The training of Simran's mother as Josh's slave. XXX Images

Donna joins the threesome.

From making love to fucking her, much like Tyrone in Detroit, Sebastian wasted little time with foreplay with Aubrey in the Hamptons. He humped her and continued humping her until she wrapped her legs around his back and returned his hard humps with her hard humps. Humping one another faster and harder, before fucking one another as if they were alone in a Four Seasons hotel room suite, they had sex on the beach.

Reconsidering her decision not to blow Wyatt, Heather took his cock in her hand to stroke him before taking him in her mouth to suck him. She stared up at Wyatt with her big, blue eyes while stroking him and sucking him. Away from the stares of tourists, with Aubrey and Heather on the remote end of their private beach, they were free to have sex with their boyfriends. In the way that Sebastian ejaculated his cum in Aubrey's pussy, Wyatt ejaculated his cum in Heather's mouth.

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As much as going from being very rich to being very poor or vice versa, culture shock was an understatement. Now that we've had a glimpse of the rich living the good life, the story switches back from the rich, one-percent, upper-class whites living in the Hamptons to the poor, underprivileged blacks living in Detroit. The differences between their lives couldn't be any more different than yes and no, day and night, or white and black.

A defining moment, one percent have most of the wealth in this country and, comparatively, the rest of us have nothing, sometimes not even a vote, and most times, not even a voice. The rest of us are collateral damage. Whether buying things from them, working for them, voting for them, or taking orders from them, we're all here to serve them. The rest of us are pawns to be played and abused in their game of abuses from the excesses of their fortunately privileged and lucky lives.

Just as most of us don't even have a chance to even play the game, few of us have any hope of winning something when we aren't even privy to the rules. With the cards stacked against us from birth and the odds never in our favor, our game of life is rigged with catastrophic pitfalls while their game of life is continually rewarding. It's by no mistake or act of luck that the rich continue to get richer while the poor continue to get poorer. With the middle class submerged neck deep in tuition debt, credit card debt, automobile and home ownership debt, and mired deep in poverty, the United States is quickly becoming a third world country.
Sadly, and unfortunately, those of us who aren't rich are doomed to always be poor. Those of us who aren't rich won't live as long, will never get the best education, the best nutrition, and/or the best healthcare. Something that should be available for everyone and not denied to anyone, longevity, education, nutrition, and healthcare are exclusive privileges for the rich and not for the poor. Yet, greed, along with our elected, self-serving officials, have ruined this country by busting the unions, obliterating manufacturing, and sending our higher paying jobs overseas.

Yet, no matter how and where we were born, no matter if we were born rich or poor or white or black, shouldn't define how we're treated as Americans and as United States citizens. It's not fair that the rich live longer, are better educated, are much healthier, and live more rewarding lives. At the very least, it's not right that we don't have access to education, nutrition, and healthcare. When other industrialized countries not as rich and/or powerful as the United States, treat their people, especially the poor, sick, and elderly better, we should at least do the same.

With every single question answered by one five, letter, two-syllable word, money, and with everything in the world all about money, we're all nothing and nobodies if we don't have money.