She doesn't know he's watching her play. XXX Images

Allison's last summer before leaving for College.


Yes, that would be the park. That might be fun, I'm free on Saturdays and The Walkers Pub usually has decent drink specials until five if that sounds fine to you?


Yeah, it was short, he just wasn't sure what else to say really and his head was spinning a bit. In a way he felt like he did when he was a freshman in college amidst all the women all over again and yet, he didn't. It was an odd feeling, but very exciting to be sure and the rest of the day would be spent checking on the computer for a message back. It finally came just as he was getting ready for bed.


Walkers Pub would be fine, say around 2pm then? Lavender polo shirt and most likely the only person there who won't be popping their collar. Never did understand that trend. See you there!


Brian felt a little thrill course through his system, next weekend couldn't come fast enough, like anyone needed a reason to look forwards to the weekend. With a happy sigh, off to bed he wandered to wonder what the weekends adventure would bring him.

The week, as usual, went fairly slowly with the only exception being coming home and checking his messages on the forum. It turned out they both had gone to the same community college, just a few years apart. Matt had taken judo at the studio next to where Brian had spent afternoons surfing the internet and sipping coffee. Both shared a passion for fly fishing and hiking, Matt had done the Appalachian between Maryland and Massachusetts while Brian was well versed in the trails between the Great Lakes. All this only further excited Brian, at the least he might have someone to hit the trails with.

Saturday morning was spent doing his usual cleaning up of the house, it was always a bit amazing at how much one person could dirty up in a week. Music throbbed out of the speakers as he worked through the townhouse from top to bottom. Once the house was clean it was time to clean himself off of the sweat gained from running around. Up the stairs he went, pausing only to peer over the railing that lined the loft and look down at the living room. He just loved the airy feeling that the layout had, even though changing the lightbulbs in the light hanging out just beyond the loft area was a real chore. Thank goodness for LED bulbs, that's all he had to say.

Clothes were stripped off and thrown into the laundry basket alongside the master bathroom adjoining the loft bedroom. It had taken quite a bit of time to redo the bathroom, the previous owner had left it in 1970's fashion and he'd put in a lot of time learning how to tile and plumb the room. The rest of the townhouse hadn't been as in need of work, but the bathroom was the one thing he'd really focused on. Water knobs were turned and his favorite part of the room came alive, the shower was done up to have an almost waterfall effect. It had been something he'd always wanted after getting to experience one on a cabin retreat and each day he savored the feeling, nothing like it.

The air was a bit on the humid side and if it wasn't for the occasional breeze it would have been rather oppressive. Dark clouds not far off in the distance promised of evening storms to come but for now it was nice to walk through the park. He made a quick pace along the trail, hurrying towards the pub. The air was alive with the sound of jazz coming from a band housed in the gazebo at the center of the park. Inadvertently his pace shifted along with the beat of the music and he hummed along, thankful to have a bit of a distraction for his nerves.

Up the steps he went, loafers lightly tapping on the slate stairs and through oaken doors. A pause to look at his watch revealed he was quite early and a quick glance revealed no one matching Matt's description and photos so he made his way over to the bar and took a stool to wait, ordering an Elijah Craig bourbon with a splash of water to help pass the time.

As the clock ticked away and the liquor slowly disappeared Brian felt a bit of sinking feeling that perhaps his friend wasn't going to be coming.