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What would you do to keep love alive? XXX Video

Their rematch has greater consequences.

She looked up at me and smiled; well as much as you can smile with an engorged cock in your mouth. After only a couple of minutes I could tell that something explosive was on its way.

I was unsure of the etiquette in this situation but it felt right to tell her that a package was imminent.

"Ah Briar, things are going to get ah messy. Ah real soon, if you ah don't stop.

She stopped and looked up at me with a furrow in her brow. She looked sort of determined.

"Good" she said firmly and redoubled her efforts. Well that did it. My vision went sort of grey and I started pulsing into her mouth. She started making squeaking sounds but didn't remove her mouth as I thought she would. I slowly went soft and I slipped from her mouth. It was evident from the shape of her mouth and cheeks that she was holding my come in her mouth. She looked me in the eye, swirled her tongue around her mouth and very deliberately swallowed. She looked down and shook her head like a wet dog does and then looked up at me with a big smile on her face.

"I have never let anyone come in my mouth before. I was always afraid of the taste. But yours was good" She moved up onto the bunk with me and snuggled into my side. I pulled the sleeping bag over us and wondered what to do next.

I timidly raised my hand to her chest and began to tentatively stroke her breasts through the cotton. I was unsure as to whether this advance would be welcomed but when she started to unbutton the front of her nightdress I knew I was on friendly ground. As I brushed over her petite breast my fingers were surprised by her nipples. There were as hard as the rubber on the end of a pencil! I gave them an experimental tweak and was rewarded by a deep moan. Her head was snuggled into my neck and she raised it up to my ear and whispered. "I know my bust is small. I am sorry they aren't bigger for you but where you are touching me now is verrry sensitive."

Taking this as approval, I continued to tease and caress her, playing special attention to my little erasers. She had by now lifted one leg up and over my thigh and was slowly grinding against me. She still had her panties on but this did not seem to make any difference. I started sucking her ear lobe which one thing that I knew girls liked. I was winging it but my instincts seemed good so far. After another deep kiss I decided on a new course of advance. I raised myself up on an elbow and lowered my mouth to a nipple. I started a firm steady sucking which was interspersed with long licks. I alternated between her nipples. I was very happy in my work. Her writhing against me redoubled. One of her arms was trapped against me but the free one had been roaming over my chest. It stated an inexorable journey lower until she found a very much rejuvenated erection.

"My goodness. I didn't know a man could get hard again so soon."

I was delirious with pride. She had called me a man!"

I put my hand to her face, laying it gently on her check and then kissed her deeply as if in gratitude. I continued to administer to her breasts and was rewarded with a firmer grip on my now aching erection. Her hand began jerking up and down on my cock quite vigorously now and she was rubbing her crotch against my thigh in an equally determined fashion.

She began a sort of chant, "oh God, oh God, oh God... It's going to happen... It's going to happen... Here it comes... comes..."

She convulsed against me and nearly strangled my cock. Wow. The female orgasm. I knew the theory behind it but always had the impression that is was more of a subtle, gentle experience. How na__ve was I! She was still gasping but looked up at me with a look that could be described as fatigue mixed with serenity.

She was panting, "Well... I... certainly... wasn't expecting... that... I never... intended that... we go... this far."

She was still holding my cock and began a gentler stroking.

"But now that we have come this far, we may as well go the whole hog.

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