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The next few days passed oddly for Ms. Bennings. She'd space out in classes just like that one day, her mind kept on wandering and wondering about Mark. She felt a bit guilty about having these thoughts about a student who was ten years younger than her, but on the other hand, she was turned on by them.

Finally, she decided she'd get what she wanted -- Mark's cock. It took a lot of thought and a lot of planning, but she wanted the fuck him like she'd never wanted anybody before. She found him oddly attractive, it was something about how careless and cool he always seemed to act... plus of course, his cock size. That's what she wanted the most.

In was a warm summer day, about a month after the incident. Ms. Bennings wore a tight green top that day that caused her boobs to stick out rather nicely. They weren't huge, obviously, but still quite a sight. She wore a short skirt and considering leaving her panties at home, but feared being noticed by one of the students or even teachers. She had Mark in her last period English class and called him over when everybody was leaving. Mark's grades had been decreasing as of late and she decided she'd talk to him about this. "Listen Mark, we need to talk about your performance in class... you've been doing fairly bad. I know you've gotten accepted to college already and that's why you think you can slack off now, am I right?"

It was true, Mark felt he didn't need to put in as much effort into his school work now that he had been accepted to New York University. "Yeah... you got me, Miss... I'm really sorry, but I didn't think I was doing so terrible in this class. I'll try harder, I really will." She didn't believe one word he was saying though. "Will you? I don't think you will... do you even understand what we're talking about in class? Whenever I look over at you, you seem to be either day dreaming or talking to your friends. I think you need some tutoring in English."

Mark couldn't believe her. "Wha? I don't need tutoring in ENGLISH! It's English, for God's sake... I'd have to be a retard not to understand the subject."

"I understand how you feel... but try to see where I'm coming from. I don't like seeing kids as bright as you do so poorly and I do this very rarely... I'm willing to tutor you myself after school." She smiled, looking up at him from her seat. Her cleavage was showing and she knew his eyes had wandered over at her tits a few times already. She was becoming really turned on by this thought and noticed Mark's cock stirring in his pants. She loved the effect she was having on this young stud.

"Aww, Miss... come on..." Since he pretty much hated school, Mark really didn't want to stay after school for anything. Thinking twice about it though, he did see this as an opportunity to spend some extra time with the sexy teacher. She always struck him as a charming person, but ever since the incident, he had been embarassed to even talk to her in class. Not today though, she made him feel like the whole incident never even happened, like everything was fine. This is what prompted Mark to accept the offer.

"Great! I'm proud of you Mark, we can start tomorrow. Meet me after this period in the library, there's nobody there at that point so it'll be nice and quiet." Mark agreed and left.

Ms. Bennings knew that not only would the library be empty, but the entire school would be basically empty. Only a few teachers thought until the 8th period like she did since most kids had schedules that allowed them to leave before that. The teachers who were still in the school left as quickly as they could. No students stuck around either, the study hall and library would close after that period to students. Ms. Bennings would of course be allowed in and could bring Mark as well.

The following day Ms.

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