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A medieval fantasy of a maiden's travails. XXX Video

New Arrivals at Killian's Cabin.

"That's too bad isn't it," she said laughing as she knelt on the floor in front of me.

Kath grabbed my shorts and pulled them down and off me, she then moved and knelt astride me on the sofa and leaned against me.

"I like to tease and be teased as well, so what I want you to do is put your hands behind your back and don't move them, for the next few minutes I can touch you but you can't touch me," she whispered in my ear.

I put my hands behind my back and Kath leaned back away from me but she was still knelt up astride me, she undid her bra and slid it off her shoulders, her tits were small but her nipples were quite large and were erect, she then reached out and picked up the wine glass, she took a drink from it and then put two fingers into the glass and swirled the wine round the glass with them.

Kath took her fingers out of the glass and put them against my lips before sliding them into my mouth, I sucked hard on her wine covered fingers before she slid them back out of my mouth , she them leaned forward and pushed her moth against mine, she kissed me hard her tongue pushing into my mouth I responded and it was difficult to kiss with my hands still behind my back, she was in control of it and it was something I hadn't experienced before.

Kath broke off the kiss and leaned away from me again she still had the wine glass in her hand and again she dipped her fingers into it, this time she wet her fingers and rubbed wine over one of my nipples, she bent her head down and I felt her lick the wine off me nipple, she licked and sucked on it as her thumb rubbed over my other nipple. She wet her fingers once more and again rubbed wine onto my nipple and licked and sucked at it, my cock was fully hard and I was really getting horny, I hadn't had this kind of experience before and I knew that this was only the start of it, I felt more horny than I did with Jim.

I could feel my cock pressing against her thong and she felt it as well as she started to rub the crotch of her thong against my cock head, I felt like I was going to cum as she rubbed it over my cock faster, she pulled away and moved onto the floor, she pushed my legs apart and knelt between them, her hands rubbed up and down my inner thighs, she bowed her head down and I felt her kissing the top of my leg she moved to the inside of my leg, her tongue gliding over my skin until she reached my crotch where she stopped and did the same to the other leg, her teasing was making me horny and I was aching to feel my cock inside her mouth.

Kath reached out for the wine glass once more there was only a little wine left in the glass and I watched as she tipped the wine over the tip of my cock, I jumped a little as the wine was cold as it landed on my skin, she put the glass back on the table and looked at me and smiled before her head lowered to between my legs I felt her licking around the base of my cock Her tongue continued running around my cock, I was close to begging her to suck me but just when I thought she was going to tease me more I felt her tongue on the shaft of my cock she run her tongue up and down it as she tasted the wine she had poured over me, she then flicked her tongue over the head of my cock before I felt it slide into her mouth, she started to suck me slow and I gave out a moan every time my cock went fully into her mouth. Her sucking got faster and I wasn't sure how long I could hold on before my cock would start to pump cum into her mouth, she pulled away and stood up.

"I think I have got you horny enough now so let's see how good you are at teasing and getting me horny," Kath said as she sat next to me on the sofa.

"I think it would be better if you were lying down," I suggested to Kath.

"You learn fast," she said as she lay down on the sofa with her hands behind her back.

I knelt on the floor and looked down at her body, I went to get the wine glass then realised it was empty.

"The bottle is in the kitchen," Kath informed me.

I went into the kitchen grabbed the bottle and went back and once again knelt on the floor next to Ka

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