Transformed into a girl, raped into a woman. XXX Images

Spirit Lover joins her in an erotic dance.

Groomed me, shaved me, even between my legs. Finally they worked me into the puzzle of tight straps that served as their distinctive uniform.

In a flash they had molded me into the look of a slave unit.

The feeling of my new garments enhanced my already burning desire. I felt constricted yet vulnerable. I was imprisoned, bound, and leashed... yet felt too like I was exhibited for display.

I simulated Tabitha as best as I could. Eager to entice by pushing out my breasts, nipples half covered by the crisscross of tight straps. I proudly showed off my bound body, but bowed my head entirely submissive.

We were mirrored in our opposing cells.

"What do you want?" the High Engineer asked.

I was about to answer how much I wanted, needed him between my legs. But no, I knew the correct answer, the only answer that mattered to these people.

"I'm happy to be a slave for the Empire."

"I'm eager to submit to my Master."

"I want my Master to fuck me."

"I need my Master to breed me."

I was acting of course, only pretending, but it worked! This time he opened my cell and not Tabitha's.

He pressed finger into mouth, as if to test me. I gently suckled, eager to pass.

He tossed me on the bed and I flopped like a virgin on her wedding night.

He gently pushed aside a strap barely covering my pussy and started to use me.

And I do mean use. This wasn't sex like I had known. This wasn't lovemaking. He was using me, taking me, conquering me.

Forcing me to say thing I previously could not have even thought up.

He made me beg, degrade myself. I did.

I called him master, and vowed to be a good slave. Told him I'd give up my life as a sorceress.

I told him I was a just a dumb arrogant bitch for ever trying to oppose them. That being a unit was the proper role for a channeler like me.

Told him that I would live the rest of my life as a unit

I said anything he wanted.

The rise of pleasure was intense but I knew the collar 'locked' my orgasm. I needed him to finish first. I needed him to cum inside me, I needed to feel his hot seed inside my fertile and unprotected pussy.

So I begged him.

I begged him to breed me and claim my womb for the Empire.

I thanked him as I felt him cum. I praised my master for letting me have his seed.

He opened the cell, and said I was free to move about the ship.

Without thought I walked to be with the other units. They welcomed me.

I realized I could have gone elsewhere. Anywhere else.

Without a guard I might escape. Find help. Warn the Sisterhood!

But no. There was no motive in me to do that anymore.

I didn't want to escape, to fight. I wanted to obey. I felt at home. I wanted to live with the other units.

Unit. I dressed like them, acted like them, I was even sexually used like them.

I wasn't copying or pretending to be one. This was no longer an act. I was one.

I wanted to be a slave and do anything the Empire commanded. I wanted to submit to my master again and again. My mind was consumed with a desire for sex. But strongest of all was a throbbing desire in my womb, a need to be bred.

I was no longer Sabrine Shadowalker. I was just a unit loyal to the Empire.

I was reborn.

This transformation, it felt like ten lifetimes. But what had it really been? Maybe a week? I resisted, I fought so damn hard inside, but for what? One week and I was completely enslaved.

Rivantis, think about it, one damn week!

An enemy who would have rained fire upon them, killed them all, willing to die rather than surrender was crushed into to willing unit, begging to be fucked and bred. Every piece of my channeling ability was now theirs to use.

This is their power. No one can resist this.


And that was just the start of my story. I was no normal unit, I could do more. I handed them the location of nearly every Sister in the Eastern Dominion.

As the recon group moved out to capture a group of targets I would be inserted in with them. I pretended to be one newly captured, just another prisoner.

I told these newly collared Sisters that I had a s