking the triangle of silk between her thighs.

She guided their shackled hands down, rubbing his hand across the wet fabric covering her mound, letting his fingers feel her moist heat. She moaned and rocked against his hand, trying to relieve the burning ache low in her belly. He slipped a finger beneath the silk of her panties, the honeyed juice from her cunt dripping onto his finger as he slid it across the slick heat. He brought his fingers to his lips and sucked the sweetness from his finger, then returned their hands to her hips and slid her panties off.

Once more reaching between her thighs he plunged his finger into her. Slowly pulling it out and then plunging it back in... over and over. Soon he felt one of her fingers join his in the hot wetness... her hips rocking with the force of their fingers. He watched as she reached up with her other hand and began to knead her breast, pinching and rolling the nipple between her fingers. As their fingers pushed inside of her, he rubbed his thumb across her clit, circling it rapidly until finally, with a long gutteral moan she arched her back and froze... straining wildly as he felt the muscles deep inside her clench and release. Her cum ran down over their joined hands, soaking the edge of his sheet. As she slowly opened her eyes and looked at him, she raised their hands and they both leaned forward and began to lick the sweet wetness off of them. The sight of her pink tongue lapping up her own cum caused him to harden almost painfully.

"Please," he begged pulling her hand down to his hard cock and wrapping her fingers around it. Covering her hand he began to slowly stroke her fingers up and down the length of his shaft.

He watched as her eyes darkened and her tongue ran across her lips. The ache in his groin intensified as he imagined those full lips wrapped around him. He stroked their hands faster pumping his hips up... frustrated by his other hand still shackled to the bed, wanting to wrap his fingers in her hair and push her head into his lap. The time for gentleness was long past... he wanted to plunge his hard cock into her mouth and down her throat... fucking her face until he exploded.

But she drew out his torture, slowly lowering her head to his chest, running her tongue along his pecs, sliding her teeth gently across his nipples.