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An erotic fanfic.

"Lay me down and fuck me again Fred. Have you got any more sperms? You can shoot them into me and then we can go into the pool! Is that good?"

Fred lowered Maria to a lounger with a little difficulty, as she was now beginning to feel a little heavy despite her slight figure. They could now resume and he began to shaft her cunt again. He opened his eyes to see Mary on the other lounger, frigging her pussy with two fingers. Her eyes were closed and her back was arched. She was obviously approaching a climax.

Watching Mary invigorated Fred's cock. He began to thrust firmly into Maria Elena again and she in turn gripped his cock hard with her cunt muscles. In a short time Fred was grunting as he delivered spunk again. Maria felt his hot seed and collapsed into another mind searing climax, sobbing and squirming on the hot hard shaft buried deep inside her.

As they finally began to wind down from that emotional high Fred summoned strength and stood, lifting Maria, still impaled on his cock.

"How was that, little one?" he panted into her ear. "I don't know about you but that has to be one of the most incredible things that has ever happened to me. It's not over yet either; just look at Mary!"

Maria turned her head to see Mary writhing in ecstasy on the other lounger. She saw them watching her as she sucked her cum coated fingers. She smiled.
"That was fantastic, my darlings! I just hope that Fred can fuck me like that on our wedding night, should we ever get that far! Now I have to piss!"

Mary parted her thighs and started to eject her pee in a firm solid stream. Fred and Maria laughed in delight.

"Ready?" he whispered to her.

"Ready? What am I to be ready for, my dearest Fred?"

"This," said Fred and, still with his cock deep inside Maria, fell backwards into the pool!

Now that did separate them! When they surfaced they laughed and kissed again. Mary was standing at the edge of the pool, laughing too.

Fred looked up at her.

"You're dripping piss darling," he called. Sure enough, there were still a few drops emanating from Mary's crack.

"I'll soon stop that," she called and dived neatly into the pool.

The three lovers enjoyed their dip but were soon sitting back on the naya enjoying a coffee.

"Stay to lunch Maria," said Fred but was still slightly relieved when Maria refused.

"No, I must not stay away from my mother for too long," she giggled. "She will be thinking that I am getting myself into trouble with boys, or even men!!"

Then she looked serious and stood, her beautiful naked body looking so young and defenceless before them.

"I must thank you Fred, my darling friend, for taking my virginity so well and so thoroughly. I did not expect to really enjoy it the first time but it was fantastic! I loved it! I love fucking! To lose my virginity and to orgasm twice was the most fantastic thing for me. I love you!"

Maria climbed on to Fred's lap, put her arms around his neck and kissed him long and hard. His cock rose again like a flagstaff! Maria took it in her hands again.

"There you are Mary," she giggled again as she stood and released her grip. "He is almost ready to make love to you!"

She gave Mary a big kiss and a hug, gave them both a little wave and went into the house to dress. Within five minutes she was back. One more quick kiss each and she was trotting across the forecourt to the gates. A quick fondle of Prince's ears and she was gone.

Fred looked across at Mary. He took hold of his thick firm cock.

"Bed?" he questioned.

Mary didn't reply. She just winked at him and went into the villa.


Fred and Mary had a great fucking afternoon! Fred had followed Mary down to his bedroom to find her with her head down on his pillow and her bottom in the air. She had already felt through her legs to show him two fingers in her cunt and one in her arsehole!

"Fuck my arse Fred!" she commanded him. "I want to feel totally wanton and abused. I want you to come up my arse with your lovely hot spunk. Have you got any left?"

Fred was soon pressed up