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Two couples enjoy a night of shared sex!

He was as lost to my mouth as I was to his hand when he had me on his lap. I methodically ran my mouth over him trying not to rub my teeth on him. He was so big, that was no small feat! My tongue was smashed flat in the bottom of my mouth and up against the underside of his cock. My tongue was crushed by the sheer size of this man. I sucked him and fucked him with my mouth working him to cum as best and as fast as I could. I put both hands on his tight and wonderful rear end. I gripped him hard by both cheeks holding him in place while I did my little sissy girl thing for him. I'd never done this for a man this big. I'd always been able to get most any man's cock all the way into my mouth. I kept thinking I hoped he liked me. And finally I knew that he did.

When he came it was as huge as he is. He spilled out of my mouth and down onto my pretty dress with each spurt. He gushed. I didn't care. I wanted this man so bad, so very bad. I wanted to please him completely. I wanted him all over me.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck...! Yes, that's it...fuck, fuck, hot little bitch...aahhhh..."

He made the noises real men make when they cum on or in a sissy girl like me. He didn't stop. Six huge and powerful spurts, four or five minor spurts after, I was covered with him. He hit the back of my throat so hard with his cum I almost choked. My lipstick was all over him and he had a bright pink ring of it just behind the head of his cock. I remember looking up at him, his cock filling my mouth, staring into his eyes as he looked down at me, his hand petting the side of my face as he dripped in torrents out of my mouth and down my chin.

When he finished with my mouth he reached down and took me by my arm. He pulled me up and off of him. He pulled me up onto his lap again as he sat back onto the bed.

"You are wonderful! I've never had a little sissy girl do that like that, ever. Wonderful!!"

He said that as he kissed my cheek several times. I felt his hand stroke and pet my butt at the top of his leg. I felt his still huge semi erect wet cock under me. I felt his cum all over my chin, down my neck and on the inside of my dress drip down over my right nipple.

"Me? No, you are wonderful. I've never had a man like you. Don't get mad, Daddy. You are like a fire hose. Do you want to get married?"

He laughed as I wiped his cum with my finger off of my face, pushing it into my mouth. I licked my finger as I smiled at him.

"I've been told I'm more like a horse."

I felt his middle finger go to my bare butt. I felt it go up into my cheeks as I sat on his lap, my butt half hanging off his leg just enough for him to access my tight little hole. I felt him probe just at the edge of it.

"I've been told I'm more like a whore."

He laughed. I winked at him as I licked the last of his cum off of my finger.

"You are like a horse. You'll split me in two. I don't think I could get you into me. But oh my, I want to try."

He laughed loud again.

"The record is 5" inches or so into sissy girl I used to see. And she had to work at it. I could get about half of it into her. I want to try for at least 7" with you."

I felt his finger push up into me. I felt him take advantage of the k-y jelly I keep on my little hole, inside of me, when 'playing' at these parties. I winced, whimpered. I felt my little thing stir as his finger entered me. I was completely exposed and naked under my dress, my panties still down around my ankles. His finger slipped up into me almost all the way.

"You're my little whore. And you'd be amazed at how big this tiny little hole can get and still bounce back to its tight normal size after it's used like I like to use a pretty girl like you. It's like fist fucking, I'm told. And I do like to fuck. A lot."

He stared at me.

"I want to fuck you.

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