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Talos forgives a girl. XXX Video

the reward a sissy lives for

I reach down my leg and remove my high heel. I put my foot down and repeat the process with the other shoe.

Then, feeling bold and sexy by how you look at me, I raise my leg again and place my foot on your hard thigh. I reach out and grab your hands and smooth them up my leg to the top of my stocking so I can hook your fingers in the band and help you guide the sheer fabric down my leg.

You take your eyes from my body for just a minute, pausing to look deep into my eyes. Then, you follow my lead, pulling at the sheer fabric, sliding it down my smooth thighs and over my knee. You lean forward, kissing the skin it has left exposed before you reach over and do the same to the next leg. Your mouth on my skin makes me gasp. You pitch my stockings into the growing pile of clothes on the floor.

I cradle your head in my hands as I kiss you. I can't wait any longer to taste you and feel your hot tongue in my mouth. As I lean over you and my hands move into your hair and along your shoulders, I feel your hands playing gently with my breasts, making me moan into you. Then your hands move around to my back and go down to grip my ass through my panties. Your fingers dig it at my hips and force the fabric down. I break the kiss to step out of them, and then I see your hard, thick cock straining for release. I pull you up from the chair and remove the rest of your clothes. I rub your thighs as my tongue darts out to lick the tip of your cock and then take you in my mouth, closing my eyes and moaning as you fill me. I run my mouth over your thick length and use my tongue to lap at the tip.

You throw your head back as I take you in my mouth. Moans escape you as my tongue pushes against the underside of your throbbing member. One hand moves from my breast to thread your fingers into through my hair, then come to a rest on the back of my head as you guide my mouth farther and farther down your cock. My head bobs up and down and your cock throbs at every pull. You moan and gasp. I love hearing those sounds from your mouth. I love making you want to lose control. Suddenly, you pull me off your cock and carry me to the bed, laying me on my back. You start to kiss my thighs before moving your lips to my glistening sex. My breathing becomes heavy as I wait for the sensation I know is coming; my hands reach up to knead my breasts and pinch my erect nipples. You kiss gently at first, barely touching your lips to my skin, making me squirm to try and get your mouth on my most sensitive area. Your lips form a smile before you stick out your tongue and agonizingly slowly lick from bottom to top, stopping to put a little pressure on my swollen clit.

My back arches and I moan as your tongue finds my hardened clit. I dig my fingers into your hair as you continue to lick around my dripping pussy. You lick and suck and gently nipple around my swollen lips until my head is thrashing about and my breath is coming in quick pants, making my breasts bounce. We make eye contact as your tongue slides over my clit and you take it in your mouth and suck. My moans become loud cries and my hips buck as I lift off the bed at the sensation. I can hardly stand it. I can feel the orgasm building quickly, but I still need you in me. I reach down and pull you up to cover my body. As I pull your head down to push my tongue in your mouth, I whisper, "I need you, baby. I need you to put your cock in me. I need you to cum in me. Please"

You look me in the eyes and give an evil little grin as you position your hard, firm body over me.

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