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Michael and Katie help each other. XXX Video

A teen's older lover shows him off.

"As I was saying, I'm making a database," She nods. Clearly afraid and confused. "But I can't use porn or other videos to build it. I won't know if they're faking or not." There is a pause and I think we all know what's coming. I did when I dreamed it and I don't mind telling you, even in my sleep, I could feel myself getting a little juicy. And then when he said it... "So I had to find my own subjects and make them be truthful."

With that last four words, the confusion in our little changeling's face dissipates, leaving only fear. "Please let me go! I don't want to do anything like that! Don't."

"It's all for science, Jenny and I think" ~you're getting a little excited at the thought~

"No! I...OH!" She gasps a little bit. "How? No...what? No! That's not me."

"You're the only one here, Jenny. Look at the screen. Your body language says it's you."

In spite of herself but confused by his words, she looks. It reflects her on the couch. She is trying to sit still, but keeps shifting in her seat.

"It looks to me like you're feeling a little excited." And in her mind, she knows it's true. You can tell when you see her blush. She doesn't know how he knows but...

~tell me how you're feeling, Jenny~

"Oh, um...confused, kind of upset, and a little horny." She blushes again. I don't think she can believe she just said that.

"And a little embarrassed, maybe?"

"Um, yeah, that too."

"That's ok. We can fix that. When you leave here, you'll be more confident than ever. But for now..." ~take off your shirt~

She clutches the bottom of her shirt but "No no n-no, you, you can', I refuse."

~but your nipples are so hard. wouldn't it be easier to touch them without that shirt on?~

"I...ummmm...I," and then with trembling hands, confused by her own arousal, she lifts her shirt up, exposing a rather plain black bra, that barely contains a pair of massive, G cup tits. (Surprised right? And mine are even bigger).

~do you want to play with them?~

She keeps her hands at her sides, even though they're trembling like crazy. "I do, but, I don't n-no, I, no,"

"Your chest is heaving. Look at yourself. Look at the screen. If you didn't know that girl, what would you say she looks like?"

Her once innocent and impassive face is now so red it looks like she's on fire (which, let's face it, we all know her pussy is). "She looks like she's really, um, horny."

"And what should she do to deal with that?" ~What does she need, Jenny?~

"She needs to cum! here..not here."

"Why not here?" ~she's safe. she's comfortable. there's no place she'd rather be~

"Because I don't want to be watched, I want to go home, and of things, there... I mean I..I'm pretty comfortable' bad...besides, the more I think about it... I think it's kinda fun to be watched...I don't, um, no, I..." As she looks down, all our attention is drawn to her heaving tits, her nipples are aching to be caressed. You can feel it as much as I can. Her hands move up to her tits and begin to caress them through her bra. "Ooooh!"

"That's better, isn't it?" Not even embarrassed enough to blush now, her hands are fully committed to her breasts. Have they gotten more sensitive? "Yes, that's good. You've given me so much data already." ~I am going to keep you for a while~ At this, her head falls back as she kneads and plays with her titties. Some small voice inside her is grateful the bra isn't off yet. But the rest of us watching and getting horny from her story know it's only a matter of time.

~how does your pussy feel?~

Now there's no hesitation. She's so fucked in the head and turned on that her filter is a thing of the past. "Wet."

~does it get played with often?~

"Like once every day or every other day, depending."

"By you or by friends?"

"By me. I haven't had sex in over a year."

~you would like that to change?~

"Um...would I like another boyfriend sometime? Yeah."

~And what would you like to do for him?~

"Have sex?" she asks, moaning, "I'm sorry, I haven't really

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