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Kyle the guinea pig.

Sorry, I really didn't." That's when he smelled a scent coming from her. It was a nice odor. He wanted to ask, but he didn't. However he did breathe in through his nostril a second time and third time faintly.

She heard them, smiled delightfully as she stood up, and walked to her sink for a fetch of water. "Your parents pay good money for me to tutor you, don't they Willy? I bet we can arrange for something other then a monetary exchange in my services. I have some work in the house, which is difficult for me and if you'd assist me with that, I'd be more then happy to reduce what they're paying. Maybe I can call them and see what they think. What do you think about that Willy?"

"I don't mind. They've helped me out a lot and kept me out of trouble many times. I guess it wouldn't hurt. What kind of work?"

"May I show you? I have some shelving units I've bought, but I don't think I'm able to put them together. They are in my bedroom. Would you like to take a look shortly?"

"Sure, umm, I guess."

"Umm, well I'll have to clear some stuff out. Why don't you work on this and I'll get the clothes cleared out. First I'll call them in my room and when I'm ready, I'll call you, okay?"

She went in her bedroom, cleaned out her closets, and called Willy's dad and he thought it was a great idea. She agreed to a fifty percent reduction if Willy would do some ongoing work and stuff for her. All of it seemed perfectly innocent to Wills dad and agreed to the arrangement. Mrs. Carrick was happy. Laying out all the clothes she had hung up, there was some lingerie she hung up too that she particularly liked but never wore. She left it out in plain sight so he might see it. Hopefully he'd like hat he saw.

She called him in. He came in hoping there wasn't any trickery. She was fully dressed like when he first came in. He saw the shelving cabinets. He looked at the instructions, pulled open the box and within 15 minutes had it all put together. She was impressed.

"Wow, that's amazing Willy. What you did was incredible. I couldn't have done that so easily. I wish I could repay you. Oh I am repaying you by tutoring you. She laughed at herself. There's one more still and that goes on the other side."

She forgot to pull out the new remaining lingerie she wanted to wear soon to the club she was going to visit that week. When she opened it up a couple of camisoles hung up in full view and he stared at them dumbfounded; he didn't know what to make of them. He did but they caught him off guard, they took her by surprise, and she wished he saw them, but not like that. He looked longer then she expected, but finally turned and looked at her. He didn't know what to say or how to react.

"Umm, do you want to take those out?"

Quickly and slyly she said, "No that's okay, go ahead and take them off and lay them on the bed; it's alright. I don't mind." She kept a straight face.

"Umm do you wear that stuff actually?" He was intrigued. He was curious. This woman, 34 years of age, and a mentor so to speak unbeknownst to Willy began coming on to him slowly but surely.

"Uhhh here Willy, smiling spryly, let me have that. I'm sorry you didn't need to see something like that. Yes, yes I do wear things like that. If you don't mind, it makes me feel like a real woman. What do you do to make yourself feel like a real man? Is there something you do to feel and behave like a mature young man? A man who wants to know he's liked as a man, a mature adult?"

She was beginning to lay it on thick. He stood there in her bedroom, holding the box with the shelving unit, and considering her question. "Like what do you mean? Such as what Mrs. Carrick, like what stuff do you mean?"

"Well I think you begin to behave as a gentleman by talking more discreetly not to just other females, but other men.