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Watching my best friend with her new love.

"Then again if the sounds you make are any indication, maybe love has nothing to do with it... Let me guess, you're expecting another visit tonight?" She smirked, feeling both vindicated and self-disgusted in equal measure.

After a moment of considerate silence Marcella cleared her throat and spoke calmly. "Baby." She wiped away a tear that had formed at the corner of her left eye. "I can't pretend to understand how you must feel. I know you don't trust me and I can't blame you for that. But," She paused long enough to sniffle and take a deep breath. "I am telling you the truth when I say that I believe Baduro is a very dangerous man. The less you know the safer you will be."

Olivia nodded thoughtfully. True to form, her mother hadn't really told her anything, aside from the fake name she'd made up for her brutish alias. "Baduro." She repeated softly. It was actually the first time she'd said it out loud, and although it was an accident she did notice a certain sinister quality to its character. She met her mother's eyes once more, defiant, but also deceptively plaintive. "But what if I don't want to be... safe?"
Her mother went through an interesting chromatic fluctuation, first her strikingly dark skin paling slightly and then flushing a vivid pink. She shifted uneasily in her chair, while her daughter struggled to keep a straight face. Honestly she wasn't trying to be provocative, rather she was merely being vague in the hopes that it would get her mom to reveal something, anything really, about her true feelings for 'Baduro'.

"Filha." Her mother said sternly, her mouth straightening into a hard thin line. "It is a mother's instinct to protect her child, even from herself." Olivia blinked, unable to determined if Marcella's words contained some kind of veiled threat, or if she was talking about her own unpredictable urges. The intensity of Marcella's expression made her blood run cold, Olivia couldn't work up the nerve to ask again. Instead she took her last bite of pancake.

Feeling the need to lighten the mood she forced a smile and set down her fork. "Alright, you win. I've always wanted to see what it feels like." She paused, grinning internally at her own clever wordplay. "You know, wearing a thong." She clarified, unable to endure her mother's anxious blank expression a moment longer. Marcella laughed in relief, snorting adorably.

"Follow me." Marcella said softly, as she abruptly got up from the table and walked nonchalantly towards her bedroom. Olivia didn't spurn the invitation, jumping up almost as quickly, and matching her mother's casual unconcerned gait. She tried to keep her eyes level but found them precipitously dropping as Marcella's mesmerizing movements captured her imagination. Olivia sighed somewhat sadly as they reached their destination.

Marcella reached forward with both hands and pulled the top drawer of her bureau fully open. It slid smoothly outward to reveal several narrow columns formed by clear dividers, each was fully loaded with a colorful assortment of carefully folded panties. This was the first time Olivia had seen the inside of her mother's underwear drawer, and it was nothing at all like she had expected. Seemingly lost in her own little world, Marcella trailed her hand sensually down one of the columns, touching each article in turn.

"I don't really wear most of these any more." She murmured. The room fell silent as she continued to stare raptly into the dazzling kaleidoscope of texture and color. Her expression communicated a remote sadness, but also something harder to identify. Perhaps a smoldering ember of opulence that could easily be fanned into an inferno of lust and ecstasy. "My treasures." She sighed, the momentary flash of excitement blinking out.