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Ari watches her lover warm up their new friend.

I could not hear her words but all three giggled at her statement.

"Yeah I bet your old man has never fucked you like it!" one of them giggled

"He tries but his cock isn't big enough" she giggled as her words and infidelity sliced through me.

As cutting as the words were I was still hugely aroused. The torment was only adding to my arousal. I sneaked out of the room as the two guys swapped places and began fucking my wife in both of her holes. I left them alone and went to the bar ordering a large whisky to drown my sorrows.

About an hour later my wife appeared looking very flushed but hugely contented.

"Having a good time babe?" I asked Steph openly.

"Come on lets go home. I want my husband all to myself" she smiled in a way that would melt your heart.

We returned home and I never approached her about the evening's events. She did however let me fuck her ass that night, but has never repeated the act since, at least not with me. We made love for hours that night and when we woke in the morning Steph was still wearing her Heels, Stockings and garters. I noticed a couple of love bites on her breasts and one on her neck but I never raised the subject.

We eventually tailed off from the swinging scene when AIDS and other such things came into the lifestyle. We did however have a close circle of friends who we would party with every now and then, but this was slightly unfair as the wives were not that hot and my Steph is an absolute sexual stunner.

It felt as though I was bringing my hot wife along for my friends to fuck, while I got a blowjob from their wives as I watched my beautiful Steph take the cock of every guy in the room at least once. Steph would be drenched in come on these occasions and it was obvious that the other wives were feeling somewhat neglected, but that's understandable as Steph is so fucking hot and I have to be honest here she is an absolute sensation in the sack.

At one of these parties Steph was on top of one of my friends wearing her customary stockings and heels as he fucked her frantically, playing with her gravity defying huge tits. One of our other friends approached from the rear and slid his cock up her ass effortlessly, to the utter shock of the room as she rode both cocks to an orgasm.

When her orgasm subsided she rejoined reality and covered her tracks by saying that was a first and would never happen again.

But the look of delight on her face was betrayal enough. I was humiliated and strangely aroused watching my wife being fucked by two cocks at once, so much so that my own orgasm spewed into the mouth of one of my friend's wife's as she sucked my cock with her back to the action.

When the couples left later that evening, I couldn't help myself and fucked Steph's still tight pussy then finished my lust deep inside her willing ass. The guy's cocks this evening were nowhere near the size and girth of the cocks that fucked her ass the last time, but there was no denying that she loved to be double penetrated and enjoyed immensely the freedom of acting the slut.

All of this occurred a few years back and now to present day.

I was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer and had the small gland removed, which has left me impotent. We no longer indulge in the swinging lifestyle and with my sexual inadequacy I've encouraged Steph to take a lover. She has flatly refused and become very adventurous in the bedroom using Toys, Vibrators and I have fucked her on some occasions wearing a strap on.

My Doctor has prescribed an Injection which is administered twice a month by Steph, where I am injected directly into the penis, which allows me to sustain an erection which Steph puts to good use for her sexual gratification.

My wife still wears her outrageous sexual lingerie on these occasions and she is still in possession of a smoking hot body with those gravity defying huge breasts.

We even do a little role play where Steph is the sexy nurse administering the injection and finally fucks the patient.