A prince is captured by lusty barbarians. XXX Images

A beautiful dance performance leads to a date.

The "deal" was she would go out and have a date with a guy. If she decided that the date was going to be more than casual she would let me know and I could stop it, but if I didn't she was free to enjoy herself. I knew she was more than tempted, I feared if I tried to stop her before I allowed her to have a date she would be angry, or even decide to do it behind my back. So I had to agree.

The next day there were several texts from Michael and her. She might try to tell me she hadn't decided to fuck him but that isn't what she told him. I went along with it knowing I was going to stop it when she sent the message that she was going to let it go farther. That was my ace in the hole, my get out of jail free card.

So a week after the "talk" she's getting ready to go out. I know it's to meet him she told me that much. She says it's for dinner and dancing and maybe... she been telling him its dinner and definitely. Her outfit is nice but sexy, silk blouse with a thin lace bra, thong panties to match the bra and garter and stocking under a mid-length but tight skirt. While not stripper heels the black heels with ankle straps would qualify as "fuck me pumps".

She gives me a kiss before leaving and tells me "you better be really sure when you answer my question". I assure her I will be. I didn't tell her I already knew my answer, I should have. I should have told her right then that I couldn't do it, but it was my fantasy that started this, I had to let her know for sure that I wanted to keep it in the fantasy world so we had to take it to the brink.

The first alarm bells were when the GPS showed her car at the Hilton downtown not at the restaurant she told me she was going to. I couldn't text her to ask why she changed locations without tipping my hand about the spy program. So I tried an innocent text asking her if they were crowded as usual that night. She lied and said yes but Antonio's was always worth the wait. Big red flag number one.

Zooming in on the GPS showed them on the lower level of the hotel at least. And there was a pretty good restaurant there too. Or maybe it was drinks at the hotel bar to steel the nerves before going up to a room. So I watched and waited.

I lost a live update of the GPS signal for a minute or two and when it came back it was still at the hotel but well above ground level. There is only one reason that could happen. There's no bar on the upper floors, no dining, no observation decks, just rooms. They had to have gone to a room in the hotel.

I risked pissing her off by sending a quick text asking her how it's going, no reply. The GPS is steady in the room so I know the phone works. I can't call her as it was against the "deal". I have to wait for the message, but none comes. I risk it again and ask this time point blank what she is doing and had she decided. Her answer comes slowly and it's not good. She types "we are in a room and yes I have decided", finally I breathe a sigh of relief and send the message I had practiced.

Quickly I type "Carol I love you with all my heart and I have been a damn fool. Please stop and come home to me and I will do whatever it takes to make you forget this bad idea".
No reply for a long time as I stare at my phone. My heart is racing, my mind is worse. I am on the verge of panic when the phone finally vibrates and chirps in my shaking hand. I pray it isn't too late, that she still loves and respects me after all I have allowed and admitted. I'm trembling so bad it takes three tries to enter my pin. I open the text and it just says "do the horns fit?" and then a picture appears of my wife, my soul mate, the woman I would do anything for, the woman I would die for, and she has a cock in her mouth.

Though tears I type "What happened to the deal? I didn't want to go through with it". Her reply hurts on a level I didn't know was possible "you no longer get to decide what happens with my body. I decide who and when I let have my pussy. Tonight it's Michael". Each plea from me after that went unanswered.

Those were the last words I got fro