A witch is expelled from her home and covets a young lady. XXX Images

She is intrigued by a dark stranger.

I hadn't been in there long when there was a knock on the door.

"Out in a minute," I replied.

I turned to open the door and as I did HE slipped in before me. He quickly shut the door behind himself, sliding the lock into place with what sounded to me like a thunder blast. I stared in disbelief, then opened my mouth to call for help. He moved in a flash and clamped one hand over my mouth, pressing me against the back wall. He was much bigger and obviously stronger than I was, there was no way I could get by him if he didn't want me too.

"Now listen you dumb cunt," he whispered to me. "You act like some coy bitch but I see right through that...You're just begging for a man who can put you in your place."

"Mph mmph," I denied trying to shake my head. My body seemed to be telling a different story, my nipples had suddenly become hard as pencil erasers!

"Don't deny it," he spat. "I could see it in your eyes you liked being looked at out there...but you mouthed off anyway."

I squirmed and tried to push him off but he was simply too strong. He held my slight figure against the wall even with only on arm. I became suddenly aware of the swell of my breasts as they heaved from my paniced breathing. He must have as well, as his free hand went straight to my chest, grabbing one of my fleshy orbs and beginning to squeeze. Whimpering, I tried to push him away again but he just clamped down tighter. My heart was pounding so hard, the sound of it seemed to thump in my ears.

"Stop struggling you little slut," he growled leaning close. "I know you want this, otherwise you wouldn't be wearing these skimpy little shorts."

His hand drifted downward and I felt his fingertips on my bare leg. His touch sent tingles dancing across my body. I felt like I couldn't breathe. Then his hand returned to my chest. This time he reached into my tank top and pulled up my sports bra. My cheeks burned with embarrassment and shame as he exposed my breasts. Then he returned to groping me. His hand felt huge as he kneaded the firm flesh, working his fingers over the hardened nipple, twisting and flicking it. The attention sent a cascade of arousal rushing from the hard pink nub down my abdomen, bringing another wave of shame with it... what would my husband think?

"You like that don't you, you little slut," he whispered.

"Mph mph" I replied trying to shake my head. His hand clamped down a bit tighter. He squeezed my breast, toying with the nipple in such a way I found myself unable to suppress a soft moan. "Nnnngh!"

"Yeah, you like it," he chuckled.

Next his hand slid down my stomach and he tugged my shorts down to my knees. Underneath I was wearing a pair of white panties, he began to rub my pussy over them. I groaned trying to fight down the growing arousal. He stopped for a moment and pulled my shorts all the way down, making me step out of them. Then using his foot he slid my own feet apart so I was standing with my legs spread. Now he was able to get better access to my pussy and the rubbing resumed. My slender body trembled and I moaned into his hand with a shudder. Unwelcome tingles danced over my chest and abdomen and despite everything my pussy got wet, quickly soaking through the panties.

"There little slut," he said. "Now you can't deny that you like this."

He kept at it and no matter how I tried to fight it my body grew more and more aroused. My breasts started to heave again, and this time it wasn't from panic. Excitement rippled through me and at the same time, humiliation. How could I be so turned on? Not only was this NOT a romantic situation...this man was not my husband!

"Now listen to me," he said continuing to work my pussy. "You're nothing but a horny little slut now are you?" Breathing hard, I nodded under his hand. "Now you're MY little slut, you belong to me, got it?" Again I nodded as much as his grip would allow. "I'm gonna move my hand now and you're gonna say it...quietly."

I shuddered as his hand kept rubbing my moist cunt.