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Paul tried to keep his eye on Colleen but there were so many people in the isle that it was almost impossible to see her. He was getting a little worried and kept watching for Colleen to return. He was worried and looked at his watch and saw she was gone for almost twenty minutes when he decided to go and find her.

Paul stood and just as he was ready to move saw Colleen making her way back to their seat. He felt so relieved that she had returned.

"I was getting worried about you."

"Oh. There was a long line in the bathroom."


"Paul. I was on my way back and a man stopped me and introduced himself as our new neighbor. He moved in last weekend and said he recognized us and wanted to say hello. He told me that his name was Marvin."

"Honey. By any chance was this guy a black man?"

"Yeah. Have you seen him already?"

Paul turned around and saw the black guy smiling back at him and nodded his head.

"No. I think he's sitting behind us."

Colleen turned to look and waived and smiled at the man.

Driving back home, Paul mentioned the way Marvin had starred at them.

"Honey. That guy gave me the creeps the way he was looking at us. I happen to notice starring at us a couple times while we were at the track."

"Oh. Paul. I don't think he meant any harm. I just think he recognized us and wanted to introduce himself like he mentioned."

"I don't think we should get too friendly with him."

"He actually invited us over for a drink later tonight. I didn't think you would mind. I didn't know you had eery feelings about him."

That evening, Paul was waiting in the front yard for Colleen to finish getting ready. He was looking in the direction of their new neighbor's house. They lived in the country and Marvin's house sat back in the woods across the street from their house.

The nearest home from them was about a mile away which made it very secluded. The elderly couple that lived in Marvin's house had to sell because they could no longer do the work that it desperately needed.

Paul knocked on the front door and Marvin greeted them. He appeared to be friendlier than Paul had seen at the track. Marvin was black and he was muscular and tall. He was very well dressed and his house seemed very neat and clean.

"You must excuse the house. I'm still getting everything the way I want it."

Paul shook his hand as they sat down. Colleen sat next to Paul and straightened her dress. She had showered and changed her clothes and was wearing a casual dress with flip flops.

"So. Marvin. What do you do for a living?"

"I'm a writer. I write books about humane psychology."

Colleen took an interest as she asked.

"Oh. That is very interesting. I bet you have a degree in psychology. Have you ever worked in a clinic or practiced on your own?"

"Yes. I actually do and work with the hospital with their mental ward."

Paul couldn't help notice that Marvin kept watching Colleen as if he was studying her. Paul listened, the way Marvin questioned Colleen about her family, education, hobbies, and their marriage. Paul felt Marvin was getting too personal for their first meeting as neighbors.

Marvin had prepared them drinks and Paul was sure feeling tired. He had almost fallen asleep next to Colleen who was blabbing away with their new neighbor.

Paul must have missed a portion of the conversation as Colleen nudged him to wake up.

"Honey. I better get you home before you fall asleep here on Marvin's sofa. It was so nice meeting you and learning so much tonight. Oh. I'll be here around noon tomorrow for tea."

Colleen helped Paul get on his feet and to the door as she shook hands with Marvin.

"I'll see you tomorrow."

Paul held onto Colleen as they walked across the street in the dark. The only sound that could be heard was the loud chirping of the crickets.

Paul seemed dazed as she held onto his arm to keep him from falling down.

"Honey. I don't know what it was but I seemed to get really tired talking to Marvin."

"That's all right Honey. You had a long day. You're problebly tired from being at the race all day."

Chapter 3

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