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Libidos increase as Break continues. XXX Video

The commitment is sealed.

I, too, got out of my clothes and wore my wife's panties and bra and sat down watching them fuck. The whole time I stroked my penis, gasping at the sight of Juliet's butt bouncing down on his cock. Her moans went into a frenzy when he worked up a tempo fucking her harder.

I jerked off and shot my load over my thigh and on the carpet and yet I was not done. Neither were they. Charles turned Juliet over and she locked her ankles over his thighs while he slammed down on her. Juliet scratched his backside and shoulders and hollered at him to fuck her harder. She was his whore, his bitch, and she was my queen and mother to my kids, and I loved watching her get fucked.

Charles groaned when he climaxed and pulled out of her when he was done. I came to the bed and ate Juliet's pussy. Her vagina tasted warm and succulent against my tongue. Charles slipped the used condom off his penis and gave it to me. I drained the condom's contents and thanked him for it.

"Don't thank me yet, white boy," he said to me. He went and got his phone out of his jeans. "I've got a surprise for you."

I was confused and looked at Juliet, wondering if she had any idea what he meant. She smiled at me and said: "You're about to get your wish, darling."

* * *

Charles turned away from us while speaking into his phone. I had no idea who he was calling. I looked at my wife Juliet and she gave a shrug that said she didn't know either but the glint of a wicked smile of her face alarmed me into thinking she at least had an idea what it was about. She shoved my face down on her crotch and I went on eating her pussy till I was just about fulfilled, having made her cum a second time.

"Yeah, you both hurry on here sharpish," I heard Charles say before ending his call. He turned around to face us. "They're on their way. Meantime, you'd best get yourself ready, white boy."

Juliet tapped my shoulder. "You remembered to pack the costume, didn't you, dear?"

"Yes, I did."

"I think Charles would want you to start getting into it now."

I looked over at Charles and he nodded in agreement. I experienced a flutter of anxiety and excitement that I'd never had before. I looked back and forth at either of them thinking it was a joke or something. I'd mentioned bringing along the costume in the off-chance that I might present it to Charles to let him know my thoughts regarding it. It was obvious now that since their previous outing he and Juliet had been communicating a lot behind my back.

"Times's a-wasting, white boy," Charles snapped my out of my reverie. "They'll be here anytime soon."

That got me moving. I went and grabbed the bag and Charles indicated where the restroom was and I went in there and locked the door. I felt like Clark Kent about to change into his Superman costume. The whole time I changed, I heard voices in the bedroom. They sounded somewhat hushed, like they didn't want me catching their conversation. I heard Juliet burst into a giggling fit; my heart raced so excitedly I nearly stumbled as I tried rolling a pair of stockings up my thighs.

"Aren't you done yet, boy?" Charles hollered beyond the door.

"Almost, sir," I replied, and indeed I was. I wore my blonde wig over my head and stopped to check myself in the mirror before opening the door.

Charles sat on the bed while Juliet sat across his lap, both of them caressing each other while admiring my new look. I had transformed myself into what I always wanted Juliet to see me as - a sissy.

Juliet broke the silence by clapping her hands. She came off her lover's lap and hugged me.

"You look so . . . different, honey," she said.

I did look different; I felt different too.

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