Forgoing candles & dinner, a new way to his heart. XXX Images

After a coma he finds he has a new ability.

He also told Dwayne a couple of times to hold her steady. Five or so minutes later, and to everyone's surprise, she was taking the whole thing in her cunt. All you could hear on each down thrust from Tracy was a loud, "AH!" You could also see her toes curl on each thrust over and over again.

All of the guys would make comments while this was going on. Ed would be directing the camera angles and scenes.

Things like, "This bitch is amazing.....look at that cunt, looks like it is going to rip any second now......I've never had a bitch take the whole thing", were said by all of the guys.

Hearing this just made me proud knowing that she was built to fuck and fucking is exactly what I had her doing. Tracy was the perfect wife. She could cook, clean, and be a loving wife. Tracy could also fuck like the best of any whore.

Tony then told Dwayne that he wanted to finish with the bitch first. Dwayne pulled his dick out of her mouth and Tony rolled her over on all fours. Before Tony stuck his dick back into my wife's cunt, Ed got a close up of her gapping cunt. Tony then stuck his dick all the way in on one thrust causing my wife to scream. He then grabbed her hair, pulled her head back like he was riding a horse, and just fucked the shit out of her until he blew his load deeper into her cunt then any load had ever reached before.

When he pulled out, she just fell on the bed as if she was dead. Ed got another close up of her cunt and a good shot of the huge amount of cum now running out of her cunt.

Dwayne, who was rock hard and really for his turn, just lifted her ass back up in the air and sank his huge cock into her cunt in one thrust.

All my wife could say was, "Oh god!"

Dwayne did just like Tony had. He slammed his cock in and out of her cunt just as hard if not harder then Tony. His black cock was soon totally white from Tony's cum but he just smiled and pounded away until he too dumped his load into my wife.

When Dwayne pulled out, Ed and the guys rolled her over to get some more close up's of her cunt. Man, her cunt was covered in cum from the two loads that the guys dumped inside and out. You could also look up into her gaping hole and see a river of cum running out of her.

Tony and Dwayne said that they needed a break to recover and to clean some of the sweat off before they had another turn. Ed's two helpers thou asked if they could have their turn? Ed didn't even bother to ask Tracy, or me and just said, "Sure go ahead."

One guy just sat on her stomach and wrapped her big tits around his cock, and the other just shoved his dick down her throat. Ed then passed the video camera to me while he grabbed the camera and told me to just keep shooting. While the two guys didn't last long, both of us just kept filming the scene with my wife receiving two loads of cum all over her face, tits, hair, and into her mouth. She now was a mess at both ends.

Tony and Dwayne then told the guys to get off; it was their turn again.

I said, "I'll get some towels to clean her up."

But the guys said, "Clean her up.....No way man! We like the way the bitch looks and we're going to fuck her just like that!"

I looked at my wife again. Her face was just covered in cum. She couldn't even open one eye and barely open the other. There was cum dripping down off of her face onto her tits, and cum dripping from her tits onto her stomach. The front of her cunt was just covered in cum and she still had some cum leaking out of her very used and fucked cunt. Ed and the guys had her sit up on the bed and told her to clean her eyes with her fingers and then eat it the cum. She did just that while the filming kept going on. Tony then had her stand up, turn around, and bend over.

He said, "Now we're going to have a workout on the ass of yours!"

He walked up to her, grabbed that monster cock of his, and thrust the whole thing into her cunt in one thrust causing her to scream out loud again.