Donna joins the threesome. XXX Images

The flight, the first encounter, the cruise continues.

High cheekbones and soft full lips provided a perfect compliment to her jade green eyes. Her one piece of jewelry was a double Celtic knot, which rested just below the hollow at the base of her throat from a simple leather cord. As pleasing as she was, there was one small detail that made the other women smile; she was already neatly and freshly shaven.

"Bathe first, then you'll be taken to The Master," the first woman said. Taking Raven's clothes and purse, she walked silently from the room.

At the far end of the dressing room was an open archway, which led to the bathing area. Raven followed the other two women to the warm bath which waited. With a sigh of pleasure, she lowered herself into the large round tub.

Just as this room was fashioned after the bathing rooms of ancient Rome, with the mosaic tile work and large sunken tub, so too were the bathing techniques. Raven turned around to see her attendants sliding into the water with her. One girl reached for the sponge and the other a small container of liquid soap.

"Please sit," the woman with the soap requested, motioning to the ledge behind Raven. Taking a step back, she lowered herself, the water coming to just above her hips. The woman with the sponge stepped close and began to gently wet her soft skin. The other woman poured a small amount of the lavender scented soap into her hands, then with delicate touch she began to spread it over Raven's trim body. Her companion laid the sponge aside and moved to help. With a small shiver, Raven relaxed into the delicious sensation of four hands working the soap into a lather on her upper body.

Their clever fingers moved over every inch of her skin, stroking, and caressing; unintentionally heightening her desire. Not the slightest detail was missed; her sensitive skin throbbed as her ecstasy rose and caused her to forget about the reason for the bath. Through the haze of passion, she became aware of the soft abrasiveness of sponges being stroked over her arms, shoulders, breasts and finally her hard, throbbing nipples. With a sharp gasp of surprise, her body tensed as her climax hit her. With soft moans and cries she rode the delicious sensations to the end. Her head back and her eyes closed, she missed the knowing smiles exchanged by her attendants.

When her climax had subsided, they helped her from the bath without giving her a chance to recover. The soft towels they used to dry her only heightened her desire. When her attendants were satisfied their Master would be pleased, they took her by the hand and led her to Him. The trio entered a large room softly lit and lavishly appointed. Women of every description were reclining comfortably, some in pairs sensuously wrapped around each other, others sitting by themselves. Most of them were gathered around the one man in the room, all nude and shaven and all wearing small lockets on chains around their necks.

"This is it," she thought as she was led to stand in front of him.

He looked her up and down as she stood before him, seemingly examining every square inch of her body. At a signal from him, her attendants slowly made her turn so that he could examine all of her front and back. When she was facing forward again, he motioned to her attendants and they stepped away and assumed a seated position near him.

"These are the rules of my household," he said,

"1. You must always do exactly as I command you to. No discussion or argument. If anything I command you to do could cause you harm or endanger yourself or others you are allowed to apprise Me of this. This is the only exception to this rule."

"2. You will ALWAYS call Me Master. No other name or descriptive will you utter.

"3. You will always come to Me nude and shaven. A part of your morning ablutions will be to shave yourself to remove any stubble."

"4. You will not leave this house without Me or orders from Me to do so. You are not a prisoner, you may leave at any time you wish but if you leave on your own you will not be allowed to return."