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Sister returns home to find what she was missing.

And I would spend that time gladly.

I hear the sliding door open, and you walk out on the deck wrapped in that lone dry sheet. You're in shadow, but I can see your dark hair in contrast with the sheet. The sheet opened as you walked toward the railing in front of me; your newly shaved pubis the same shadowy gray in the dim light of the moon as your uncovered belly and legs. I smile as I remember the look you gave me as I knelt between your legs with a razor in my hand and a grin on my face two days before; you not sure whether to trust me but wanting to experience what I wanted to give you.

As you stand on the deck, eyes closed, head back smelling the sea, I open the warm comforter, and beckon you near me once again. You drop the sheet on the deck floor and turned to me, your nipples the only dark shadows on your body except for your hair swirling around your face from the breeze. It's not cold; but there is a chill.

You walk over to me, touch my cheek with your hand as you stoop down to kiss me. I can now see your face, beaming, a thin glint of your teeth in your hint of a smiles. I pat the space between my legs, and you turn to it in front of me, and sat down between mine, facing the water. As you lean back, I engulf you with the soft flannel as you lean back; your back and ass sliding against my chest and crotch, my soft cock, still crusted from our earlier play with some manner of our juices dried on me, against your spine. You rest your forearms and elbows on my arms, and I reach around you to hold a breast with one hand, your belly with the other, my chin and lips at your neck.

We sit there, warming each other, not a whisper nor a word between us, only a glance first at the lights out on the water from the fishing boats, then at each other; your dark eyes flashing even in the low light. Occasionally there is a touch worth the thousand words of a picture. The air has a salt-water chill to it, but we're encased except for our heads peeking out of the flannel; your long hair laying across my neck and shoulder so I can feel your bare neck against me. You smell of love and sweat, and taste of salt and our mixed juices that have found their way to your face and neck as well. It's a moment; a snapshot that will be with me long after we leave, not quite of passion but of contentment that's deep and satisfying.

I rub your breasts and your belly slowly, then move my hands lower and tap your thighs gently. You respond as I have learned that you do to me, opening them slightly, taking my left hand in yours, kissing my fingers, sucking them as you had earlier tasted me, and then putting them between your now damp thighs. I reach down with the tip of my left middle finger, still shriveled from being immersed in you earlier, and insert it gently into you, and feel you suck it in to let me know that you want me there. I open your lips with my right hand, and start to stroke your clit, touching, stopping, touching... there... then stopping and starting; gauging your response by how you contract around my finger. I close my eyes and explore very slowly, and when I notice you gripping me harder, I slow down even more... when you grip less, I quicken the touch and nuzzle your neck to your response.

You quickly rise to the plateau I have found for you in these short two days and watch the smile on your face and the dancing in your eyes as I touch you and play you. You lean your head back, and reach for my neck with your hands, taking my lips on yours, letting me suck your tongue as you suck mine as you strain against the grip I have around your with my arms. I cover your shins with my calves to hold you in place so you can strain against me, too, riding that wave; you bucking against me as I touch, letting up as I slow down.

We are like this for what seems like hours.

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