Two men share a woman. XXX Images

An older virgin learns from his beautiful upstairs neighbor.

The envelope contained a letter printed in dark black silky paper inlaid with gold lettering, it read "Miss Lewis, This is your exclusive invite to the official Kink Festival at The School of Humiliation". The indignation at the extent of my friend's joke overcame my instinct to laugh. Furious and humiliated at my lack of judgement, I reached for my phone and called her number.

"What the fuck is wrong with you!?" I screamed without waiting for her to say hello.

"It's real" she promised, as if expecting my question.

"What? Stop it! I told you those things in confidence!"

"If you don't believe me, call the number at the back of the envelope." She said, her tone was gleeful.

"Fuck off"

To be honest, Janet had made me very curious. It had all started with a little incident one night, on my way back home from work. The underground was full due to the rush of Christmas and I had found myself stuck near a vestibule door. With someone very eager stuck right behind me. The roughness and size of the hands that managed to slip between the door and my thick jumper, cold underneath my t-shirt and promptly hardened my nipples, led me to conclude they were those of a man who knew physical labour.

Following that incident, I had discovered my kink for exhibitionism. I would consciously navigate into thick crowds, stand near vestibule doors. My skirts got shorter for public transport. I stopped wearing a bra and then any underwear at all, it was like crack to me, the need to get felt up by a stranger, any stranger.

My peak was probably that time I had flashed a cabbie. I was coming home from a work party and the underground had already closed. I hailed a cab and slid into the front seat (a habit) giving him my directions. He looked to be around fifty, a good amount of grey in what must have been red hair. I couldn't make out the colour of his eyes in the dark but I had noticed his hands, large and thick. Suddenly, heavy desire flooded me, coiling around my belly and beginning to pool between my legs, the fantasy of those hands roving my skin, over my breasts filled my mind and I bit my lips made me press my knees together.

"You alright?" he asked, giving me a once-over "You look uncomfortable."

"Long day" I blurted.

"Yeah, tell me about it. Hate this hour."

I was staring at his hands so I barely noticed him avert his eyes from my breasts.

I looked down and saw that my overcoat had fallen open since I hadn't buttoned it up, revealing a generous amount of my chest.

"Why are you driving at this hour then?" I had asked, instilled with confidence at his obvious attraction.

"No one to take my shift" he said, turning to look me in the eyes but his eyes dropping ever-so-briefly before turning away.

It was half past midnight when we pulled up to the entrance of my flat.

"Here we are"

My heart was beating in my throat, at the notion of what I was about to do...

"I-I don't have any money..."

I said, feeling my body quake.

"What the hell?"


I counted to five.

"Um, you-you could. Um doyouwanttoseemyboobs?"


You heard me!" I said, my voice was a whisper.

"Are you a cop?" He asked, starting the car "Get out!"

"No. no. no. no. I promise, I'm not a cop!"

"Then what the hell are you on about?"

"I mean it." I said, reigning in my heartbeats.

He looked at me incredulously for a minute. Then smirked, his eyes dropping to breasts, lecherously. I felt myself on fire and my pussy oozed a little. I removed my coat deliberately, watched him watch every movement of mine like a predator.

"Wait." He said when I had removed my coat, "Not in the car. Outside."

With my back to my door, we stood near the cab, my coat dangling on my left arms while the cabbie towered in front of me with his back towards my flat.