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Lola is ravished by a burglar.


"Thanks," Katelyn replied. "I'd throw that thing out the minute Colin was out of his room. It's so sexist and ugly."

"He's not so crazy about you either," I said. Dick's frown looked even fiercer than before if that were possible. "You're welcome to stay out of my room whenever you're here so you won't have to look at each other." Katelyn stuck her tongue out at me. She started gabbing about inconsequential things with Mom and they both wandered out of my room toward the kitchen. I sighed deeply. I still couldn't believe what happened here just a few minutes before and what was going to happen before my sister showed up. Maybe it was good Katelyn showed up when she did...or maybe not. My prick was still rock hard and very uncomfortable. What the hell was going to do to relieve myself? I wasn't intimate with any girls I knew and I spent all my ready cash on Dick so I couldn't even hire a hooker.

Katelyn is older than me by about two years. She attends a local state college only five miles away. It would be cheaper for her live at home and commute but she insisted on having an apartment and my parents kind of spoil her. Setting up her own place hasn't stopped her from continuing to use anything here she wants and to steal groceries from the pantry also. She's quite pretty but not a knock-out beauty.

I was called to lunch but I begged off and stayed in my room. I'd lost my appetite anyway. I fell off into a restless sleep. My dreams were filled with images of my prick spitting fountains of sperm-filled semen into the cunts and mouths of willing females. I felt the mattress shift and opened my eyes to find my naked mother straddling my waist. "Mom?" I knew what she was there for and I wasn't going to stop her. The only thing I was worried about was...

"Don't worry about Katelyn," Mom said as if reading my mind. "I offered to do her laundry for her so she took herself to the mall." Mom exposed one-eyed Jack and positioned herself. We gasped simultaneously as we coupled. "Poor baby," she soothed. "You were suffering weren't you? Do you want it, fast or slow?"

"Anyway you want," I replied and closed my eyes again to enjoy the delicious friction as Mom bounced herself up and down on my prick. The feeling was delicious and I knew I wouldn't last long. In fact, it seemed like I barely started before I was ready to finish. Still, I felt obligated to warn what was about to happen just in case she wasn't protected. "I...I'm gonna cum, Mom," I gasped.

"Do it," Mom replied. "Don't worry about me." Well, I couldn't have stopped even if she had begged me not to at that point so I just let go and dumped a huge wad of cum inside her. It was a lot. I was so relieved when I felt my prick finally go down that the gravity of what my mother and I had done stayed in the back of my mind. The guilt didn't begin to creep in until Mom lay down beside me while we caught our breaths.

"I'm sorry, Mom," I began. "I...I don't know what got into me." I didn't know what got into her either.

"It was Master's will," she replied.

"What are you talking about, Mom? I'm not your master." Did she think I was controlling her mind?

"Of course you're not Master, Colin. Master is...Master. You'll come to know him soon. He's taking care of everything. Don't worry your head about anything."

"But who is Master?" I persisted. Mom just smiled mysteriously and didn't reply. This was really freaking me out. The day had started out weird and it was just getting weirder; a boner that wouldn't go away, a strange voice in my head, my own mother seducing me and now she was telling me about acting under some unknown master's will. I decided to try again.

"Mom, something weird is going on around here. I've been hearing a strange voice in my head since this morning. Have you been hearing a voice too? Is Master talking to both of us?"

"Master instructs me but not in words.

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