A lovestruck couple reunited for their anniversary. XXX Images

Magic lessons, arrival in Esterly, and an old rival.

It'll help.'

I obey. We look at each other. He's still wearing his tailored suit from work. He looks so good in it.

'You'll be just outside, right? But don't listen.'

'Petal, you'll be safe. Don't worry it won't change anything.'

The doorbell rings after I'd sunk another glass of gin and tonic. I feel a little lighter in the body and the head. I sit down on the bed. Soon steps come in. I see Euan for a moment as he pulls the door shut. The door clicks and I stand up without thinking. Too many nerves to stay at peace. The stranger smiles at me and scans my body. His smile widens.

I feel so vulnerable I want to run out the door, but I don't. I stay and let the humiliation build up a little. I worry about my lack of clothing. As I run my hand lightly over my tighs, to check my thong is sitting well, I'm suddenly aware of how wet I am. I don't understand it.

He's a tall man in his fifties, a little chubby but not terrible looking like the picture I'd made in my mind.

He checks the door is properly shut behind him and smiles as he approaches. His eyes never falter.

'Don't worry Princess.' He takes both my hands and leans in to kiss me. I'm stunned and I don't move. His hands start to explore and poke into my lingerie - at first on the top of it, caressing and massaging. A little rougher than I was prepared for, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it.

He goes right for panties, and brushes the thin material away to get to my cunt and runs his finger up and down it, prodding inside. He takes his finger out and puts them towards my mouth. I look at him confused for a moment, before cupping my lips. He pushes his big thick fingers in and circles them. I start to suck, he smiles and moves them slowly back and forth, going deeper, and deeper and deeper, until I gag. He pulls them out and wipes his hand across the top of my tits.

'On your knees Princess. Now.'

I comply and kneel down. He sits down and takes out his cock. It's small and stubby.


I crawl over.

'Suck. Suck.'

I cautiously move my head over. As I shake slightly and begin to cup lips around it he takes my head and guides me. I suck and close my eyes. It doesn't have a bad taste. Quite good actually.

'Look at me. Look at me. Look at me!'

I open my eyes cautiously and I look up to him. He smiles and looks almost pityingly at me.

'Good girl.'

I continue to slide his hardening cock in my mouth, back and forth. My face is reddening. He pulls my hair, and moves my head back.

'Get on all fours.' He taps the bed.

I notice that my chin is dripping with saliva. I take a moment to get to my feet. It's awkward. I feel so self conscious. I get up to the bed and spread out like requested.

He moves behind me and I feel his large hands grab my waist and pull my thong down to my bent knees, then he runs his hand right around. I'm so wet. The bed moves as he gets up on to it. I hear a squeeze of a tube and then a cold wet finger touching my anus. He adds more and starts to ring my hole with the lube.

He pulls at my thong and I move my legs so he can completely remove it. He pushes my legs further apart and my head down.

I start to panic. It wasn't anal that I'd expected. I think about trying to say something but I don't know what. I don't want to disappoint my boyfriend, but I'd never let him do it the few times he'd brought it up. It just felt like it'd be too tight.

'Um, are you sure this is what you want?' I say hesitantly.

He grips me tightly, and I feel his hard cock against my thigh.

'You've got a beautiful virginal hole.'

I feel nervous and weak. I stop myself saying 'thank you' from my inbuilt politeness. Then I feel his finger enter and begin to slowly finger fuck me. It's a strange sensation. I let out a quiet moan as I try to take this strange sensation.

He stops and starts to grip my ass cheeks, spreading them and massaging them in his hands.

Then I feel the head enter, it's so tight, but he doesn't seem to care.