Caleb eases Thom's grief, but finds his love unreturned. XXX Images

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A erotic lesbian Christmas romance.

I hear you moan as I flick your nipple again before licking it in circles and finally taking it in my mouth. I close my eyes as pull it into my mouth, biting on the end before sucking on it again. I move and repeat this on your right nipple, my nails flexing against your ribs as I taste your salty skin and breath your scent in through my nose.

I bite and chew and lick and suck on both of your nipples, your moans loud as you jerk under me, loving the pain of it. I move up and grab my right breast in my hand, teasingly running my nipple over your lips, moving back before you can capture it with your mouth. Finally I let you win, and I hold the back of your head as I press my breast in your face as you nurse eagerly on me. I switch pull away from you and switch you over to my other breast. Twinges of pleasure run down to my pussy as you bite on my nipples, giving back the pain that I had been inflicting on yours. I moan before pulling away and kissing you soundly.

Our tongues dance against each other as I kiss you, your breaths coming short as you choke yourself on the collar, pulling up towards me. I brace my hands on the headboard as I nibble on your lower lip, pulling it gently into my mouth. I let go of it and plunge my tongue back in your mouth, running over the tops of your teeth. I give you one last small kiss on the lips before trailing down the front of your throat, moving around the collar in my way.

The candle next to the bed reflects off the top of my head as I kiss and lick my way down your body and fasten my mouth on the crease between your thigh and your crotch. I suckle on it, moaning as your musk fills my nostrils, your legs spreading to welcome me. I breath deeply before moving over and licking and sucking on the other side. Your cock brushes against my short black hair before I scoot backwards a little.

I brace my hands on your spread thighs, and I run my tongue lovingly over your sack. I lick between your two balls, my tongue occasionally playing over the stretch of skin between your asshole and your nuts. I take one sack gently in my mouth and swirl my tongue over your nut, sucking gently. I repeat on the other side and bathe them both for awhile before running my tongue on up, moving from the base of your shaft clear up to the tip of your cock. I lick the little pearl of pre-cum off eagerly, loving the salty taste.

You arch into me, your breathing hard, desperately needing more contact on your poor, swollen dick. I lick my lips, savoring the taste of your pre-cum before running my tongue in a circle around the head. I close my mouth around the tip and suck gently, my tongue stroking over the ridge under the silky helmet. I start to slowly work my way down your length, tonguing and sucking as I go. I finally close my mouth around as much of your cock as I can take, almost all of your seven inches inside my hot, wetness. I start to suckle you like a pacifier, my lips clamped around you firmly, my throat working as a suction builds up, pulling at you.

I can feel your dick throbbing in my mouth as the suction pulls clear down in your balls, feeling like I am trying to suck the cum straight out of them. You moan and I hear the chains moving over the wood as you strain against them. I release the suction and start moving up and down your penis, sucking and slurping, completely enjoying the texture and taste of your hard muscle over my tongue and pushing against the roof of my mouth. I release you before you get to close and start to bath your nuts again. You moan, either in appreciation of my new efforts, or in dismay of the loss of contact to your cock.

I lift my head and look at you, your eyes draw up to mine, your expression strained and serious.