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This holiday package gets unwrapped a little early. XXX Video

He wanted to watch but it cost him dearly.

Her left hand holding a long dildo, maybe eight inches or so, and fucking it in and out the driver's hole. She was a hot looking blonde with ginormous tits.

It was one of those scenes you see every now and then as a trucker, and that you try to freeze in your memory like a photograph. Virginia squealed and laughed, then the Mercedes zoomed away from us like a distant memory.

"They both looked up at the same time and saw me, I guess us keeping even with them gave it away," Virginia said, stifling a laugh. "But the best was, the blonde looked pissed and started to pull away, her pedal to the metal, and the black haired girl took that dildo out of her pussy, looked back at us, smiled and started sucking on it like it was a dick!"

"Whoah," I said.

"Did you ever do that?" Virginia asked.

"Do what?" I asked.

"You know....used a dildo on another girl."

"Honey, you've GOT to figure I'm a lesbian," I said.

"Yeah, I did," she said. There was a silence for a little while. "So, did you?"

I laughed, and shook my head. "Naah, never really had a relationship that long," I said.

"What's it like?" she asked.


"Bein' a lesbian," she said.

"Honey, are you coming on to me?" I asked. I wouldn't have minded if she was.

"No," she replied, maybe a little too fast. "I was just making conversation."

"Well, I'll answer you anyway," I said. "It's probably a lot like it is for you. Usually getting fucked in the most unpleasant ways, and not getting the good kind of fucking nearly as often as I'd like."
That seemed to satisfy her. We listened to the Sirius for another hour, then she spoke up again.

"So how long you been driving?" Virginia asked, settling in her seat.

"Trucks?" I asked.

"Yeah," she said.

I gave a short laugh. "I've been from Tucson to Tucumcari, Tehachapi to Tonopah. Does that tell you anything?" Virginia looked at me blankly.

"From Linda Ronstadt," I said. Still nothing. "'Willing'?" Still nothing.

"You never heard of Linda Ronstadt, or one of her biggest hits?" I sighed. I could feel old age creeping up, no, galloping up, on me. "Here, I've got a Ronstadt folder on the MP3 player, listen to this." I played the song for her. When it was over, she looked at me.

"That's a beautiful song, I like it" she said. "But it's really sad."

"You think so?" I said.

"Well, yeah! It's all about a trucker's loneliness, isn't it? It sure sounds like it."

"Huh, you know, I've never thought of it quite that way. I've got a whole different image in my head when I hear that song, kinda memorable and kinda sad - but a different kind of sad," I said, smiling a little.

"What's that?" she asked, looking at me curiously. I smiled again. I began my story.

"Back when I was in the Air Force, I was stationed for a time in Tucson at Davis-Monthan AFB. I met a female Lieutenant named Sherilynn Barber who had a friend who was a backup singer in Linda Ronstadt's band. Well, of course the Lieutenant was a lesbian - she's passed on, now, God rest her - she was a real hero, stick around and I'll tell her story sometime - but we were all of us like that, damn closeted - we'd a been kicked out if the government got wind of how we were. I guess times haven't changed much?

Anyway, we were in this singer's apartment in the foothills of the Catalinas, north side of Tucson, drinking red wine and smoking a little dope. She'd been a high school classmate of Linda's, only about fifteen years behind her, but Linda's roots run deep in Tucson, everybody knows her. The girl's name was Katia Hernandez, and this was around December of '95. At the time, I had no idea if the singer was a lez or not, but I sure know she was awful cute. I've got the worst 'gaydar' in the world, y'know.

Sherilynn said she had to get back to her apartment, she said she had an important call to make to some Captain.....I didn't know the captain, but I was damned sure it wasn't a guy! Anyway,

there I was alone with this cute little black-

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