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My daughter's sexy friend relaxes at my house after university.

"No thanks to you." She pouted.

"Fate is an evil twisted bitch, isn't she?" He chuckled.

For the first three months Ike stayed with Justin, she recuperated from her stay at casa Gorilla. During that time she tried to talk with her parents but each time they tried to get her to come home, get back into school and live the life they wanted, not her own.

After that he began to train her, she needed to be able to go into a camp like Justin had and not be detected. She needed to learn how to fight, create distractions, and rescue her target or take them out. He also trained her in weapons and explosives, each day taking her to the range, or test area with a different weapon. Her favorite weapon was the 9mm, but when it came to explosives, it had to be C4 or nothing at all.

Her nights were filled with passion. Justin made it easy for her to fall in love, but she held back. It was mutual though, never mixing business with pleasure. It worked for a while, but there was only so much training Ike could do in a day. So she made a pact with Justin, there would be no feelings involved, the sex would be just that sex.

Nothing more; nothing less.

"Hello Sweet Cakes. You miss me?" He asked already knowing it was Ike on the other end of the line.

"Never." She smiled.

"Awe, come on now, I know better then that." He laughed.

"Well," Her husky laugh swirled through the phone line. "Just a little."

"Now that's what I'm talking about. What can I do for you, hot stuff?"

"I've got another case. A fifteen year girl is being held against her will in a gymnastics facility. It would seem she came to them of her own free will, on a promised she would gain a spot on the English Olympic team, fame and fortune would fallow. Instead she cooks, cleans, and washes clothes for the star athletes. If she tries to leave she is severely beaten and left to tend to her own wounds. The contact says that the last beating was just a few days ago, she fears if the girl is not rescued she will die."

Justin was quiet; it wasn't like him to just not say anything about a case. "Fuckers!" He drawled. "Sons a Bitches; how can you do that to an innocent child. That's just, well that's just fucked up. Count me in!" He sighed.

"Great, I need to make contact with our little helper. I'll call you back when everything has been arranged." Ike rang off.

She called the contact back and went back through the file looking for the interior map of the structure they would be entering. When she found it, she started marking off the entrances and exits of the building in a red Sharpie and then in blue she marked out the windows that could be used for an easy escape. She then studied the faces of the husband and wife who owned and ran the Bobbiehead.

Chapter 2

Two hours later Ike was sitting on a plan bound for Liverpool, England. Justin was also on a plane headed to the same place. They agreed to meet at gate 2B which was where Justin's plane would land and then set out toward their hotel. By Ike's calculations they would be there by five am, which would be enough time for them to shower, change and go over their plan one more time. She hoped, anyway.

Exiting her plane she walked over to customs to retrieve her belongings, after showing her identification and all of the proper documentation for her equipment, she carried her things to the nearest arrival and departure screen. Their flights should have been two hours apart but when she looked up his flight number, it was on final approach.

Ike walked down the hall over to gate 2B, there she waited as the throngs of people exited the concourse and made their way to loved ones. Her stomach flipped and rolled while she waited for him to exit, yes it had been almost five years since she had been with him, but that chapter of her life was over and their friendship was just that; friendship.

He saw her first as he walked through the door; her hair was still short, only this time the stripe had been replaced with a mod pixie cut.

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