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There we loaded up on snacks for our trip across Oregon to Montana. Salmon jerky, smoked muscles, smoked oysters and Salmon cheeks. We fall into conversation on the suggestive nature of brown / black muscles and female genitals. The shape of the folds that came to an apex that looked like a clitoris. I talked about her folds, comparing them to these morsels. She, digging the largest ones out of the bag, examining each before popping it in my mouth. Her body seen in the things I eat. There was the consuming.

Years earlier there was the night in Laguna Beach. It was dark out. The waves rushed in, the air cool, it was September. The asymmetrical rhythmic pounding of the ocean outside our windows. All the lights in our room on. She crawled across the bed, laughing. She stood up. I looked up at her glowing face.

The memory of the Mother's day rolled into my mind on one of the beating waves. We went to lunch at a pizza parlor. she wore a white floor length dress. Her hair newly bleach white. I fell in love. She looked like a movie goddess of the 1930's. She an angel; I wanted to fuck her. To fill her with my cum. To make her mine.

Carol's naked ivory skin glowed in the warm hotel light. I looked up her naked body. She towered over me, she a Goddess of Love. I sat up and ran my tongue along her right leg. Her voice rolled in the joy of my actions. Tongue slid up and over her new shaved cunt. I loved her hairless. It stayed that way for the rest of our time together. The taste of nectar dripping from her smooth heavenly fruit. The fresh shaved skin sweet, showed the trail of my consuming mouth. Her ivory skin blushed pink as her thick lips swelled rose hue. I gripped her ass tight, pushed her hips toward my face. Burying my mouth deep between the lips of the upside down mouth. Hot tongue sliding in and out and over her clitoris. Her body swayed to my moving head. Teeth raked her hood. She cried to the sharp blades passing. I held the soft inner fleshy lips between my canines, lightly pressing. Her voice rose between pain and ecstasy. Swollen lips sucked full between my lips. Her back bent, I held her in my grip. She moved across my mouth. Rough tongue danced to moaning. She cried her fear. I drove her higher. She leaked love. She looked like those mussels and raw oysters. There was hunger in the consuming of sweet flesh.

From Laguna Beach, we stopped at a body piercing shop in Huntington Beach. An Asian woman slid a steel bar bell in each of my freshly holed nipples. Nipples weep in swollen pain, as we drive across the desert. We stopped in Vegas. There Carol and I visited a porn shop. I had never visited one before. The closest I had ever been was a magazine shop that had a back section of nudist and soft porn magazines. There, greasy old men looked at a mix of bodies. The smell of cigar hung in the air.

We were looking at toys. She had some plan in her head. I was to pick out a dildo. The choice was a real looking uncut cock. I laughed nervously. We left the lights of the city after visiting a few casinos and their shops. Carol and I were shoppers.

The night's stay on the border of Nevada and Arizona in a small desert casino town brought violation. The mirrored room, showed multiple reflections of me on all fours and the blonde haired woman behind me forcing a hard silicon cock in my ass. She pushing hard, caused the rubbery thing it to spring violently inside of me. I begged her to take it easy. The morning brought a drive of sore sitting. The months ahead was dominated by a quest for information. Watching how-to CDs and porn. There was the testing of lubes looking for the right one that matched our new sexual expression.

I traded this story with my friend.