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I can see partially under the table and notice that the dress comes to just above her knees and I see that her legs are covered by stockings. I cannot see the top of the stockings but I still know that they are stockings. You see, what nobody else in the restaurant knows as they engage in their conversations and eat and drink, is that I know all of the clothes that she is wearing ... because I bought them for her; chose her size for her basque, the right length stockings for her height and the suspenders that match the two items. And he knows too. He knows because he took them from me when we met in a pub days before, when he took them home to give to her. But ... it is our secret.

He and I know both know how the materials feel that cover her body, and she too becomes acutely aware of the touch of the material, especially the basque that lifts her breasts and she becomes aware of this connection between mind and body that makes her nipples tingle and harden. She is further aware of the connection between herself and these two men - first her man who is talking to her as she looks into his eyes, eyes behind which she knows that he is aware too, and then also this older man who sits opposite. The man who, to everyone else is a seemingly disinterested stranger, but she has shown herself to this man, allowed him to see her penetrated by her man, fucked roughly on her hands and knees in her living room as this man watched on webcam.

And now she sits with her two men; disconnected by the pretence of this strange ritual of eating and drinking with no contact; connected by the pretence itself and the growing wetness that betrays how bad she is to have agreed to be wearing this underwear, the underwear bought for her by the man that she has not had direct eye contact with yet.

And then it happens. It is only fleeting but my glance around the room as I eat momentarily collides with hers. That electric moment is shared by him as he recognises in her expression that split second moment and he too turns and we make eye contact ... the faintest hint of a smile from all three. We continue with our food and a second glance at her reveals that she has become slightly flushed. She does not meet my gaze as she is leaning forward in hushed conversation with him.

I know what will happen next, not because we have agreed or even discussed it, but because it is what must happen next.