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Our Chaplain, Monsignore Carlo Maria Farinelli, better known as the Elephant, and La Ross flanked him as he progressed down the line, speaking briefly to each sister. His eyes were grey and emotionless, and it took all my composure not to quiver when he looked me in the eyes. "Sister Mary Francis Xavier," he said blandly, "And what is your ministry here at the Generalate?"

"I'm in charge of the house accounts, purchases of all kinds, and the supervision of the grounds and maintenance."

"So how many employees do you supervise?"

"Just two, your Eminence. Rocco Salvatore our groundskeeper and Mavis Hazelton our cook and housekeeper."

"Yes, the handsome young man seems in need of some very strict supervision." His eyes glinted momentarily before a thought dulled them. "Housekeeper? Why do you need a housekeeper?"

"Ah, she's my housekeeper, Eminence," Monsignore Elephant cut in. "I pay part of her salary myself, and she \takes care of my apartment as well as cooking for all. The sisters take care of their own housecleaning as much as they are able."

The Cardinal's head nodded gravely, an eyebrow raising in question as he reached out to touch my chin with his index finger. "It seems you bear a resemblance to our distinguished Mother Superior, and you are from the same country. Are you related?"

"Yes, Eminence. Mother Superior Mary Rufus is my aunt, my mother's sister." Which is literally true: Patricia Parkhurst-Frazleton is my legal female parent, which would make Barbara Parkhurst-Frazleton (Mother Mary Rufus) my aunt even though she is my birth mother. The Cardinal didn't need to know the real relationship between us.

The Prince of the Church continued: "Will you have your books ready for me later today?"

"Yes, your Eminence."

"Good. I will be at your office at 1730." He moved down the line and spoke to Sister Juliana, but she was so frightened she could only warble simple yes and no answers to his questions. Nothing changed in the Cardinal's expression: I figured he was used to making people want to wet their knickers.

After lunch, La Rossa took me to my office and grilled me about the books for an hour before she was satisfied I was ready. It was 1400 before Sister Juliana and I were nude in our rooftop loungers for our regular siesta in the sun. The day had grown very warm, and my skin tingled as a breeze wandered over it from time to time. Sister Juliana was in a blissful realm of her own, her skin glistening with sun lotion, her lips in a relaxed smile and her eyes closed.

We dared spend only an hour before returning to our clothes and our work. I was scouring the Internet for the latest news when the Cardinal entered my office with La Rossa in his wake.

A slight smile played on his lips as he took my seat to look through my ledgers. A forced frown replaced it quickly, and he looked through the pages methodically, touching his index finger to his mouth occasionally. La Rossa watched impassively, keeping a poker face, and tapping her fingers against her arm, a sign of her nerves. I stood quietly, shifting my weight from foot to foot

He finished the last book and looked at me over my own desk. "Tell me, Sister Mary Francis Xavier, where do you purchase the food for the Generalate?"

"I purchase it at the local markets here in Rome, your Eminence."

"The supermarkets?"

"No, your Eminence. I go to the markets where the produce comes in directly from the countryside and the docks. Everything I can't purchase there, I buy through a co-operative."

"Your expenses are far less than I expected them to be. Why don't you economize more, and contract directly with a local wholesaler?"

"Your Eminence, I am very particular about the quality of food my sisters have on their table. In spite of our simple fare, I feel it essential for our good health and wellbeing that we buy fresh and I inspect each item personally."

"Commendable, sister, Commendable. And your cook, Mrs. Mavis Hazleton, how do you justify adding her salary?"