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A woman feeds her hunger in the wrong place.

Fl__via had to be brave and simply 'go for it'.

Suzana knew the first 'client' for any girl was nerve wracking experience and was determined to give Fl__via all the help she needed to prepare for her date with Tomaz. So after a late lunch, she first sent her friend off to have a long shower and then shave. Done, she told her to stand naked in the bathroom, legs well apart and hands on her head. Fl__via obeyed. As she waited, she gazed at her body, proud of her flat stomach and toned legs. She still felt humiliated at being ordered around in such a demeaning way, but knew her friend must have a good reason. When Suzana returned she gently swept her hands over Fl__via's naked body, feeling for any stray hairs or stubble. She wanted her to be totally smooth. When she had shaved any areas in 'hard to reach' places notably the area between Fl__via's cock and anus, she instructed her to lean over on the basin, spread her legs and push her buttocks out. Fl__via winced with embarrassment but obeyed. She then felt Suzana begin to massage some cold gel against her anus.

"I know it is difficult, but try to relax." Fl__via tried, and felt Suzana ease the gel into her rectum, "This is lubricant. Whenever you are going to have sex, you must remember to do this. Otherwise being entered can really hurt."

Another lesson learned. When Suzana was satisfied, she took the still naked Fl__via to her room to do her makeup. Fl__via was fairly proficient by now, but was still grateful for Suzana's help. Now it was time to choose some clothes. This is what Fl__via really enjoyed. They agreed on white underwear as this seemed appropriate for Fl__via's 'first time'. So Suzana recommended a tight silk basque to give her something of the proverbial 'hourglass' figure. Then her best silk panties and suspender belt. The panties had to be tight, but Fl__via was now adept at easing her cock between her legs so there was no obvious protrusion. Normally she would not risk spoiling something this expensive, but the first date was special. The spotless white silk looked great against Fl__via's lightly tanned skin.

After some debate, they agreed on a very short, pleated skirt and white silk shirt. Suzana advised skirts were useful if the client was nervous or over enthusiastic as they were very easy to discard. Fl__via was now ready. She felt proud of her appearance, still nervous, but she was looking forward to this important stage in becoming a fully-fledged ladyboy.

Suzana was truly proud of what they had done, Fl__via looked simply adorable. She just hoped she could perform. She had done her best to prepare her friend for what she should expect, but the poor girl unsurprisingly looked petrified. Suzana gave her a final hug and handed her a beautifully wrapped box containing some small diamond earrings. Fl__via was deeply touched. She promised herself she would not let Suzana down.

Suzana knew she had done all she could and it was down to her friend to satisfy her first client. So she kissed her promising she would be in her bedroom and if there was a problem Fl__via should shout 'red' and Suzana would be out wielding her trusty baseball bat.

As 3pm approached, Suzana made herself scarce.