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Return of Angelus. Spike gets involved

I've got my bird watching goggles but when I look out at her I drop them and grab my cock again. She's standing there, facing away from me and leaning against the balcony and god damn if her dress hasn't ridden up more and I can see her ass falling out the bottom, cheeks even more pert and plump than her breasts, just begging to be squeezed and loved.

Of course it's then I realize she's talking to someone and here comes the stud, wrapping his big arm around her and sweeping her up into a kiss. Watching these two make out is giving me the most raging boner and I'm trying my best not to touch it but watching her there, that body and her long blonde hair waving over her shoulders in the wind with that cut in her dress showing me most of her flawless back, it's hard.

But not as hard as when he puts his hand on her ass and starts pulling that dress up further. He's squeezing it and massaging it just like I want to and I swear I'm nearly ready to ram my head through the window and barge in on them but he's showing me just what I want. Her ass, two perfect spheres, the dress way over hips and them just hanging there, his hand gripping them and spreading them. When he pulls on her cheek I can see those beautiful bald lips peaking out too and I can't wait to see what happens next.

Of course what happens next is better than anything I ever could have imagined. What happens next is he stops kissing her, pulls her arms above her head and whoosh, that dress is gone along with my pants. Before I've even realized it they're on the floor too and I'm stroking my own hard cock fast and sloppy, horny as I've ever been at the sight of that woman on the balcony, her long legs and tight ass only surpassed by the beauty of those tits, the nipples still pointing out like flagpoles from those wide auburn aureola. It doesn't take long for me to realize I'm pounding my dick against the window and pull back but again, it's hard.

I want to touch those tits and squeeze them, lick them, such on them and finger her pussy all the while. They're still making out and I can see he's doing just that with her back still to me. I can see his big fingers down there between her thighs just dancing like crazy between those meaty lips of her and I want them to be mine. I can tell she's dripping wet and begging for it and my god if they aren't about to fuck just for me, my own private show.

He spins her around then and she's a goddess before me again, stretching against the railing just like before but this time with only those heels and her legs spread apart. I can see those legs go all the way up, impossibly long until they come to that divine pussy, bald as a baby and with big wet lips ready for a pounding. Her tits, hovering over her flat stomach and rock hard abs are like something from a high class porno and with her back arched, her head thrown back again to look at the stars, she's just like a cat in heat, begging for a stud to pound her hard.

And he does. I've been so enthralled with the sight of her body I didn't notice he's lost his own pants and he's pumping his giant cock behind her. It's bigger than mine by a long shot and uncut but he's going a lot slower on it than I am on mine, even though I can see dribbles of precum falling off of it while he does. Watching him I realize my own hand is moving so fast over my cock that it's starting to hurt and I slow down. It looks like tonight has got a ways to go.

He starts to line up his cock with her pussy and she reaches back to spread her cheeks, dropping her head to look straight ahead. She's biting her bright red bottom lip in the most seductive but worried way and I wonder how many times he's pounded her with that monster. From here it looks as big as her forearm and I can see she's still nervous about it. If it doesn't fit I know where she can find a smaller one to fuck her real good too but I think she's just going to go for it and she does.

All in one fell swoop he pounds it into her and I swear I ca

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