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Catherine entertains 4 of Michael's Marine buddies.

Her blood froze as she realized that he was dead. She could see the spider web of crimson glittering darkly in the moonlight, trickling and trailing across his temple and down his cheek.

The bandit spun her around and roughly wrenched her arms behind her back. She felt the bite of course rope being lashed about her wrists and forearms as the rising terror threatened to unnerve her. As she shivered in fear Catherine realized that due to the highland clearances by men such as her father, the land hand been overrun with homeless men who had become lawless bandits and murderers in an attempt to survive.

Catherine cried out "Murderers!!! My father will have thee drawn and quartered for this! How dare you lay hands on the Earl's daughter and those under her protection!"

She was pushed roughly to the ground as Tommy snarled "Stay right there M'Lady and if ye are as pleasing as ye look ye might just live to see the dawn!"

Glancing up through tear filled eyes she saw them both approaching the horse, obviously looking for booty to fill their pockets. But the horse was having none of it.

It snorted, shaking its huge head and mane then leapt up snapping its rear hooves out and caught one of the bandits a glancing blow to the shoulder. Glancing, but more than enough to send Tommy crashing into the brush with a separated shoulder.

Catherine cheered silently when she heard the injured bandit groan in pain. He reappeared from the brush with one arm hanging limply, slightly longer than the other.

Jimmy ripped an old rusty blade from its scabbard and advanced on the horse menacingly. But before he could get within striking distance the horse bolted into the trees to disappear into the darkness.

Her attention was on the horse and bandit. She did not see the wounded one pull a dagger from his belt and begin advancing on her with murder in his eye.

Tommy had been struck and by God, someone was going to pay for it. He thought darkly.

The glitter of light on the blade caught her attention and she gasped in horror, her eyes flashed to and fro looking for an escape.

Jimmy shouted at the enraged bandit, "Wait! If ye've nae care fer the ransom ye can kill her after and we'll throw the bodies over the side after we've weighted them down!"

The bandit approached purposefully and drove a knee into her chest, pinning her to the ground and snarled "It matters not! Dead or alive she can still pleasure!"

Her vision started to slip as the blade lowered slowly to her throat. She rapidly began silently going over prayers, not wanting her soul to approach heaven without having made her peace with the Lord.

There was a low rumbling growl and suddenly the weight upon her was gone. Not lifted, just simply gone.

The sound of a shriek ripped through the night before it was suddenly cut off by the sickening sound of bones snapping and being ground under a tremendous pressure.

Catherine gasped, sucking in a great lung full of air now that the bandit's weight was gone. Struggling to clear her vision of the veiling hand of unconsciousness, she shook her head and saw the other bandit backing across the ledge, absolute terror twisted his features as what appeared to be a huge giant of a man slowly advanced upon him.

The stranger must have been eight feet tall if he was an inch, in dark attire. No, not clothing, fur?

She stared in disbelief and almost missed it as the stranger's cruel, talon tipped hand leapt forth like an adder striking, swiping it across the bandit's throat. At first she thought he had missed until she saw the blood geyser up against the full moon glittering and flashing in a dark crimson spray.

The bandit wavered for a moment then his blade dropped to the ground with a whispered thump before he tumbled lifelessly over the edge of the cliff to disappear in the darkness.

Her eyes were wide with horror at the ferocity and violence of the last few moments she looked to the stranger whose back was still to her.

She blinked uncomprehendingly as her eyes traveled down his heavily muscle