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I stepped across her body, now squarely facing her, and allowed my cock to slowly slide into her mouth. Her eyes were closed.

"Ms O'Phelan. Look at me," I ordered. Her eyes sprang open, behind those horn-rimmed glasses, the supplication evident in them. I held her gaze in mine as I continued, slowly, to invade her mouth. She had accommodated around three inches of my seven and a half, when she started to gag slightly. I pulled back a little, leaving the head and an additional inch or two of cockmeat in her mouth.

"Take off your skirt, please." She lifted her hips, and wriggled the garment off of her legs. Her eyes continued to plead with me, her humiliation at being mastered so easily at war with her arousal. I maintained my position in her mouth, rocking back and forth a little so that she would feel the movement. I glanced down and was pleased to see that her nylons were thigh highs. She was wearing a pair of lacy panties that matched her bra. I could see that the panel between her legs was moist, and could smell her desire. I pushed forward once again in her mouth, and this time, she took four inches of my manhood before beginning to gag once more. Again I pulled out some.

"Now your panties, if you will." With a little fear in her pretty blue eyes, she obeyed, lifting her hips once more. Her little pussy now revealed, surrounded with a little thatch of hair as black as those on her head, her submission was almost complete.

"Now, Ms O'Phelan, you will play with yourself while I fuck your mouth." With these words, I pushed into the depths of her mouth, and passed her gag reflex to rest securely in her throat. A tear welled over in her eye, but she gave into the last command, and started to rub her clit while pushing a finger into herself. I began a motion back and forth in her mouth, while an unconscious moaning started vibrating in her chest. Her self-stimulation became more and more frenzied.

"Mmmm... Mmmm..." she hummed around my member, her mouth full to straining. All the while, she kept her eyes locked on mine, straining for the plateau of her arousal. I felt the pressure of the erotic situation building up inside me, and I quickened the pace of my to and fro in her mouth. And now, she started to participate in pleasuring me, her tongue creating suction around the invading member. Her moaning increased, becoming louder and louder.

And then, she crested, her senses overcoming her resistance, the walls around her sexuality crumbling. With a scream around my cock, she arched her back, spasming with her whole body. For minutes, seemingly, she orgasmed, lost in her world, experiencing only the pressure of her fingers and the presence of my cock in her mouth. And then she opened her eyes, and looked at me, the supplication replaced with gratitude, another soft tear escaping the lid of her eye. She deliberately grasped my shaft and began to blow me with passion. I felt my own orgasm build within me, rising from my balls up into my cock, and finally erupting out the head, connecting me with my conquest in a rope of semen caught in her mouth. She pulled off of me for the next several shots, allowing them to spray across her face, hair, and tits, decorating herself in the evidence of her breakthrough.


When June returned that afternoon from her shopping trip, I had in my hand a contract to shoot the new Flirty Girls swimwear line. The rate for the shoot had been more than doubled based on the evidence of my ability to create erotically charged photos that would help sell the items. In addition, Ms O'Phelan had offered a hefty bonus if I used "that stunning young model I saw leaving your apartment this morning." I didn't know how to tell her that that had been no model. She promised to courier the swimwear that day.

June, for her part, had had a highly successful morning shopping, from the looks of the numerous bags and parcels she was carrying as she entered the apartment.