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Revelations and date night.

"They don't know," she muttered under her breath.


"No one knows!" she cried loudly. "I sneak out! I sneak out, just so I can spend another night next to you. And what do you do? You ask me questions about Paul, you kiss me and treat me like a little girl." She stared hard at him. "I don't want to be a little girl."

"What do you want?" he asked, a little intimidated by the fire he saw in her eyes.

"I want to be your equal," she replied. "I want to be your lover." She emphasized the word "lover" for added effect. She lowered her voice and narrowed her eyes, "I don't want to be Paul's wife." His eyes widened and his hand stilled against her back.

"Has he asked you?" he asked.

"Not yet," she replied quietly. "But that doesn't matter. What matters is that you're as timid as he is. You kiss me with all the passion that you have, but when it comes to going any further you hesitate. You pretend to fall asleep or you shoo me out your door."

"Well what do you want me to do?" he asked. "Take your..." he cut himself off before he could go any further.

"Come on," she begged as she slipped her hand below the sheet covering the two of them. She ran her hand over his groin and kissed the cleft in his chin.

He had considered it dozens, if not hundreds, of times in passing moments during the day, when he was with her and when she was no where nearby. He dreamt about fucking her in every position that he could dream up, but when it came to actually performing, she was right. He was terrified of scaring her away, being too rough or simply not measuring up to the standards he could only imagine she was formulating in her mind.

"I can't," he murmured.

"Why not?" she asked. She draped her leg over his and ran her knee along the inside of his thigh.

"I can't be your first," he replied.

"Why? I'm supposed to save it? Protect it like a deep, dark secret?" she asked. "That's bullshit."

He couldn't help but chuckle in regards to her sentiments, "No, but..."

"But what?" she interrupted. "If I'd lied and told you a couple weeks ago that I was experienced in all of this, you wouldn't have given it a second thought. We would have done it right there and then." He nodded thoughtfully. "Come on James..." she rubbed her hand over his groin again and brought her lips to his ear. "I want you to be the first."

He instantly grew hard from the words that she'd uttered and the way that she'd said them with her breath hot against his jaw. He turned his head to hers and kissed her. He closed his eyes tightly to seal the words and the moment in his mind. His hands desperately roamed the expanse of her back and when she slipped her tongue past his, he mustered up the courage to slip a hand beneath her panties and trace the line between her buttocks with the tips of his finger. He pulled her as close as he could and she slipped a knee over his own and began to subtly grind against the top of his thigh.

She broke her lips away from his and slowly began her descent. She ran the tip of her tongue down the length of his neck, planted a small kiss on his collarbone, lightly swept her fingernails across his chest and circled a nipple with her lips. He expected her to stop there and kiss him on the lips again, but she went lower. She buried her nose against his stomach and hooked her fingers around the waist of his underpants and pulled them down. His cock sprang free from the cotton and she wrapped her hand tightly around the shaft.

"Rose, you don't have to..." he reassured, planning to offer a different suggestion before his voice was caught in his throat as she cautiously ran her tongue along the circumference of the head. She smiled deviously and all he managed to say was a soft, "Oh fuck..." before he trailed off and she took him entirely into her mouth.

"You really don't.