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Jessica becomes dominant again.

Glad that he finally admitted his incestuous desire for her, he watched her, while wondering what she was thinking. Was she thinking about him fucking her? Was she thinking about her making love to him? Never able to tell with her, he wondered what she was feeling.

With her continuing to play with her hair, while giving him sexy looks, was she just as sexually aroused as he was? He didn't know. He couldn't tell. A line harder to cross than he had thought, sadly frustrating, maybe the only way he'll ever see his mother naked and experience his mother sexually is through his stories and/or in his sexual fantasies, while masturbating over the naked thoughts of her.

"Any time I go out with you, Mom, I mean, Elizabeth, people think that you're my girlfriend or my older sister. Unless they know us, never does anyone suspect that you're my mother. If they thought anything, they'd probably think you're a cougar dating a younger man."

"A cougar?" She blushed, while looking at him with lust in her eyes. "Do you mean in the way of Demi Moore with Ashton Kutcher and Jennifer Lopez with that 24-year-old boy, toy dancer?"

"Yes," he said smiling that she mentioned Jennifer Lopez, his favorite female celebrity. Just as he knew she knew what a MILF was, he knew she knew what a cougar was, too.

"Oh, I rather like that thought," said Elizabeth putting a fingertip to her lips. "Me dating a younger man and a younger man wanting an old broad like me is a rather delicious thought," she said with a sexy laugh, while studying him.

"Actually, I'm sorry that I mentioned that, Mother. I'm not sure how much I like the idea of you being a cougar," he said with a nervous laugh.

She looked at her son with renewed interest, studied him, actually. With MILF and cougar, no doubt, on her mind, maybe she was thinking that he was a new gateway to her older woman with a younger man sexuality. Then, she validated his thoughts by verbalizing her thoughts.

"Maybe you can bring some of your college friends around for me to tease, when I'm out back and tanning in my sexy and revealing bikini," she said with a sexy laugh and throwing back her hair with a sexy toss of her head.

So uptight before, he couldn't believe the total transformation in his mother now. As if she was experiencing her own little sexual revolution by the mere mention of calling her a MILF and a cougar, he hoped that she included him in her plans to fuck and suck younger men. No longer thinking of her as his mother, he perceived her as a sexy, sexual woman, especially, when she looked at him like that, while tossing back her hair and smiling at him in that sexy way.

"I don't think so, Mother," said Jason suddenly feeling jealous that she'd sexually tease his friends and not sexually tease him. Besides, he didn't want his friends to think that his mother was a player, a MILF of a cougar, and a whore.

Both mother and son remained silent for a moment, while Jason imagined introducing his three, horny friends to her. He recalled the image of his mother in her barely there bikini, when his grandfather was oiling up her butt cheeks, so long ago. Never has he seen so much of her hot body, when she wears her barely there bikinis. Then, when she undid her bikini bra, while she was on her stomach, with the entire sides of her squished breasts so exposed, never has he seen so much of her tits. Not to mention, in the way her bikini bottoms were cut, as if she was wearing thong panties, instead of a bikini, never has he seen so much of her ass and what a fabulous ass she has.

At the time, coming home early from school because of a cancelled class, she didn't know he was home.