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She seemed so different, but was she? XXX Video

A brief extract of an evening with my submissive lover.

Maybe he was a crack baby? Or worse? Maybe he is already addicted to the stuff? These questions go unanswered as Mario steps in to a hallway clad in dark brown fake wood which cover the sheetrock and supporting studs. The carpet beneath his feet is soft even through the loafers and its' bright red clashes with the dark wood but Mario never thinks about such things.

Taking the door handle of a dark brown oak door he twists the handle and pushes the door open, beckoning for Daniel to follow him, which he does after a short pause.

A woman with a full head of long white hair sits on the couch centered almost perfectly in the room and facing away from an unused, windowless wall. The first reaction to grace that seemingly perfect face is one of mild satisfaction that Mario has returned so soon, the second is disgust at what he is dragging along behind him.

"What the hell is that, and what is it dripping all over my floor?" Judging from her face you could say she soon realizes what "it" is dripping all over her floor.

The once beautiful face scrunches up in disgust and she brings her hand up to hold her nose closed against the stench.

Mario turns to look at her as he motions Daniel towards the bathroom hidden behind a solid oak door. "What does it look like? It's a kid; you said you always wanted one didn't you?" A sly grin plays on his lips as Mario waits for the exaggerated reaction he knows is coming.

"A kid? A Kid! That isn't a kid! It's a street urchin! It's dripping with filth! How could you bring something like that in to our house?"

Mario hold up his hands and waves them down in a subtle manner as he tries to get the woman to quiet down, knowing the young kid is hearing every word.

"Shut up would you? He's right there in the bathroom, he can hear every word, besides, he's a good kid and you know you're going to fall in love with him once he's all cleaned up."

"Mario! This isn't some stray puppy you're bringing home! It's a person! What if somebody is looking for him huh? What are you going to do when its parents come looking for him and slap abduction charges on you? You of all people should know how things are these days, there are pedophiles everywhere and they're going to think you are one!"

Mario only shakes his head in response to her loud lecture and steps past her to sit down. The leather couch creaks slightly with the sudden weight as Mario falls down on it, trying only to think of some way to combat the loud debate that is still echoing in his mind. Mario knew for sure that he couldn't just say "I like his eyes" without sounding like a pedophile.

"The kid has promise, I can tell, now will you drop this? He needs a home and I'm going to give it to him."

The look in Mario's' eyes is that of pure determination and the woman's mouth opens for a moment but soon shuts with a "humph" and she falls on to a couch cushion next to Mario.

"You know Alice; you can sometimes be the most understanding woman in the world, when you're not being a complete bitch." With a playful laugh he leans in close and presses his lips to her own in a deep kiss, their tongues entwining and a quiet moan escaping Alice's lips.

Daniel stands quietly in the bathroom, their words had gone unheard, drowned out by the images flashing past his minds eye. The scenes of blood and torn flesh racing through his mind as if it were all happening again and Daniel's eyes widen in horror as he watches everything over again.

New images flood in to his mind, those images depicting the brutal slaughter of two nurses and three security guards, those images he had missed while he was cowering in the back of the beasts mind.

Falling to the floor Daniel begins to cry quietly, the hot tears streaming down his face until the fall to the floor and begin to pool up.

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